Kojima Lalako cover illustration.

Exciting!! I happened to be perusing Amazon’s upcoming releases so I could shove the things I’m interested in getting this month and next month in my wishlist (and thus won’t have to worry about tracking them down later when it comes to the borderline-stressful act of deciding which books I can afford to buy) and I happened upon Kojima’s preorder page and it turns out the cover it already up!


I have to leave for work in like ten minutes so I don’t have much time to spazz over how adorable it is but


god I love Kojima Lalako. I’ve only read one of her stories through Chocolat and it was kind of depressing, so I hope it’s not one big book of depressing stories sob. Please have something cute for me as well!


6 responses to “Kojima Lalako cover illustration.”

  1. ~ says :

    it’s so gorgeoussssss ;__; ♥♥♥♥

  2. SJ says :

    Honestly, that is the loveliest cover I’ve seen from her yet. Perhaps the blue/purple wash is making me biased.

    • ふう子 says :

      my personal favorite will probably always be Neko no Yomeiri but I do love this one a lot as well! But then again I love pretty much everything she does so… orz;;

  3. Gabs says :

    It’s awesomely cute!!! I love the smiles especially the one of the boy whose eyes are closed ♥

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