Six months worth of ‘hello’ + Ten Count tankoubon!

Hello ladies!!

Funny thing, earlier in the month I was watching videos of women talking about starting fashion blogs and how fun and important it is to blog about things you’re passionate about, and it made me really want to start posting here again. I’ve been on the fence about it, since I felt like if I came back I should do so with a bang, but the rut I keep falling into is that I get too picky about what I’m ‘allowed’ to post on this blog so I finally figured, hey, I’m just going to post whatever I feel like posting and we’ll go from there. It’s been nearly six months, after all!

so what finally got me really really in the mood to post was this bit of news:


Ten Count tankoubon to be released in late March!

I’ve personally been really loving Ten Count–to the point where I specifically started buying Dear+ after reading the first couple of chapters scanlated. Both character designs are incredibly charming, as would be expected of Takarai Rihito’s work. But I also just really love the slow bloom of their relationship; it reminds me of what I already love so much about Takarai’s writing style–she really makes room for the changing emotions to take center stage and it makes even the smallest interactions really stand out.

I also really love how Shirotani’s illness is handled–it’s never treated by any other characters (aside from himself) with frustration or disgust and it’s handled with sympathy and understanding of the subject. Plus it’s such an interesting topic to tackle in a BL comic; it’ll make it even more gloriously meaningful when he finally let’s Kurose touch him!

though I’m admittedly nervous that it doesn’t indicate yet that this will be volume one only.

What do you all think of Ten Count? And sorry again for my constant off-again on-again absence. I’m so ashamed that I even missed my blog anniversary. orz;;; But I have 28 books on the way (including the new Ten Count chapter ahhhhh) which will hopefully give me much more content to talk about here.


15 responses to “Six months worth of ‘hello’ + Ten Count tankoubon!”

  1. turpet says :

    Wow, I’m so happy you came back! I really enjoy reading Ten Count after the review, even though I read only first chapter and then going to read the rest later. I enjoy the comics dealing with one’s problem and figuring them out by/with somebody special, who really wishes to fix them. It gives me a little ache in the heart somehow but really really cute story uwu
    Well I really enjoy all of your reviews and hopefully no pressure on you, do whatever you like!

    • ふう子 says :

      this was is definitely the type of story that grabs you by the heart! It’s just so charming to see someone working hard to help another person, and the relationship that forms between them because of it!

      thank you!!

  2. BLScanlations (@BLScanlations) says :

    AAAAh You’re back!! <3
    I'm loving Ten Count and of course I'll buy 01 tankobon for myself o/
    I've already subscribed to Dear+ but the post here is delaying the packages x.X'
    Well, I'm looking forward to new post here! I love your blog <3
    I lot of bl mangas I've bought after I've read the review here and it interested me and I can't resist to see it in my hands too, is way better than to see "raws" from internet \o/
    I hope everything is alright with you o/
    I've missed reading here in your blog, welcome back!! =D

    • ふう子 says :

      I am!! But no promises haha knowing me I could end up just disappearing again for the next few months after a couple posts! orz;;

      eek that sucks about the post taking forever to deliver dear+! But it feels good to have something coming in the mail! My most recent order hasn’t even shipped yet and it’s driving me nuts in all the best ways.

      thank you so much for enjoying my blog!! Hopefully I’ll stick around much more now and stop forgetting to share content here instead of always just posting it to my tumblr. orz

  3. Gaby says :

    Hi, nice to see you again! :D
    I loved what I read of Ten Count..It’s an original subject to be treated in BL and it’s done with care, plus I also enjoy how slowly their relationship is built and how they think about each other.
    It’s quite refreshing, indeed! I’m happy for sensei that it’s being released in tankoubon format :D
    Dear + is a sequel? I didn’t know about it!
    Cheers :D

    • ふう子 says :

      it really is a new subject to BL—right when you start feeling like there’s a lot of the same type of story this one really brings in fresh air! I really love Takarai’s creativity with Ten Count, and the care she puts into Shirotani’s problems.

  4. kei says :

    Hello :) I am so excited to see that you’re back!
    I was very happy when I saw the email notification of a new entry on your blog!!

    Takarai Rihito is one of my favorite artists, and I found out about Ten Count from this entry! I appreciate your updates and details. I love reading your entries; since, I feel the passion and love for BL (of course) as well as the artists.

    Looking forward for more entries to follow!!!


    • ふう子 says :

      aww thank you so much!! *w* It feels good to be back!

      As much as I did enjoy her works previous to it, I’ve been absolutely obsessed with Takarai Rihito ever since Hana Nomi zo Shiru. Her characters are always so likable and I love the vibe of their relationships and how much she focuses on their connections to one another. And Ten Count is definitely no exception!

      thanks again for your comment!!

  5. Eu says :

    Welcome back!!

    I agree to everything you have said about Ten Count. I’d like to add some insights about it but I’m to overjoyed (<–understatement xD) about the tankoubon. ALSKLDFJAL I've been hoping and praying that there'll be a tank for that! GAAAAAH I so so so love those two! /hyperventilates

    • ふう子 says :

      thank you!

      I’m really excited about the tankoubon as well, especially now that it’s been specified that this really is just the first volume. I can’t wait for all the extra illustrations! *w*

  6. Chris says :

    Rihito Takarai also posted something about 6 new pages for Only the Flower Knows – anybody know where we’ll be able to get a hold of those? I’m pretty bad with my Japanese, so I wasn’t entirely sure. :(

  7. カンヅキ says :

    Thanks for the great news~ Was wondering when the tankoubon of Ten Count is coming out >w< It'd be great if it's just one volume though, it's so hard waiting for another chapter to come out.

  8. Kidu says :

    When I first read 10 count I was super shocked… because I read a TON of manga, and I’ve never read a series that had the theme of Mysophobia before. I have OCD, which is actually really similar… there’s a thin line between the two. But, the treatment and the symptoms etc are the same. So reading it, I felt super connected to main character… and I think Takarai Rihito is brave for incorperating such a theme into her manga! It’s an interesting twist on a popular but hidden topic, and it’s BL, so, banzai!

  9. Indiana says :

    I always spent my half an hour to read this blog’s posts all
    the time along with a mug of coffee.

  10. nyankoto says :

    I love it when a mangaka takes psychology seriously, and Ten Count is fantastic. Plus, the way things are getting a bit twisted now is pretty interesting.

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