Erotoro Take Two!

holy shit, wordpress changed so much crap while I was on hiatus so this feels really weird. But let’s get on with it, shall we. How are you all? It’s been a while! Like, more than four months to be exact. Feels kind of good to be back.

Anyway in late June Erotoro 2 was released and, obviously, I bought it! And since I’ve become slightly more of a busy girl (if you couldn’t tell considering I keep disappearing for long periods of time) I just tonight finally got around to reading it and I figured it wouldn’t kill me to blog about it a bit so.

Aniya Yuiji did the cover again so like I could possibly resist. To be honest, as far as ero anthologies go the original Erotoro didn’t do much for me—I even recall recommending a few times for people to seek out your average issue of Boy’s Pierce instead of Erotoro if you’re looking to get your kicks. So part of me was like “ehhh I don’t know” when I heard there would be another volume released. But then Aniya Yuiji was on the cover so. Now you know: if you ever want me to buy something, just put Aniya Yuiji’s name on it.

SUPER SUPER R-18 BELOW THE CUT if you click while you’re at work then it’s your own issue. Don’t come crying to me.

The pin-up is hella perverted and kind of shocked me because it’s by Okada Kou ???

I’m sure some of you know Okada Kou already, but Okada Kou isn’t necessarily known for being a BL artist—rather she (he??) is a hentai artist who dabbles in shota. Which is often not even marketed as BL. But whatever I’m gross and I read shota and I love Okada Kou’s perverted-ass releases so seeing her in a BL anthology was kind of exciting to me.

also I got a postcard of the cover illustration since I purchased through Animate Online!

some backstory on this: I specifically bought off Animate Online because they were like “uwao purchase through Animate and you get a signed Aniya Yuiji card!” and since I’m a creep I was like “holy shit I could hold something Aniya Yuiji held and wrote on!!!” and bought through Animate the second pre-orders came up. Now Animate Online doesn’t ship overseas so I had to use a deputy service which effectively doubled the price, but there are certain artists I’m willing to pay big bucks for. So when Erotoro 2 arrived and it turned out…… it was just a printed card with Aniya Yuiji’s printed signature on it I might have shed a single tear.

no legitimate Aniya Yuiji signed merchandise for this girl. orz

the first story is Aniya Yuiji! It’s a continuation of Kouichi and Enya’s story from Danshi Meiro; Enya, as most young people tend to do, grew quite a bit with age and has now overcome Kouichi in height. And as an adult male he’s started to want to stick his penis in things–namely, Kou-chan’s butt. Ridiculous relationship drama caused by Kou-chan’s butt virginity ego ensue.

I’ve gotta admit, Kouichi and Enya’s story in Danshi Meiro was probably my least favorite of all the couples but this story made me see them in a new light! Adult!Enya is super attractive and holy jesus Kouichi is attractive when he’s taking it up the ass.

After that is Psyche Delico’s story. It’s about a guy who comes on to and essentially rapes his coworker, thereafter constantly sexually harassing and using him. But he’s in for an interesting surprise when his coworker becomes strangely addicted to their perverted sexual relationship and overtakes him whether he’s in the mood or not. Truly a story of ‘be careful what you ask for’.

the sex scenes in this one are sooooooo good. Psyche Delico is constantly proving her worthiness to be quite high on my list of favorite ero BL authors.

after that is Mineshima Nawako’s story. Which is essentially about a chubby-chaser sadist tsundere who has a crush on his adorable fat coworker.

it was pretty cute when mean tsundere man (can you tell I’m being too lazy to check their names?) was forced to be honest and admit he was in love with his chub coworker because chub coworker just wasn’t getting it. I love it when tsundere have to be honest ahhh so delicious.

then is Ishikawa Kei’s story, which I was admittedly a little “……” about initially. Honestly all the Ishikawa Kei stories I’ve read have had either really awkward clumsy cute-but-not-hot sex or just no sex at all so I had no idea what she was doing in a porn anthology. But actually her story was pretty sexy. Still awkward as shit, but way more sexy than usual. Anyway, the plot is also cute: two boys are in love but their first time having sex is horrible and painful (but the bottom still liked it because he was connected to his lover awwww!) and it causes the top to feel guilty and distance himself physically. Which causes frustration and angst in their relationship.

oh man though the scene where the top forces his lover to talk dirty to him and say what he’s enjoying. Yes. Good. A+ Ishikawa Kei you get a gold star.

Sato Nishi’s story is after that. I don’t recall having ever heard of Sato Nishi previously so. The plot deals with two brothers screwing, which is my favorite plot. It starts out with a perverted game but then feelings get involved and hopefully mommy will never find out.

if you’re going to write about brothers getting it on I welcome you into my life with open arms, Sato Nishi.

that’s closely followed by a story by Harada, who I know I’ve definitely never heard of before. Her story is about two dudes who like some pretty kinky shit, and then they try to have ‘normal’ sex and….. okay no they decide it’s gotta be hot and hard. No missionary position after dark with the lights off for these two.

her art honestly makes me think of a less-sketchy Kimura Hidesato and I really liked it. Also her sex scenes are a big-ass yes and I like the way she draws bodies and male genitals very much.

then it’s Nimoda Ai, who I personally think outdid herself with this story. It’s about a dude who ends up in a three-way sandwiched between his son and four-years-younger close friend. Close friend.

I don’t know if you could really consider this an oyaji sandwich though considering the oldest of them all somehow ended up looking like the youngest lmao. That’s Nimoda Ai’s art style for you.

Yashiko’s story is after that, and it’s a semi-comedy (at first) about a guy who comes too fast and thus gets dumped by his girlfriend, so he goes to his gay friend to ask for help. Which leads to filthy sex in which he comes three times in one go. But hey at least he’s found someone who won’t make fun of his overly-sensitive body now, right?

this one was pretty short and arguably plotless but man the sex scene was really good and I really love Yashiko’s art and the design for the uke character is so up my ally. 8)b

that’s followed by Yamane Musashi’s story. There’s hallway sex and a fever and I’m sorry I didn’t read this one very closely because the sex scenes didn’t look hot. orz;;;; But here have some photos anyway!

I promise if I read it later and really end up liking it I’ll talk about it here.

nearing the end is Kashio’s story which is pretty bizarre and includes hypnotism and young masters and fancy-looking clothing.

I don’t know what to think about this one—which makes me sad since I usually love Kashio’s stuff. lmao the sex scenes were good but I honestly feel like I spent a lot of the story like “what’s going on???”

last is Kimura Hidesato’s story yaaaaay! This one was also pretty bizarre, about a dude holding another man up at knife-point essentially because the other dude is hot and popular and he’s jealous. He holds Popular Hot Guy hostage, though somehow he ends up on the receiving end of their sex…? Who’s really in control with this strange-0ass relationship?

Kimura’s traditional silly smut, full of weird characters and weirder scenarios, the leaves you unsure if you should take a cold shower, laugh, or throw the book out the window.

anyway—! Overall I think I preferred this one over the original Erotoro! The scenarios were excellent for the most part and it introduced me to some new artists while also reinforcing my adoration for others. All the while making me blush a bit. What more would you ask for in a BL anthology?

also I’m glad to be back! I’m not making any promises on how often I’ll post (for all I know I’ll disappear for another four months after this) but it feels good to blog about BL again! In case any of you are interested, I have been talking about BL while I was away but it’s all been low-key posts on my personal blog. But feel free to check them out if you’ve missed me at all. I know I’ve missed you!

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14 responses to “Erotoro Take Two!”

  1. Khursten says :

    It’s a great comeback, Ami! <3

    I didn't get Erotoro 18 but ended up getting Pink Gold 2 for the same reasons as you: hostaged by a Nakamura Asumiko cover. I also got it from Animate and had a 'signed card' similar to yours. OTL. I was disappointed as well. *weeps*

    • ふう子 says :

      thank you Khursten!! <3

      haha I guess that makes both of us suckers for our favorite artists. orz;;; Is Pink Gold 2 good? I heard a lot of good feedback for the first volume! And yeah, that seriously stinks about the 'signed' card. When you hear 'signed' you tend to think like… legitimately written on by the author. But I guess not. orz;;

      • punkednoodle says :

        I haven’t read it. It’s still in Japan with my friend but she showed me the card and the picture and yeah… was disappointed that it wasn’t signed as well.

        I will tell you how the title is when it has arrived! <3

  2. BLScanlations (@BLScanlations) says :

    I’m glad you decided to be back!! I’ve missed your posts about BL! *o*
    Real life takes so much time isn’t ?
    Thank you for the review on Erotoro 2, do you plan on buying the anthology BL about bukkake or something like that (I don’t remember exactly the name).
    Welcome back \o/

    • ふう子 says :

      ty!! I’ve missed posting about it ;; Real life is eating up my existence and not even because of fun stuff it’s terrible.

      np! aaaaaand a bukkake anthology rings a bell but I can’t for the life of me remember what it’s called or anything either. Do you have a link? I’m gonna have to wrack my brain trying to remember something about it haha.

  3. Janice says :

    So glad that you’re back. Your knowledge of BL is encyclopedic, so whenever I discover a mangaka I’ve never read before, I look her/him up here to learn more. I’ve missed your posts these past few months . . . but no pressure!

    • ふう子 says :

      haha awwww thank you Janice ;; I’m sorry I’ve been so out of things for the past couple months, but hopefully now I’m all revved up and ready to pick up where I left!

  4. Owl says :

    When Harada came up, I was like holy crap I recognize that art. Turns out she’s on pixiv and I follow her! I’m so glad her work is now being published. Some of her fanart on pixiv, it’s like woo! i need to fan myself! By the way, I love your blog and I’m happy you’re back from your hiatus. Can’t wait to read more your upcoming posts!

  5. SJ says :

    Aw yis, after a long time I check back and moooore poooosts. \o/

    Those sample pictures are criminally sensual. Bonus heart-throb for that one you included for Ishikawa Kei’s story (“…yamechau yo…?” “…yada!”). HNNG, I just kept rereading those two panels for a while.

  6. random fujoshi says :

    Haha I ordered all 3 XBL titles from my ebay guy and he sent along what is apparently the bonus, a plastic tissue box cover with images from all three of the covers! You know, those boys need a lot of tissues to wipe off all the jizz! Anyway I’m dying laughing, wondering how I would ever explain this thing to my husband and son. /o\

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