doujinshi haul!

so my sister did that thing she always does where she acts like she’s buying a bunch of stuff for herself off a website but then the package arrives and nearly all of it is a random gift for me. ;; So thank you, sister!! Now I am the proud owner of twelve new doujinshi.


mostly Kurobas (aokuro and takamido) but also one free! book. *w*


the free! book is harurin (of course) and in it Rin turns into a cat and Haruka takes care of him. It’s pretty ridiculous; at one point cat!Rin (not just in cat ears but actually in the body of a cat) even jumps in the pool to do laps with Haruka lmao. Anything for them to compete side by side!

also this artist draws Rin so beautifully hufffff.




ughhhh see they’re both so gorgeous.


also exciting, I got the first two aokuro ‘chibimine to!’ books! They’re so ridiculously cute and also they each come with a mini notebook.


Kawai Hideki’s Midorima is always so pretty ffff.


then this one is from the circle mew&siren and I just really liked this panel haha. So many dirty scenes.

I was joking with my sister that Midorima fans must all just be pervert, because she said it’s difficult to find R-18 aokuro doujinshi but nearly every doujinshi with Midorima in it says ‘adult only’.


and then the last item I took a picture of is a super long Takao anthology! I think it’s mostly takamido-type stories but there are some other characters as well.

I haven’t really read them very closely yet, so sorry for the ‘first impressions’ type post! Also it’s rare for me to talk about fandom-y stuff here instead of original works, but I’ve been really into certain fandoms lately (free! in particular, but also Magi and Kuroko no Basket on a more subdued level haha) so maybe this will give me more chances to talk about fujoshi-related things!

what fandoms have you guys been into lately? Please let me know if you have any series or doujinka to recommend!


8 responses to “doujinshi haul!”

  1. Gaby says :

    Nice! I love both series! That chibimine looks so adorable and I adore TakaMido! Thanks for the post!
    My fandoms are Kurobas mainly but I also like Shingeki no Kyojin, Free, Yowamushi Pedal and Daiya no A because Chris-senpai is too awesome, I was not into it at first but slowly the characters grew on me. I also like Karneval.
    I don’t have good memory for doujinkas but I remember the names of Gusari (gorgeous art!) and Komae Salon… and also Escapizma, all from the Kurobas fandom but I know that at least Komae Salon works on other fandoms as well ^^

    • ふう子 says :

      Oddly enough aside from BL I don’t follow many series that have a lot of male characters so it’s fun to get into more shounen-type series where there are male couples to ship haha.

      I never have a good memory for doujinka names either–I only ever recognize them for the art style! But thank you for the recommendations!

  2. kery says :

    The chibimine books just got compiled and released as an anthology for Winter Comic Market, you could try to get that if you really like the series.

  3. BLScanlations (@BLScanlations) says :

    I want a sister like yours! =)
    Is hard to buy doujinshis from Japan because a lot of stores like Toranoana,etc doesn’t sell outside Japan (or overseas)…
    A lot of doujinshis I want to buy I only found it in toranoana and k-books…
    Have a nice weekend <3


    • ふう子 says :

      my sister definitely spoils me!

      yeah, it’s such a pain–and deputy services seem like they cost so much these days. 8( Suddenly one or two books ends up costing around $40 and it feels like a big waste. I really love Mandarake, though–I just wish we didn’t have to rely on other people’s willingness to sell back books to Mandarake before we can get our hands on them.

      you too!!

      • kery says :

        Sadly the artists/creators don’t get a cut from second-hand sales. I was reading this interview with an ex-BL industry insider and she said that one of the rudest things you can say to an artist is “I bought your book from [Second-hand Store Name]/auctions” because the artist doesn’t get anything from your purchase at all… Since then I try to buy first-hand where possible (even if deputy services cost a bomb) unless the book is really old and out of print. Or if I bought it second-hand first and really liked it, I’d look for a first-hand copy and pass on the second-hand. Of course the publishing houses still get the biggest cut of profits from the purchase but it’s always so much nicer to support the artists directly.

  4. steinsgate says :

    Thank you so much for sharing all of this. Lately I have been into Kurobasu fandom. I especially ship TakaMido. I try some Takamido circles and I must say that I’m most impressed by Psychedelico
    I think you should check out the doujinshi “In the hole” by Psychedelico. That doujinshi is 72 page long and full of angst, erotic scenes and beautiful emotions. The ending is quite sad though. I think she captures the emotions of high school boys and the conflictions in the TakaMido relationship quite well. So sad that she didn’t have time to write more doujinshis about them ><

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