recent purchases \o/ + doujinshi talk

so my friends said they like these haul-type posts so I figured it wouldn’t hurt. All you other people are stuck with them! But yesterday I got some stuff in the mail I ordered like… before Christmas? idk it was a while ago because I won them both from auction and took my sweet time making the payments and the deputy services took their own sweet time shipping them out so. All the doujinshi were like a month in the making.

of course Tomoe Fumi’s Sayonara Note is part of my regular purchase but it just happened to arrive the same day so I figured I’d talk about that as well!

first purchase was Munya Munya Sue’s J.Garden releases for this fall! I don’t know why it took me so long to pick up this books sob it’s been so long since Munya Munya released something. I think I did a buy-it-now for like 1200yen which is pretty good all things considered. Of course, due to the deputy the books probably ended up costing like $20 a piece….

their joint book is about men in women’s clothing! One of my personal favorite themes. *w*) Kobato Mebaru went the cute and sassy route with an adorable high school yankee boy dressed in a sailor uniform.

Ogura went down a slightly more realistic route with a manlier guy whose features are slightly less generically fitting of feminine attire. But it’s okay because his boyfriend thinks it suits him just perfectly.

Ogura Muku’s note. I always think it’s so cute how she sounds so formal.

then a Kobato-only release, Sono Te wo Hiraite. I believe this is a continuation of one of her stories from Ijiwaru na Kuchizuke. An R-18 book!

precious babies uwa.

Next is one of Ogura Muku’s Harry Potter releases back form when she still released stuff under the circle Boo-Boo.

the funny thing is the night I won this I had been complaining about how hard it is to get your hands on her Harry Potter books–not only are they dificult to track down in general, when they do get posted somewhere the price is just ridiculous. But then I happened to search ‘Boo-Boo’ and this particular book happened to be there without Ogura Muku’s name so. None of her other fans found it evidently and I got it for just 1500 uwa so awesome!!

look at that adorable Remus ahhhhh. Forever my favorite Harry Potter character and the way Ogura characterizes him is just too cute!

also Snape and James which is a pairing I’m not into but I’ll read anything if it’s by Ogura Muku.

artist info page. okay I admit it: I really really miss Ogura Muku’s old art style. ;; So cutesy wahhhh. I will forever curse the strange trend amoung BL artists for their characters to slowly become more bulky and manyly looking over time because I loooove cute boyish character designs.

for some reason I always forget Jazzberry’s pro mangaka pen name. orz

lastly I want to show off Sayonara Note, which I’m not going to talk about too in-depth because while I really loved it I’m still thinking maybe I’ll do a full review idk.

I WAITED ALMOST TWO YEARS FOR THIS BOOK and I was expecting it to be really cute and fluffy but it was actually… pretty sad. HAPPY END yeah but most of the book is spent with the reader being heartbroken and wondering how they’re going to fix their relationship. orz

gorgeous color page. These two are just too cute.

the gorgeous kiss you have to wait more than four chapters for sd;gljs;ghsdd

anyway yeah I have three straight days in a row of work which is kinda… orz;;; I usually lose my will to do blog stuff when I work but I’ll try to do a Sayonara Note review sometime soon because the book is wonderfully bittersweet and I just love Tomoe Fumi’s art. A JP blogger I follow mentioned when the book was initially announced that she thought Tomoe had moved on to just do novel illustrations, and all I can say after reading this story is I hope not. She is a great storyteller and her characters are adorable and I want more from her in the future if that isn’t too much to ask for. ;w;)

I also made a small order on Mandarake with some Christmas money of a bunch of Kusama Sakae doujinshi and one Kojima Lalako one (I think?? I don’t remember what one it could have been though idk I just stuck to buying anything I didn’t already have that was in the 400-600yen range…) after talking to a friend on twitter about how Kusama Sakae’s early doujinshi works are so perverted they’d shock a pretty big chunk of her fanbase. So we played with the idea of maybe doing a post where we talk about artist’s doujinshi works versus their official published work and the differences and similarities. But it occurred to me I actually… don’t own a lot of doujinshi works since I’m always spending so much on officially-published comics. Maybe that should be my New Years resolution: buy more original BL works that are published independently!

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5 responses to “recent purchases \o/ + doujinshi talk”

  1. mizorekibishi says :

    Huwaaatt?? Ogura Muku make a Harpot doujin??? I’m so outdated =_=

    • ふう子 says :

      nah don’t worry about it—I don’t think it’s very well-known! Since as far as I know none of her books have been scanned or translated or anything, and even in JP fandom they’re pretty rare. I think she was a Harry Potter artist pretty early in her career, perhaps even before she officially debuted. Sometime in the 2005-2007 range iirc.

  2. yaoidaisuki says :

    Sayonara Note *-*
    This manga is on my Wishlist too, seems so cute *–*

  3. Gaby says :

    Nice review as always! But…Ogura Muku!!! I didn’t know she had made HP’s djs! I love her, and as you said, I would read anything by her.
    And I like that illustration corresponding to the “manlier guy whose features are slightly less generically fitting of feminine attire”, sounds like a cute story :D

  4. ウリ says :

    ogura muku. harry potter. so much love.

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