November book reviews (part one)

as I believe I said on my personal blog (or did I say it on here? idk) I actually really really liked this month’s batch of books. Admittedly there are some months where I love practically everything and some months where I’m lukewarm to everything except a book or two. Usually it’s a half-and-half deal. But anyway I got a lot of books this month that I feel fairly passionate about and aside from that I’ve been wanting to make it my goal to at least vaguely talk about all the books I buy. So here’s part one of probably three posts. I won’t talk about Tempest volume three and I already did a post on Akudama so. This post will have four books and BE WARNED one of them is super R-18 so do not—DO NOT—read this blog post at work unless you have an image blocker activated.

Kinmokusei ni Sayounara | KUJIRA

Taken from my personal blog where I talked about the story initially:

Kinmokusei is essentially the story of two boys, Sou and Akinari, who’ve had a strong bond since very early childhood. However, as they grow older their friendship is wracked with various misfortunes (many of which are caused by the boys’ own egos and selfish inclinations toward one another) that eventually lead Sou to becoming slightly unstable and it surfaces in the form of him taking on a female alter ego, Kanade. Kanade exists in order for Sou to be with Akinari, but Kanade is what eventually pushes Akinari away. Now in high school, Akinari is trying to distance himself from his past with Sou, looking for ‘normal’ friends and maybe even a new normal love. But life is never that easy and the more he pushes Sou away the more tightly Sou holds on—until their bond can only break for good. But is that what Akinari really wants?

cute color illustration.

I think it should be pretty obvious how the relationships end up, but if you’re like me and really don’t like reading stories about love triangles because you’re always afraid the relationship won’t end up the way you want it to (story of my life) I’ll just say it now: Sou and Akinari do end up together. A good portion of the book is spent building up to this idea that Akinari is actually in love his new-found friend Yousuke—to the point where even Sou says he’s going to give up on his love for Akinari so Akinari can pursue a more innocent love with Yousuke—but in the end, while it does seem like Akinari did feel some general feeling of attraction for Yousuke, it wasn’t romance. In the end when Akinari and Yousuke kiss, it’s still Sou whom Akinari can’t get out of his mind.

even though I always get weirdly uncomfortable about relationship dynamics like those between Akinari, Sou and Yousuke (idk somehow I just hate it when someone gets hurt, especially if Sou and Akinari hadn’t ended up together and Sou had to throw away years and years of yearning and trying to change himself ughhhh) I really like this story. Once again the scene where Sou says he’ll give up on Akinari really did me in—I literally had tears streaming down my face while I sat in bed surrounded by kittens. It was pretty pitiful.

in particular I’m very glad I bought the compiled release because while the initial story ending of Akinari finally understanding and accepting his feelings for Sou and chasing after him when he disappears was very satisfying, the extra has their first time having tender, rushed, confused sex and it’s… pretty pitiful to say the least. While I am a big fan of unrealistically perfect smut, there’s nothing that says “adorable couple” more than rushes quickie sex where the person planning to top cums before he can even properly get it inside. idk there’s just something very endearing about sex gone wrong.

a very good read in my opinion, especially considering it’s her debut in the BL genre. Also can I just say I’m loving these artists who were originally in shoujo or josei moving over to BL? Because for a long time it was seeming like it only worked the other way around, with BL artists moving on into other female-oriented genres. The BL genre welcomes you!

Koibito Assortment | Kumonosuke

actually it’s ‘Koibito Assort’ but that makes no fucking sense in English so. I bought this book, obviously, because it’s specifically by Kumonosuke. There is a select group of artist who I will buy their releases come hell or high water the month they’re released, and Kumonosuke’s name is pretty high on that list. I love her. So I added this book to my cart without looking at reviews or reading anything about it—none of that mattered because it was Kumonosuke and Kumonosuke can do no wrong.

So I had absolutely no idea that this book contained continuations of her books through Gateau and I just.

Ayumu ahhhhhh.

Backstory here is that, as you know if you’ve read my blog for a long time, I fell madly in love with Kumonosuke’s book Shiawase ni Naru no sa! I think that book is just fucking brilliant and the relationship between Ayumu and Komatsu is everything I personally want when I’m reading about relationships—needy but not immaturely possessive, ‘adult’ but not to the point of supposed indifference, a relationship that is between two people who have scars from their past but want to heal them together. But in particular, I love Ayumu. I am so in love with his character. From his ridiculous blunt-nape haircut to his bad habits with drinking and his lacking confidence and his random shows of incredible insecurity, I just adore him and think he is such a wonderfully three-dimensional character. And I know not everyone is going to feel this strongly about him (I’m sure some people read it and toss him aside as some dumb uke who needs to grow some balls I KNOW HOW THIS FANDOM WORKS DON’T GIVE ME THAT LOOK) but I don’t care if I’m over-hyping his character because I love him. I love him. I literally have motherly feelings toward him—that is just how creepy and weird my fixation on Ayumu is.

I am probably making myself look like the biggest creep at this point so I will just say there is a continuation to Shiawase ni Naru no sa! in this book. There is Ayumu in this book.

AYUMU!!!!!! His story is essentially about Komatsu maybe being a little too sexually fixated on Ayumu to the point where he’s afraid of scaring or hurting Ayumu with his sexual needs, as Ayumu is such a beautiful and weirdly innocent thing in Komatsu’s eyes. But Ayumu, being the precious man he is, opens his arms to Komatsu’s need to overtake him and they have strangely loving, incredibly rough sex. It’s a pretty weird chapter (which admittedly gives me mixed feelings on some levels) but also quite glorious because Ayumu being his beautiful, adorable self while being thoroughly ravished y e s.

Of course there’s also a continuation for Kimi ni Sosogu and Otoko no Ko to Koi. In Kimi‘s continuation Andou and Ooshima are leading busy, career-driven adult lives so they don’t get to see each other so much anymore. Thus, Andou comes up with the plan to cook for Ooshima on one of the few nights they can be together and they are just so cute and loving ahhhh. Then in the Otoko no Ko sequel they pretty much just discuss their relationship and make vows to one another. There are also two original stories at the beginning of the book about two different types of couples—the hyper-active silly type and the loving, doting type on the other end of the spectrum.

sob almost all of the photo examples I took of this book are Ayumu I am so sorry. orz;; I just have so many feelings about that boy. But seriously as much as I loved that chapter, the whole book is so sweet and wonderful and I definitely recommend it if you’ve read and enjoyed her other Gateau releases because it’s always fun to have another little extra taste of a story you liked.

and then at the end they had these character profiles of the reoccurring characters s o b look at his fuzzy sweater.

and then small write-ups on all of Kumonosuke’s other releases of Gateau. It’s strange to think she has released six books at this point. Hopefully going strong!

Bokura no Mitsudomoe Sensou | SHOOWA

okay I have a dumb story about this book, and it’s essentially that I was whining about my order for November on twitter and I really wanted this book because there is grab-ass taking place on the cover but my order was way over budget so I asked my friends if the likelihood of this being scanlated was high and if maybe I should put it off until I have some money for an extra order. Essentially what everyone said was it would likely be scanlated but not for a while so I’d have to be patient, to which my response was “lol no”, but nonetheless I decided to not get the book. But then out of morbid horrible curiosity I clicked the link for the book on Chill Chill and it… had it listed under ‘ero ero’…. which is the highest rating a book can get on the smut scale……….

so being the gross person I am, that did me in and I decided to get the book regardless of breaking my budget. And I don’t regret a thing because even that high smut rating was no proper indication of what I was in for.

the back and front covers under the dust jacket are cute.

what the book comes down to is three stories in all, vaguely related only in that they all have to do with students/teachers who attend the same school. Or something idek. The first story is about two friends with a whole lot of sexual tension. The second story, which is two chapters, starts out with a kid who is trying to ‘protect’ his friend from the seemingly hungry wolf classmate but in the end winds up in a threesome with his own best friend and the wolf himself. The second chapter then deals with the aftermath of him doing it with his friend (who had secretly been in love with him all along) while they get freaky on the school rooftop. The third story is about a sex-loving princely transfer student with a strange name who gets along unnecessarily well with the school gym teacher but would actually like to get even closer (if you know what I mean).

since it was by SHOOWA I was expecting to be either turned-off by an overload of slapstick comedy during the sex scenes or perhaps a whole lot of melodrama over her characters making bad decisions but actually it’s pretty much just a fun, smutty romp between the sheets. The book is literally about 50% sex scenes. (I’m not exaggerating.)  There is definitely none of that kiss > blowjob > penetration in all just a few pages when it comes to this book. For instance, the first story alone has eleven pages of foreplay (from kissing to fingering) before the actual penetration happens, which leads to five pages of actual thrusting anal sex. Quite frankly, that’s almost unheard of even in Pierce Series books.

idk if you’re looking for something really deep and meaningful, I would bypass this book. It’s definitely not what you’re looking for. But as someone who is very sex-positive I honestly really enjoyed it. I loved the second story in particular where, even though he was kind of unsure and weirded out by the idea of being done by another guy, the uke character got really into sex. It’s always a sad turn-off to me when the character being penetrated is only ever complaining about how much it hurts, so it’s nice to read a story where the character is seriously turned-on by and thoroughly enjoys being penetrated.

A+ perfect smut! Could not recommend it more to anyone who is in the mood to feel like a horny creep while reading comics!

Neko to wa Sex nanka Shinai | Kimura Hidesato

Kimura Hidesato’s debut book! So exciting! There are six stories in all, a majority of which ran in Pierce-related publications but actually one of her stories from Cab is in here—I’m not sure why they released just one of them but I guess beggars can’t be choosers sob. The first story is about a man named Kuno who loses his cat Mike—until the cat comes back in the form of a human man. Initially Kuno is very suspicious of this gorgeous human Mike-kun, and probably for good reason… Second story is a silly snippet-y thing about a couple who has to deal with one the two of them working at a lab with a mad scientist coworker who incidentally gives him cat ears one day. Third story is about childhood friends clumsily making the change from sex friends to real lovers. Fourth story deals with a boxer and his (semen) diet. Fifth story is about an innocent-looking school delinquent falling for his naive teacher. Sixth story I actually already talked about before here near the end!

this book has actually led me to believe Kimura Hidesato is a big fan of cats.

once again, this book is not particularly deep or emotionally impacting. Kimura’s way of styling her stories is a lot more comedic than sexy or thought-provoking. But I think one of the things that sets her apart is that she makes sexy times look so fun and inviting and cute. The stories that most stand out to me are the one with the scientist boyfriend and the one with the childhood friends, because in both of those the sex scenes are just so cute and fuzzy. Particularly the one between childhood friends, because I’m always a sucker for stories where the top actually runs from the idea of having sex and the bottom is actually the one who really wants it. (Also, who doesn’t love ridiculous kissing scenes ruined by braces?)

another fun, fluffy book that’s just a perverted romp. This one is probably less likely to make you blush and fidget than the SHOOWA book above, but it definitely takes the cake for fun, happy sex. And probably strange kinks as well. And nonsensical scenarios like letting a stranger into your house to do you even though you know they’re lying to you… But hey, to each their own!

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8 responses to “November book reviews (part one)”

  1. azurelucy says :

    I love awkward sex! It’s probably a reaction to reading so many stories of the seme always in control, even in high school school (lol). I need more awkwardness in bl.

    Every thing looks so cute and good. When I saw the pics that you posted in tumblr about Kujira’s debut, I thought there was something weird about the art but I can’t see what I thought was wrong. I’m tempted about SHOOWA’s book but I have been meh about her stuff lately, so I probably won’t get it. And I want more Kumonosuke! I actually only have her Shiawase book.

    I do want to find new books on my own but you keep my wishlist so full that I don’t think that’s possible.

    • ふう子 says :

      haha the suave high school boys who’re amazing at sex always crack me up. It’s a nice fantasy, but definitely quite unrealistic.

      tbh I am mostly kind of on the ‘eh’ side of SHOOWA’s fanbase (idk I’m not a fan of slapstick-y humor and I hate how her characters follow ridiculous paths of self-destructive behavior ahhhhh) but I really really liked this book! It’s just so openly perverted and fun, an interesting contrast to many of her works that I didn’t like nearly as much.

      sorry about that! hahaha don’t worry, I keep my wishlist painfully full as well—you don’t even want to see my backlog wishlist. It’s terrible. I’ll probably never read them all.

  2. BLScanlations (@BLScanlations) says :

    I’ve bought the manga by SHOOWA (the ero ero), but the last image/panel from Kimura Hidesato’s story is from Cab isn’t? o.o
    I thought I’ve saw that scene somewhere…
    Thank you for your review!
    Now I want to buy all the books you’ve talked about =~
    Keep doing that \o/
    I really appreciate your reviews & recommendations!

  3. Tiffany says :

    All of these look amazing, especially Shoowa’s! I for one am all for smut. xD I love her other work, Jin to Neko wa Yobu to Konai, too!

    • ふう子 says :

      for SHOOWA I really like her fluffier stuff like NON Tea Room haha. idk those were the stories that introduced me to her so I fell for them pretty hard. Some of her other stuff is a bit too weirdly dramatic for me but I enjoy her releases overall.

  4. Gabs says :

    Great post!!! I love how you reviewed your books, besides they are always accompanied by pretty pics! Some of these ones made me smile because of them being cute or funny.
    They all look great, I think the first one is the more angsty but I like what you described of it.
    Shoowa is the only one I read, I like her works!!!

    • ふう子 says :

      thank you lovely! I always try to include photos because I know how much it sucks to buy a book expecting one thing from the cover but then realizing the inside artwork is nothing like the cover artwork. orz;;; That has happened to me more times than I could count.

      They’re all very enjoyable books–I highly recommend them!

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