December purchase first impressions.

my bl order for December came today! \o/ Well most of it because I also impatiently tossed Kojima Lalako and Tomoe Fumi’s January releases in my cart. But everything that was actually released in December is here so I figured I would do an ~unboxing~ first impressions post since I haven’t read any of them yet and it would at least give you a chance to see what I got  in case I go AWOL again this month.

was feeling pretty antisocial and hermit-y today and didn’t feel like showering the second I got up so I put up a little note to let them know they could just leave the package. For a nice long time the DHL people knew to just leave it but idk I think the dude who used to deliver my stuff either got a new route or quit and this new person isn’t so fast on the uptake so he always knocks and waits for my signature s o b.

BUT HEY here is my precious unnecessarily large box full of cheesy homoerotic romance so let’s get to this unboxing now shall we.

first off, I bought the Eureka BL on the Run issue. idk it must be my collector mentality but I wanted it since Kumota Haruko is on the cover and Eureka is an anthology of critical essays and interviews and even though it will probably take me a year with a dictionary to read the damn thing I figured it wouldn’t hurt to own it. Sob I really need to get serious about studying Japanese because I love this kind of critical essay type shit and it’s so difficult to find non-biased good articles about BL and fujoshi-centric fandoms in English so it kills me that it’s very difficult for me to read.

also BL NOVELS!!!1! orz

on the comics front, my first book is Hakutou Noriko’s Suki, Kamo. I wanted this one the second I saw the cover because there is a cat (you can’t see it in my photo though…) and it also hints at one of my favorite types of BL plots: character A is in an unrewarding, unhealthy relationship and then meets character B and falls in love with him but there are complications due to aforementioned current relationship status. I just love that dynamic and flipping through the book it looks so cuuuuute and exactly what I was hoping it to be.

my camera just did not want to take good photos today sorry.

wahhh this scene. I guess he walked in on them and is now under the impression that they’re still together even though he thought he had a chance DRAMA.

then Konno Satomi’s new book which I kind of just bought as a collection-completer since I already read it in HertZ. But I really like the cover design and artwork sd;lgjs;d very cute and creative and unusual for a BL release.

Kojima Lalako did the obi artwork which MADE MY DAY because I love any kind of artist interaction. Especially when it’s two artists I really really like.

really pretty coloring, as usual.

KOBATO MEBARU!!!!!!!! sdgk;dgs;ldggsdgs you do not understand how long I have been waiting for this book oh god.

Natsume Isaku did the obi artwork which isn’t quite as exciting since I’m not a huge fan of Natsume Isaku’s comics but it’s still pretty snazzy!

ugh god I just love her art style so much.

the story lineup made me laugh because it’s all over the place. Five years of random-ass stories from various publications all collected into one book.

Takao Hiroi’s recent book! For some reason I’m kind of nervous about if I’ll like this one or not?? Because while I initially enjoyed her previous Bamboo Comics release by the end I just wasn’t liking it that much and sd;lgjks;gsdg but hopefully this one will be different because I really like the relationship dynamic between the characters and feel more reassured about how the relationships are going to end up idk. orz WE’LL SEE.

Kojima Lalako’s December release through Chocolat! So cute ahhhh I am pretty excited about this one because it should have a few stories I haven’t already read. And I love new content by my favorite artists.

I don’t think I can say enough how adorable and amazing I think Kojima Lalako is tbh.

advertisement on the obi for her upcoming releases this month and next month through B’s-Lovely and HertZ respectively. That makes pretty much six months in a row of comic releases, doesn’t it? Holy crap Kojima Lalako was working her butt off in 2012.

as is the case with nearly all of Chocolat’s releases, it came with a cute little extra pamphlet.

Comics line-up! I have read four out of six which is admittedly kind of… disappointing…… orz;; But oh well. I am sincerely happy that finally one of her LYNX stories has been properly published, but I don’t really understand why they just released one of them. idk maybe they’ll release the other ones in her B’s-Lovely book sdg;ls;gsddg I really want my favorite story by her to be in an actual book please please please.

also oh my goodness I had no idea there was a continuation for the title story sd;gljs;dgdf

Tsubaki’s Mayoi Neko to Koi no Ashiato. When I saw the cover I was dragged in instantly because it’s really cute and I like the art and I had never heard of Tsubaki before. Also it has ‘cat’ in the title. So.

for a while I was on the fence because I had a weird paranoia that the inside art wouldn’t be as cute and clean as the cover illustration but then I read on Chill Chill or Sweets OL or SOMEWHERE that the story was actually really cute and dealt with a teacher/student relationship so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to go through with it. Since as long as the story is good I can deal with art I’m not very into.


luckily for me the inside art actually is freakishly close to the cover art—very clean and pretty lines and cute boys with lovely facial expressions.

and then this book also came with a little pamphlet.

Mio Junta’s new book Smile Kudasai! Cheesy cheesy but who doesn’t love BL where the plot is set up at a fast food restaurant or other part-time job. idk I just have a soft spot for such settings.

I think the book is oneshots and short stories though so there probably won’t be much part-time-job action. Oh well I trust Mio Junta to write lots of stories I’ll enjoy reading.

Mio Junta’s art is really just gorgeous.

and then for the last of the comics is Ibarame Hisa’s debut book? I think? Titled Himitsu wa Yoru ni Umareteru. I got this one even though there weren’t any reviews and wasn’t really any good information about the plot etc. because the cover was just so pretty and the art seemed very unusual but in a way I would probably enjoy. So. Hopefully it’s good!

idk it kind of reminds me of Yamada Torico’s older stuff. I wonder if it will have a similar atmosphere.

then we are left over with this stuff which goes in the recycling bin because luckily I’m not that big a junk collector—

—and then these release advertisement pamphlets which go in a box in my closet.


Shitron. I have to confess, whenever this anthology arrives I flip straight to the back and look for Itoshi no Nekokke. Admittedly Citron doesn’t have so many stories I’m all that interested in anymore. (idk I think they’re turning more toward manly-manly characters and adult story types which I’m okay with but not a huge fan so…) But as long as Itoshi no Nekokke is running in here I will keep buying it and hoping there are at least a few other stories I really dig to make the purchase worth my money.

Ishikawa Kei’s story has smut!! Okay this issue if getting off to a really good start already. I think this is the last chapter which means it’s time to reread the whole story from the beginning before reading this one.

!!!!! MOMOKA okay this issue actually does seem pretty promising so far.

a new artist, Tsurumi Tamiko! Which I was initially flipping through to find ItoNeko I actually paused her her pages because I thought her style was so cute s;dglj;sdgg I am pretty excited to read this story!

uuuuuu Itoshi no Nekokke. ;; From flipping through and vaguely reading bits here and there, this chapter is about the time after Mii left for Tokyo and before Kei came to be with him. I guess Mii starts becoming scared if their distance and of being abandoned and becomes more promiscuous with the men in Tokyo (which is how he meets Kitahara and Haru, both of which he has a threesome with in this chapter) after deciding to give up on Kei and tell him he can go back to living a normal life as a straight male in their hometown. But when they meet Kei has other plans.

when they are together while Kei is visiting Mii cries and Kei reads in his expression that Mii wants to be with him in Tokyo. So he promises Mii that they will be together, but in two years’ time. Mii says that’s a long time, but Kei is willing to wait it out if Mii is. Which brings us back to present day, in which Kei moves to Tokyo and is ambushed by all of Mii’s strange housemates but they can finally be together again.

THE END. Actually I freaked out a little when I say ‘the end’ on the last page because I would seriously be devastated if Itoshi no Nekokke were seriously over since I really really look forward to every single chapter. But luckily in small print it said the next chapter will be continuing from the current timeline which was initially abandoned to tell the story of their high school days.


as for the next issue, it’ll be another special on Itoshi no Nekokke as a tribute to the release of the third volume! ;w;)/ So great! Contributors I’m really looking forward to are Hidaka Shouko, Jaryuu Dokuro, one of the member of Aniya Gumi (!!!) and even one of Kumota Haruko’s friends from the band HOMME. uuuuuu it’ll be so awesome I AM EXCITED!

unfortunately though that means there probably won’t be a new actual chapter of Itoshi no Nekokke… but I’ll survive I guess. ;;

onto Cab! I am still kind of blown away by TATSUKI’s cover illustration.

came with a special Koshino pamphlet. tbh it seems like every issues comes with some special related to Koshino these days.

TATSUKI’s art sure has become more pretty recently. Or maybe it’s just her character designs? Anyway, seemingly a story set in old-time-y Japan.

Mita Ori is still going strong with her story about chubby high school love.

Okaz Mari’s art is so cuuuuute.

debuting artist, Ayukawa Hal! I really like the art and character designs somehow.

Komeri with a story that seems to be about… idols? I think? Maybe.

Shimaji’s story continues and I can’t help but wonder when in the world these two are finally going to come to terms with their attraction to each other and get together ahhhh. TOO MANY INTERRUPTIONS.

as for the next volume—! Hayakawa Nojiko is back yay. Also more Shimaji so maybe those two will actually make some progress in their relationship. Also more Ayukawa Hal which is awesome since usually after an artist first appears they don’t show up again for an issue or two. Looks like something to look forward to!

I have a confession: since their overhaul I’ve been a little addicted to buying LYNX since Ootsuki Miu’s story is really really weird. Which sucks because not it’s monthly instead of bi-monthly ahhh. I really want to stop buying it but it’s HARD because I actually really am quite interested in some of the stories. orz

except a huge chunk of the magazine is novels now…

Hiwa Fumiko! Her art is so damn cute but unfortunately her stories just don’t tend to do it for me. But I still at least try to read them anyway.

Ootsuki Miu’s Gestalt which is just fucking strange. Essentially it’s about a guy who is madly in love with his friend but his friend doesn’t know. But one day the guy’s friend is like randomly at his house or something and they have sex but it’s not actually his friend but instead his friend’s strange silent doppelganger??!?? I have no idea man but it’s really perverted.

I’ve also been kind of enjoying Miroku Kotoko’s latest story except I’m missing the first four or five chapters sob. The uke’s character design is really cute.


and then there’s this story that Takarai Saki does the art for but once again I’m missing the first few chapters.

Minazuki Akira color page wahhhsd;gsg’sdg it feels like I haven’t read anything new by her in forever.

as for the next volume there’s more by Ootsuki Miu… so………. orz;;; I’m sure I’ll cave and buy it.

and then lastly—

—we have Canna! Looks so Christmas-y lmao which is kind of awkward considering I’m only just getting the damn thing when January is already 1/3 over.

new story by Kuroiwa Chihaya! *w*) idk I really really liked her last story and her art is so prettyyyyy.

also her pervy scene have really great sexual tension mmmm.

more Yamada Torico is always welcome in my life.

more Yoshida Yuuko, which I was actually quite looking forward to after enjoying her last release so much. This story seems kind of pervy.

Koyubi, who is someone I don’t recognize in name or art style. But the story seems interesting and the art is definitely my type.

MANAKO! Another artist who it feels like it’s been way way waaaaay too long since I last read something by them.

as for the next issue lineup, HAYAKAWA NOJIKO. ;; Finally ahhh I have been waiting for a continuation of that story forever. Hopefully she has a story as well as the cover or I will just die a sad, sad death. Also more Yoshida Yuuko and Yamada Torico and Kuroiwa Chihaya. And Coga Mayumi is back!! ;w;) A good issue, to be sure.

anyway hopefully I’ll have the gumption to also talk about some of these books more in-depth once I’ve actually read them. I hope you’ve all been having a nice week!

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15 responses to “December purchase first impressions.”

  1. yaoidaisuki says :

    Loved your purchased!! *–*
    I want to buy Kimi ni too, I loved the artwork, also Smile Kudasai! and Mayoi Neko to Koi no Ashiato are on my list =)
    Did you pay a lot for the shipping?
    Here in my country is so expensive to buy directly from Amazon. I use japanese websites to buy. I know that Amazon’s delivery is very fast.

    • ふう子 says :

      I do pay a lot for shipping, yep. Because I use Amazon and they only use DHL (and FedEx I think?) for overseas shipments. Their delivery is fast and trackable (which is always nice) but really super spendy so I don’t really recommend them much.

  2. Fantita says :

    Wow your posts are always amazing!
    I got happy when I saw that Kumota Haruko and Minazuki Akira were mentioned here because I love their works.
    But at least from the images, everything you got seems great.
    Oh that chubby high school love story seems so cute ^^
    Thanks for your post!

    • ふう子 says :

      thank you lovely! <3

      I was just super happy to see anything new by Minazuki Akira! Just recently I've been rereading all of her books and reliving how much I love her art and characters and story atmosphere. Hopefully in 2013 she'll release something.

      the chubby high school romance is really cute! I highly recommend all of Mita Ori's stories if you get a chance to pick up her book.

  3. Hanaoka says :

    Oh my, Nodoka Tsurimaki appears on the Nekokke Tribute! This was quite unexpected. I discovered her last year through Cocohana and her art is so detailed and beautiful, I love her. I guess I’ll have to buy this too since I already have the one they did last year and I want to see the Jaryuu Dokuro’s one so badly too.

    Thanks for showing us this, Ami. Also, I want to ask you: what do you think of the position of Itoshi no Nekokke in last year’s BL rankings (Kono BL ga Yabai and Chillchill’s)? I was surprised, since it is a series I cherish and I really thing is something extraordinary lovely and well done, to see it wasn’t topping the charts with volume 2 and Shinjuku lucky hole was over it. I haven’t read this last, do you think it is in fact better than Nekokke?

    • ふう子 says :

      oh yay that’s exciting that there’s another artist you really like!

      tbh I don’t know the exact positions on the ranking for each story but I do know Shinjuku Lucky Hole was incredibly popular. (It probably also doesn’t help that Itoshi no Nekokke came out early in the year so Shinjuku Lucky Hole is probably much more fresh in everyone’s memories.) While I enjoyed that book, I’m personally a bigger fan of Itoshi no Nekokke because I’m just someone who prefers more slice-of-life happy stories. Shinjuku Lucky Hole has a lot of angst and drama in it, which I know a lot of people consider ‘superior’ when it comes to stories but idk I’m just not personally a huge fan of such things. Itoshi no Nekokke does it for me a lot more. I wish it would get more credit because drama and angst is something you see ten times over in BL stories but a long slice-of-life about two men just trying to make their relationship work and build a place for themselves in the bigger picture is a bit more rare imo—at least in the way Kumota Haruko handles it.

  4. Sringangel says :

    Oh dear god chubby love. And hayakawa nojikooooo. /screams. Its been quite sometime I last read yamada torico too!!

  5. berryzz says :

    As usual, AMAZING POSTS >__.< I'm practicing Japanese also…and whoa~ it sure is taking me a hell lot of time to understand !! (-n-) Looking forward to more of ur reviews and posts :)

  6. Yuino says :

    Can I say I’m presently surprised I’m not the only one outside of Japan buying Eureka….. even if it’s only one issue xD Though I think i should hurry with buying this issue. Last time they released BL related issue they got should out pretty quickly, I wonder why ^^’
    BTW can I ask you how long is the manga included in it? The usual 4 pages or longer?

    • ふう子 says :

      my friend Khursten also buys it, though she does so much more regularly than I do. I just bought it because I have a strange tendency to buy anything and everything related to BL info. orz

      there aren’t any comics in this one—just essays and interviews it seems!

  7. BLScanlations (@BLScanlations) says :

    Wow, that a lot of mangas and magazines!!
    Do you know the name of the story by Ichikawa Kei, Hiwa Fumiko and Minazuki Akira?
    I really like their artwork and storytelling o/
    Thank you!

  8. Nadelyn Lyn says :

    mebaruuu <3

    i envy you wallet :<
    so many books!

  9. Nanao says :

    (i bought mangas and magazines for the first time because now i have a credit card!! yay! LOL) I bought Itoshi no nekokke vol 2 (i had the vol 1 but jmanga closed and i cried tho it was a gift from a friend) and OMG can they be more CUTE??? can i love them MORE? that’s the kind of story that get me awake re reading all the freaking night! i want the vol 3 now and i guess i have to buy Citron now and Cab ; w ; and other Kumota’s works.
    I love all your blogs :’D

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