Haitoku BL

I was going through all the recent releases on on Chill Chill in hopes that they might have added a sneak peek of the third volume cover for Ten Count. Alas, I still can’t even find so much as a teaser image (maybe it would be useful if I followed Takarai Rihito or Dear+ on twitter?) but I did come across this upcoming BL anthology that I’m now pretty excited about.

The title is “Haitoku BL”,01 ‘haitoku’ meaning essentially ‘fall from virtue’ or ‘immorality’. So it’s a book of one-shot stories about overarching lust and debauchery. Amazing. There are eight artists in all, which you can check out here—I don’t personally recognize any of them, which admittedly just adds to the appeal for me. The cover illustration is by Rocky (or at least, I think that’s how you romanize it…) and it’s absolutely stunning in my honest opinion.

The publishing line, Charles Comics, has also released three other themed BL anthologies: Namida (teary) BL, Seifuku (uniform) BL, and more recently Kyousei (coercion/blackmail) BL. these anthologies seem to be a fairly recent line-up, considering the oldest one was released as late as December of last year. They all seem to contain mostly lesser-known artists, but going off the themes there’s a little something for everyone.

It’ll be interesting to see what themes they’ll come up with next!

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