Akiyama-kun rerelease!

As I’m sure many of you know (as it’s such a popular title even in overseas fandom) Nobara Aiko not only released the first volume of Yokosu Inu, Mekuru Yoru this past month but also partnered with Marble Comics to rerelease her incredibly well-loved title Akiyama-kun! I had no clue, personally, until I happened to see it on Amazon.jp and wasn’t sure if it was a continuation or—in fact—just a rerelease of the original story. Well, it’s a little of both!

From the start, the cover has changed. (Though Akiyama’s beauty has not haha.) Though you can see, the obi guest illustration is now different.

Originally it was done by Kyuugou, which makes more sense since Akiyama-kun was originally published under Baby and Kyuugou has always been a regular contributor for that publishing line.

The new guest illustration is now done by Yamashita Tomoko.

That back cover illustrations of the two books.

Inside color illustration hasn’t changed at all.

And for the most part the actual book content hasn’t changed much either. It contains the original Akiyama-kun story, as well as Tomomi’s extra. But the new release also contains an extra chapter called ‘Plash’.

Plash is an 18-page extra that isn’t so much plot (well… I suppose it is technically ‘plot’ as far as Akiyama-kun‘s slice-of-life mood in concerned) as it is a sexy, cute story of Akiyama and Shiba having some intimate fun in the shower on a hot day.

Cue lots of kissing and fondling, and Shiba getting very excited when Akiyama asks for fellatio and then goes on to return the favor.

Aside from the extra chapter, the only difference that stands out to me quite a lot is that in the original Baby publication, there are six guest illustrations by Baby artists who were friends and fans of Nobara during the series’ original run. They’re really lovely illustrations so it’s sad to see them go. But I suppose that’s understandable as, once again, those were artists who ran regularly under Baby rather than in any Marble/Tokyo Mangasha releases.

To make up for it there’s one extra illustration page of Tomomi, though!

And I mean really, who doesn’t want more Tomomi? Because I know I do.

Also, as with most Marble Comics releases, it came with a little extra paper as thanks for purchasing the actual book.

Not only that, but if you look closer…

Evidently this rerelease of Akiyama-kun will be continuing in Cab starting with volume 36 onward. It never occurred to me that there would be more Akiyama-kun aside form the random independently-released doujinshi, but if it goes on for another volume or so it would be interesting to see what kind of direction Nobara Aiko would continue to take this story in.

Has anyone here purchased volume 36 of Cab? It would be interesting to hear exactly what ran in that issue!

Anyway, hooray for more Akiyama-kun! If it really is in fact continuing I hope Nobara Aiko keeps it light—her other stories can be incredibly dark but honestly it’s the gentle, simple atmosphere of this story that makes it appeal so greatly to me personally.


4 responses to “Akiyama-kun rerelease!”

  1. Soul Reaper says :

    Reblogged this on Shadows Of The Vampire and commented:
    I know this manga and I think that it’s good one.

  2. Cat says :

    So happy to see more of Akiyama-kun ^_^ I do have a copy of Cab 36 – it runs “act.6,” but I think this might be the same story from the 3rd doujin – concerning the events surrounding Akiyama-kun’s birthday (photo booth…phone call from his father, etc). A nice way to reopen the story, I think. Looking forward to vol 37 — rumor has it Akiyama-kun will be featured more prominently.

  3. ano says :

    were can i buy this manga? (one with the one little extra paper?) can it be done online?

  4. Foxy Lady Ayame says :

    oh my heart! be still! more Akiyama-kun?? <3 a simulpub in English would be nice :(

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