BL Haul Video!

I decided to try something new–a video format, since I thought maybe it would be easier/more fun to make a video rather than spend hours taking, cropping, uploading pictures and then writing long descriptions! Little did I know the video would take forever to figure out how to edit and then upload sob.

The Ido Gihou post I referred to is here!

Hope you enjoy!! Sorry that it ended up getting so long—there was really quite a lot of content to get through so I didn’t spend too much time on any one book. If there’s something you want more in-depth info on let me know!

6 responses to “BL Haul Video!”

  1. pandasayori says :

    I recently started following your blog and I’m already enjoying every second of it~! Everything in this video is beautiful and makes me wish I would study harder in Japanese.. Keep up the wonderful work! :D

    • ふう子 says :

      thank you so much for following my blog!! Sorry I’ve been absent off and on for the past year–hopefully things will improve in the upcoming months.

      and good luck with any Japanese studies possibly in your future! It’s a difficult language but a fun one to learn imo! 8)

      • pandasayori says :

        It’s alright, I understand and I wish you the best of luck with your blog!!

        I’ve been having fun learning so far. It really is a difficult language, but I’ve been enjoying it so far. Textbooks are okay, but they get a little ‘bleeehh’ after a while. ^^;;

  2. berryzz says :

    OMG!! Ur back >__< and i loved how you made a video this time~ hope to be seeing more of ur posts and as always love ur BL collection =3

  3. カンヅキ says :

    Whee new post~!!! \(^o^)/ Thanks again for the reviews, it always makes my book hunting so much easier <3

    I was hoping the chapter of Ten Count does not go into that direction. If it's going to be as tragic as Hana no Miyako i'm gonna bawl ;_;

  4. Hina says :

    I love your comments in the video!!!!
    And they’re kind of a good reference, thanks to this I’m buying Gomenne Idol-kun and 2 other tankoubons from amazon right now.
    I’m going to check your blog from now on!
    And if I may ask, if I say ‘cute’ and ‘one shots anthology’, which comic magazine would come to your mind?

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