March Rutile Releases

the funny thing is last night I was considering announcing an official hiatus but it seems like every time I’m like “huh I should really make an announcement on that blog saying I won’t be posting so no one thinks I died…” I suddenly feel like posting again. Works like a charm every time. Maybe I should just chant that every day when I wake up and I’ll actually be productive.

anyway, I wanted to post today because last night (or yesterday morning?? idk) Rutile finally posted the high-quality covers for their March releases and their March releases are kind of amazing so I figured I would share them here.

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I talked about the HQ covers and then posted small ones but just click the photos and they’ll bring you to the amazon page!

I made my order this morning and I am super pumped for all three of these. Kyuugou’s I’ve already talked about at length so I’ll spare you, but finally I get to read the ending of Haikei Niisan-sama. Wonderful glorious brotherly love stories ohhhhh yes. *w*) The last chapter I got to read was when they were making out over the candy apple (and then I laughed in the face of everyone who was obnoxiously shouting about how they had a platonic relationship and it wasn’t even BL) so I am definitely ready for more. Though it isn’t like a Rutile release will deliver on the smut but I get my kicks where I can take them.

as for Miike Romuco, well… what’s not to like about Miike Romuco? I just generally always look forward to stuff by her, since I really love her art and her characters and her stories. Just everything about her, really.

speaking of Rutile, I’m hoping so hard for a Hirakita Yuya book in the near future. ;; I am legit going through withdrawals lately—it’s been way too long since I last got to read something from her. I don’t care where it’s published—dear+, Chocolat, Rutile, Chara, whatever. As long as I get a new book by her in my hands as soon as possible. orz

also speaking of Rutile I wonder when the last time Jaryuu Dokuro published a chapter of BxP Anx was. Because even though she’s constantly scheduled, she never seems to be in the damn thing once it’s released. Please, Jaryuu Dokuro, pleeeeeease don’t discontinue that story. I love it too much for it to never properly end.

ANYWAY this is getting a little too wordy. Maybe I’ll do a post later tonight or tomorrow or perhaps this weekend on what I’ve been up to and miscellaneous BL-related stuff.

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8 responses to “March Rutile Releases”

  1. Barbara (kokiden) says :

    Those covers are all gorgeous! Can’t wait to see the extras on Haikei Niisan-sama!

  2. Arya says :

    I was thinking the same, Rutile’s newest covers just scream ”BUY ME EVEN IF JUST FOR THE COVER” ;___;!! I’ve just ordered 12 books (FIRST TIME ORDERING THIS MUCH I’m crossing my fingers for shipping b/c I have no idea how much 12 books should weight orz), including Haikei so… Kyuugou’s will have to wait T v T;; I had no idea she was working on another tank along with her Acid Town and Sora o Daite Oyasumi series…

    I’ll be looking forward to your next posts Amiiiii I’m happy you’re not quitting ; v ;!!

    • ふう子 says :

      ohhhh so many books! I hope they’re all awesome! If you bought through Honto then I don’t think 12 books generally is too expensively heavy!

      as for Kyuugou’s book, I had no idea either! I guess this is something she’d been quietly doing on her own, or perhaps for Rutile’s ‘Sweet’ free online comics. Definitely pumped to see what kind of story this will be—definitely hoping for a return to her old fluff!

  3. Janice says :

    I’m glad you’re back. I discovered yaoi only about a year and a half ago and have since become hooked. I’ve learned about a number of mangaka I didn’t know anything about from reading your very informative blog!

  4. Bella says :

    “Though it isn’t like a Rutile release will deliver on the smut but I get my kicks where I can take them.”

    I was scouring around the webz to find just ONE opinion of ANYONE who’s read the ending, as I heard the tankoubon came out a few days ago. Then I stumbled upon yours, and without even lifting a finger, you managed to make me nearly die of excitement, because I have followed this series for *two years*, and the fact that it’s gonna end on the right note, is just…

    I know this is a bit of a stretch, but would you consider taking photos of the last chapter for those who are interested? :) No worries if you can’t, just thought I might ask. Again, thanks for sharing your opinion!

    • Peebo says :

      As a random person who also did the same (i.e. stalked the web to find out the ending), can I second this?

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