Kono Ore Extras!

as most of you know the Kono Ore tankoubon came out late last month! One of the things I was busy doing in the long period in which I was away was reorganizing my BL bookshelf and I happened to make a little ~hall of fame~ area in which I put all my favorite books by my favorite authors. I am quite proud to announce Kono Ore has a spot on there—I have just come to love the story that much!

anyway that’s not why we’re here! I was very excited for the extra, as most of you know. And it definitely did not disappoint so I figured I would share some sample panels from it on here. \o/

the cover is just too cute ahhhhh. Behind the cut is very much nsfw because Ogawa Chise generously delivered on the porn. Please do not click if you are at work!

color insert was the chapter 5 color page from HertZ!

these two are seriously just the cutest. Ogawa Chise’s little talk area.

as for the extra itself, it takes place during their high school’s school festival. Okachimachi is a diligent cook initially but then Taisei shows up in a cute sailor dress uniform and turns Okachimachi into a hormonal demon instead. Evidently the two haven’t… err… consummated their love yet and Okachimachi is more than ready to make Taisei his.

Taisei, ever the dramatic boy, accuses Okachimachi of just wanting him for his body but Okachimachi consoles him. It would seem Taisei is using his dramatics mostly because he’s nervous.

but after asking Taisei to trust him, Okachimachi whisks Taisei away to his home where they can have some alone time.

poor Taisei, as much as he loves Okachimachi he isn’t ready to handle all of his lover’s built-up passion.

uwa look at those knee socks and his sexy expression and that adorable bubble butt thank you Ogawa Chise. Taisei is a dream come true.

unfortunately for poor Taisei Okachimachi is kind of… large. But luckily when he gets used to it that’ll be a fact that makes it all the better! Their love shall prevail!!

anyway jokes aside that was a very sexy, cute, sweet extra to a very wonderful story! Luckily it seems the scanlation was picked up again to many many people will be able to read it in full! I look forward to discussing it with all of you. \o/


9 responses to “Kono Ore Extras!”

  1. Gaby says :

    Uwaaaaahhh!!! Thanks so much for this post!!! This story is adorable and the characters are too! And I loved your past posts about it too!
    Now that I saw your pics, I want to buy the book too…even if I don’t read Japanese. But I bought a couple of Yoneda Kou’s and one by Hayakawa Nojiko in Japanese as well, and the books were really gorgeous and I had the scanlations to help me so …if they are scanlating this again, I think I will buy it!!!

  2. bl4ever says :

    Ah, I enjoy your posts so much! And I can see that you really love BL according to the many mangas you have purchased. Really, how many of them do you own? I’m just curious! Also, I learned that you’re taking Japanese classes, I’m also thinking of doing the same in June or September. After almost 6 months, is reading a manga easy? I’d like to learn about it. That’s all! Best wishes, from a fellow fujoshi…

  3. Tiffany says :

    Oh my god, thank you so much for sharing this!!! I’m also super glad that it’s getting scanlated again, and I hope the extra gets scanlated too! *drool* Taisei is so adorable and Okachimachi is so hot! <3

  4. Tiffany says :

    Also, I really wish I knew what Okachimachi was saying… this is so hot!!! <3

  5. boneballoon says :

    thanks so much for reviewing it~
    so lucky…
    in my country, manga such as this don’t pass the filtering process, coz you know, it’s BL, so i can only read online. but your review saved me :3
    i really love the series and have been dying to know what happens next…

    it is indeed hot! kyaaa~

    • Arya says :

      Uwaah is it New Zealand… I have a friend studying there and she can’t even purchase BL online… That’s tragic ;___;.

  6. nadelynlyn says :

    that was hot :L
    thank you for the review *-*

  7. Arya says :

    I received my copy today *___*!! I seriously love Ogawa Chise so much SHE EVEN DRESSED UP TAISEI IN A SEIFUKU /DIES. Have you read anything of her soon-to-be-released tankoubon? I wasn’t even aware of it so I missed the preorder… Good bye free paper sob.

  8. luukim says :

    oh oh, I must buy one takoubon. Aw, neve rknow that theare are extra on takoubon

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