Kusama Sakae 10th Anniversary Artbook!

wahhhh it’s been forever since I last posted again. ;; So sorry. The holidays have been crazy stressful and unfortunately I kind pf psyched myself out of doing reviews for those other books from my last order and my new order is taking forever to ship and I’ve been too shy lately to post cover or release news and just sd;flj;dgsdggd and here I was hoping to make 2013 much more productive blogging-wise than 2012 was. orz;;;;

but—!! Today I did get my Kusama Sakae artbook and I am super excited and it’s absolutely gorgeous so I figured I’d share some of my favorite pictures. That’s an okay post and an okay way to kick off 2013, right?

tbh I was actually really worried there would be a mistake with my order since at one point in early December I thought I lost my wallet and had to cancel the credit card I was pretty sure I ordered it with. orz;; Which was horrifying since the book was (supposedly, but idk since it’s still up on Comi Comi iirc) limited edition pre-order only ahhhhh. But luckily I was able to change my card with my pitiful minimal Japanese skills and evidently everything went off okay because I got a email early Sunday saying it had been shipped.

warning: nsfw. And also some shota.

the full jacket. The illustration actually coincides with a comic near the end of the artbook but I’ll get to that later.

I was kind of surprised to see the book actually has a lot of her older shota-y work! (Some of which is R-18 fyi if you’re from a country where you could get in trouble for that kind of thing.) Ahhh even her older coloring style is so beautiful.

awesomely perverted porn spreads. *w*)/

probably my favorite illsurtation from the whole book because cats and also porn and also threesome y a y.

okay I have always wanted a text-free version of this illustration to hang on my wall because I have always just been blown away by the coloring and composition so I’m kicking myself for not buying two copies. 8( Oh well I probably wouldn’t be able to talk myself into dismantling such a gorgeous artbook anyway.

but seriously it has all of her early Tokyo Mangasha anthology covers and they are all sooooo beautiful I am so happy to have a clean version for all of them. ;;

unfortunately there are a lot of these random blank pages which makes me feel a little let-down because those could have totally been filled with even just sketches or something idk anything Kusama Sakae draws would be better than a random blank page okay even if it  was like smiling dicks bouncing around.

some of these illustration I have never even seen before which makes me happy but also a little sad to think a lot of my favorite artists probably have random-ass illustrations scattered all over the publishing market that I’ve never seen. (Kumota Haruko, I am looking at you.) And I probably shouldn’t get my hopes up that they’ll all also get a snazzy anniversary artbook like Kusama Sakae wahhhh.

you may remember this from her Moe Danshi Gatari contribution.


not nearly as many as her drawings of males, but there are also some illustrations from her josei and shoujo releases of female characters which is definitely nice!

comic! It’s only four pages and has a very simple non-plot (if that’s what you want to call it) but it’s full-color and absolutely beautiful and quite sweet.

as if Kusama Sakae couldn’t get any better, she is also a lover of cats. This is her illustration at the bottom of her personal message of thanks for ten years of successful comics publishing.

obviously those are just a few of her wonderful illustrations. I am so glad I got this book—it is seriously just stunning. Again, Kusama Sakae, congratulation on 10 years and going strong. Here’s to hoping for many many more wonderful works by you in the future!


11 responses to “Kusama Sakae 10th Anniversary Artbook!”

  1. ~ says :

    don’t beat yourself up about blog posts! i’m sure we’re all happy to read absolutely anything by you, whether it’s something super short or super long ♥♥♥
    but these are gorgeous! thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Gaby says :

    A bit belated Happy New Year to you! :D
    Thanks for posting this, I love her work!!! Her art is gorgeous!!!
    And seeing all of this in full color glory, it’s wonderful! When I saw that illustration from “The constellation…” I almost shouted. So beautiful! And it’s probably the first thing I read by her ♥♥♥

  3. meodien1812 says :

    Hello, could you give a a link to buy it? I searched for it on honto.jp and amazon.jp with the leyword “草間さかえ” but didn’t find anything. That’s rare. Thanks in advance ^^ (If the book is limited and run out of stock I’ll curse myself for missing it @_@)

  4. yaone says :

    so so jealous!! i should have made myself a credit card really; it’s really too bad that ComiComi only accepts credit cards OTZ

    the book is georgous, thank you for sharing the photos! :)

    • ふう子 says :

      aww that’s too bad. 8( Hopefully you’ll be able to get a credit card soon, or maybe a site like Mandarake will make second-hand copies available since iirc they allow paypal.

  5. Nile says :

    I’m speechless looking at your picturesque details review as I had never thought the book will be present in this direction. I love sensei’s works to heart both the story and the art I find those love making scenes sensei draw to be sexy and they were explicitly enough for my perverted self to satisfied this book on the other hand was exceedingly perverted for my liking. Not that I’d never seen more… I just fancy sensei works to be like they usually be. The colours were amazing, though.

    Anyways, thanks for the review, I came today especially for this and you’ve done more than I ever expected.

    Btw, Happy New Year!

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