interesting releases for February.

I know it feels kind of quick to mention February releases when a majority of the books for this month haven’t even come out yet but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to talk about them a bit.

⇔ As is the case every year it’s been released so far, a new volume of Saiyaku wa Boku wo Suki Sugiru will come out February 25th! tbh I only finally checked this series out recently but I’m kind of hooked. Does anyone know if this will be the last volume, or is it still ongoing?

⇔ Volume two of Takaguchi Satosumi’s Hone made Aishite! This caught me off-guard because I actually first read this story when it just started and I was still buying Chara Selection to keep up with that Sasaki Kumiko story, K no Kouzu, which has since been discontinued sob. I’m obviously pretty behind on this one (like going on four years behind) but I’m excited to hopefully pick it up again in the future!

⇔ New Rutile release for Mochimeko, Houjun na Gohoubi! It feels like it’s been forever since I last read something new by her.

⇔ Another book by Uchida Tsuchi, Bokura ga Koi wo Suru ni wa, through B’s-Lovely comics so I assume this will be a collection of all the stuff she ran in Ricottia. I’m so happy for her that her career in BL seems to have taken off quite nicely wahhh. ;; She’s one of the very very first random artists I bought when I initially started buying BL regularly, and it was her just-released debut. So I have a weird proud-mama feeling whenever I see her around.

⇔ Also through B’s-Lovely, a new release from Akahoshi Jake! You can tell I’m pretty damn behind on what the anthologies and magazines I’m not following have been running because I sincerely had no idea Akahoshi Jake was in anything other than drap. But I’m pretty pumped to read more from her, considering how wonderfully perverted her stuff is.

⇔ Through Gateau, finally after what feels like two years of waiting Amemori Gigi is getting a compiled release. Titled Crystal Palace, the book comes out on the 15th. Now I just get to wonder how long it’ll be before the stories she ran in drap are released in any fashion…

⇔ Koshino has a new book coming out through BexBoy less than a month from now, Michi to no Souguu. I haven’t been so into Koshino lately but I’m sure it’ll be great.

⇔ Also through BexBoy, Yoneda Kou’s NightS will be released on the 9th. Once again I’m not a huge fan of Yoneda Kou but I haven’t read anything from NightS so maybe I’ll like it? Then again I just went and read it was a yakuza story so maybe not… We’ll have to see I guess.

⇔ Through Asuka CL-DX Kinoshita Keiko has a new book Koi wa Sodatte Ai ni Naru coming out on the first. Moderately excited because even though I really like Kinoshita’s stories for some reason she hasn’t really broken into my life of favorite authors yet?? It’s kind of weird. But I shall keep an eye on this one because she has definitely released some stuff I really really love.

⇔ Of course, the one I’m most pumped about is Kumota Haruko’s Itoshi no Nekokke volume three (their high school years) which is also released February first. As much as I was skeptical about the timeline shift to their high school days I ended up really loving it and of course I am giddy to see what the extras for the book will have to offer. And the cover illustration! Has a teaser or anything been released yet? I’m kind of behind on following her twitter. orz;;

⇔ And let’s not forget Kojima Lalako’s Yume Yume Shinjuu. Admittedly not personally pumped about this one because I buy HertZ regularly and it’s kind of… a depressing story….. orz But I have been wanting to read the whole thing in full recently so this is definitely my chance!

One last one I want to mention as kind of a side note is that Chill Chill has another release for Rutile listed for February 23: Kyuugou’s Bokura wa Sore wo Hitei Dekinai. Initially I was really confused because Acid Town is running in Rutile, not this random title, and a new volume of Acid Town was just released not too long ago iirc. But after a Google search this popped up?? So maybe it’s something she had running in Rutile Sweet on the side? idk. I would be pretty excited if it’s true, because her Craft story is too depressing so I’ve dropped it until it’s complete and I still need to give Acid Town another chance (unfortunately I got too attached to the wrong couple and thus had to drop it until my palate was cleansed enough for me to digest the way the pairing was actually going to end up) so even though I absolutely adore Kyuugou I haven’t really been able to read anything by her lately. So if she has another book full of other random stories I would be stoked. Unfortunately though I can’t find any news on Rutile’s site and there isn’t a pre-order page on Amazon so I’m not going to hold my breath on this one. Here’s to hoping, though, because the first chapter was really cute and I’d love more of this fluffy, sexy Kyuugou work I’ve been missing.

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8 responses to “interesting releases for February.”

  1. luzzy says :

    There’s supposed to be 12 major accidents in Saiyaku, and so far there’s only been two so I don’t think it’s going to end anytime soon since there’s no way they are going to fit 10 major accidents in one volume. Unless, it gets cancelled.

    NightS was good and what made me like YK since I found her other stories kinda meh, and I’m not even that fond of Yakuza stories(they usually have asshole semes). But the book has Reply which is the longer one(unless she continued NightS) and is a mediocre story (even her fans were disappointed).

    Who were you shipping in Acid Town? The friends? I miss her sweet stories so much.

    • ふう子 says :

      eek there have only been two so far? tbh I’ve only read the first like three? four? chapters so I didn’t realize the plot was moving so slow. I guess it’ll be a good long while before that series is over.

      unfortunately I’m just not really a huge fan of the kind of atmosphere Yoneda Kou tends to bring to her stories with all the angst and dark paneling and constant serious facial expressions. I really really liked Doushitemo Furetakunai but all the sexy detectives and yakuza just don’t do it for me quite like the angst-filled young businessmen haha. I’ll try to still give it a chance though.

      YES lmao I was totally rooting for the friends. 8( But then they introduced the skeevy-ass yakuza drug cartel dude and I realized the main character would probably end up with him and was like “NOPE” and stopped reading it until I could come to terms with that fact. /loser I really miss her sweeter stories too ahhhg’;’dsfsdg don’t get me wrong I think her other stuff is brilliant but she does such great fluffy sexy stuff so it’s a shame that we haven’t been seeing that from her much at all in the past few years.

      • luzzy says :

        I like the older skeevy yakuza dude, so it’s all good to me. But I feel so sad and guilty because of the best friend, especially since I love friends to lovers. She’s been focusing on the villain couple lately so it’s probably not a good idea to go back yet. I do like the villain couple but I like Yuki better and I miss him so much (I was certain he was the MC).

        • ふう子 says :

          haha hopefully I can learn to like him too. But yeah, what really gets me is that the best friend is going to end up heartbroken that those kind of plots always kill me.

          I had no idea there was a villain couple haha maybe today is the day I should sit down and read Acid Town.

  2. Gaby says :

    Thanks for all the news.
    Oh Kumota Haruko! I love what I read by her! I hope to read this one some day!

    Re: NightS, I really liked it. Because the uke has a very interesting personality and the seme is kinda cute in a way.One of my favorite stories of Yoneda-sensei. But well, I do love her so I am a bit biased lol.

    Re:Kyuugou, I like her a lot but Acid Town and Sora…break my heart. I follow them but it’s always like tragedy is awating there. I would like to read some lighter stories by her, just because I know sensei has a great sense of humor or so it seems by seeing some papers she illustrated with her thoughts ^^

    Gaby aka Fantita

    • ふう子 says :

      no problem! And I don’t know if you’re interested in ebook-type comics but Kumota’s Itoshi no Nekokke is being released in English by J-Manga iirc.

      yeah Sora is already horribly depressing and just the general atmosphere of Acid Town is kind of dreary and melancholy so it would be so nice to read some new fluff by her. orz

  3. mai says :

    Kumota Haruko released a teaser for the cover art for Itoshi No Nekokke just a couple days ago on her blog! It’s right here:

    • ふう子 says :

      ohh is that going to be the cover illustration for volume three? I had seen her blog post but I hadn’t really read it so I hadn’t realized. Thanks for letting me know!

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