“Kono Ore” chapter 04 – end

so I meant to post about chapter four when the November ihr HertZ pretty much arrived on my doorstep (because of course Ogawa Chise’s Kono Ore was the first thing I read in my excitement). But that was unfortunately during my period of posting discomfort so… orz;; But I still wanted to write about it since I wrote about chapters one through three (here) and so I figured now that the final chapter has been released I would post about chapter four and five in one fell swoop.

chapter four


chapter two pretty much starts with Taisei and Okachimachi’s love-love dumb couple life, with Taisei in a cheesily good mood and Okachimachi arriving at school to see him almost like a newlywed husband arriving home to greet his beloved wife. While they’re about to do their ‘honey I’m home!’ kiss in front of the whole class Taisei’s friends stop them, but that doesn’t keep them from doing an impromptu makeout session in a secluded section of the hallway before class.


this prompts Taisei to start freaking out over the fact that he’s a virgin and will probably not be able to really please Okachimachi sexually. His friends of course recommend he just come out with it and tell Okachimachi he has no sexual experience, but—being Taisei—he rejects that idea altogether because the idea of embarrassing himself in front of the person he’s in love with is too much for a sensitive person like him to bear. So instead he heads out to the conbini to secretly pick up condoms and lube as if he’s always had them on hand.


but Okachimachi just so happens to be working part time at that conbini and Taisei gets caught red-handed after pacing in front of the condoms for a while and not being able to go through with it. When Okachimachi comes straight out and asks “…is there something you’re looking for?” Taisei tries to run for it, but Okachimachi knows Taisei well at this point and knows that when he gets defensive or tries to escape it means he’s hiding something. So after Okachimachi gets off work they head to a local family restaurant to talk. There, Taisei is outed as the virgin he is and while he’s freaking out about it on his own Okachimachi calms him down by promising they’ll take things slow together. But then an acquaintance of Okachimachi shows up as a waiter at the restaurant.


he outright ignores Taisei until Taisei asks who he is, and he introduces himself as Okachimachi’s cousin Masumi. But when Okachimachi shamelessly introduces Taisei as his boyfriend, things go from bad to worse when Masumi seems to suddenly outright dislike Taisei, insulting him by saying Okachimachi’s taste has gotten terrible. Okachimachi tries to stand up for his boyfriend by saying he thinks Taisei is adorable and loves him, so Masumi had better not insult him. But when Taisei goes to the bathroom before they leave Masumi accosts him and informs Taisei that Okachimachi has actually been harboring feelings for someone else ever since middle school so he may as well give up—unless he likes being used as a replacement.


Taisei wants to ignore it but he can’t shake the bad feeling that maybe Okachimachi really does have unrequited feelings for someone else. But Okachimachi is so kind and loving toward Taisei, so there’s no way right?


but the next day at school Masumi comes to intrude on Taisei and Okachimachi’s love-love couples life. And unfortunately he happens to overhear Taisei’s friends talking about how Taisei originally started hanging out with Okachimachi to get back at him.


Upset, Masumi confronts Taisei right in front of Okachimachi, relaying everything that he’d overheard from Taisei’s friends. And Taisei panics, unable to either deny or explain everything on the spot. So in one of his defensive outbursts that he’s known so well for, he makes himself into the victim by blaming Okachimachi for not only rejecting his friendship in middle school but also for forgetting all about it as if none of it was even a big deal to him.


Okachimachi then quietly gets up from his seat and walks away from Taisei without a word, upsetting Taisei even more and making him realize the weight of what he just did. The chapter ends with his crying, shocked face.


chapter five (end)


color page! It’s hard to tell if the fifth chapter just picks up directly where the fourth left off or if Taisei has just been crying pitifully for days on end. Quite possibly the latter.


Okachimachi now seems to have no interest in interacting with Taisei, and Taisei seems incapable of doing much other than silently crying all over himself in the middle of class. The poor teacher is horrified by the dark atmosphere in his classroom, and all of Taisei’s friends and classmates don’t know what to do to get Taisei back to his original cheesy arrogant happy-go-lucky self. When the bell rings Okachimachi loudly gets up from his desk and makes a show of leaving on his own to go get lunch, and Taisei turns to his friends and tries to act like his usual nonchalant self but it doesn’t work so well when he has tears running pitifully down his face. His friends urge him to sit with Okachimachi at lunch and explain everything from start to finish—most importantly his feelings for Okachimachi now—but for someone like Taisei who is afraid of getting emotionally hurt to the point of constant avoidance that’s not exactly an easy task.


so while Taisei makes a valiant effort to walk toward Okachimachi at lunch and settle their differences, at the last moment he rushes past Okachimachi’s table. His friends berate him and he starts to cry again, saying he just can’t do it. So his classmates show up and say they’ll help, because they just can’t stand to see this upset side of Taisei any longer.


but their recommendation is kind of… orz They tell Taisei he should try the trick where he saves Okachimachi from something, thus forcing Okachimachi to appreciate him and go back to seeing him in a better light. So they devise a plan where they drop a heavy maneki neko statue above Okachimachi’s head and Taisei is supposed to valiantly save Okachimachi by pushing him out of the way. But not only does the heavy statue fall directly and painfully onto Taisei’s head, he also accidentally pushes Okachimachi into the school fish pond…


from out of nowhere Masumi shows up and saves Okachimachi from the fishes, telling Taisei to stop purposely doing stupid things that hurt Okachimachi. Taisei, shocked, can say nothing in response as he meekly watches Masumi walk away with Okachimachi to get him changed out of his wet clothes.

In the classroom Taisei has sunk to an all new low with tears constantly flowing to the point where even the teacher is desperately trying to get him to at least look up and pay attention during class with promises of candy. But Taisei wants none of it—all he wants is Okachimachi but he can’t seem to do anything right and just keeps pushing the person he loves further and further away. At one point the teacher asks Taisei to please at least not sleep during class, seeming to think Taisei finally cried himself to complete exhaustion. But when Okachimachi glances over at him it appears Taisei did cry himself out—to the point of getting himself sick with a stress fever and passing out at his desk.


Taisei is surprised to wake up in the infirmary with his two friends at his side. They tell him he had a fever, and he gets a gentle look on his face and thanks them for even going so far as to carry him there. But Tokuko and Yasukichi exchange a sad look before telling Taisei is was actually Okachimachi who noticed his fever and carried him to the infirmary. Taisei is shocked and once again upset to the point of tears, and tells them that he can’t do it—he can’t convince himself to give up on Okachimachi. He loves Okachimachi too much and the idea of not being with him is just too painful.


so they comfort him and tell him he knows what he has to do—he has to be courageous and confront Okachimachi about his feelings. So once his fever has subsided he heads home to rest, and the next day of school he arrives refreshed and ready to overcome his fear and face Okachimachi honestly. His classmates are glad to see him back to his normal self and tell him Okachimachi went into the school yards for a nap.

So Taisei heads out to find Okachimachi, but like clockwork he’s stopped by Masumi who seems to have decided to make it his ‘thing’ now to stop by their school and barge into their business. Initially he tries to hold Taisei back from seeing Okachimachi, But Taisei’s friends grab Masumi and hold him for dear life so Taisei can get his chance. While Taisei escapes Masumi tells them they can let go because he won’t do anything, and then lets it slip how much it irritates him that Taisei, who seemed so weak initially, won’t just give up on Okachimachi even though Masumi gave him fair warning. In the end, it seemed he also may have been harboring feelings for Okachimachi.


cut back to Taisei, who finds Okachimachi in the yard and apologizes sincerely for everything he’s done—for tricking him and saying means things and hurting him in the process—saying he’ll do anything to make Okachimachi forgive him. But it’s not instantly smiles and cuddles again, as Okachimachi stares down at Taisei huddled and bowing between his legs, and says ‘anything huh? Then blow me…’


Taisei is shocked and saddened—this isn’t the Okachimachi he knows and loves, and it’s because Taisei hurt him so badly that he no longer has any interest in treating Taisei as his sweet darling anymore. But just as Taisei is about to do what Okachimachi requested, Okachimachi stands up. Not looking at Taisei, he calls him a fool and tells Taisei he should hate Okachimachi for the cruel things he’s done to him. Taisei refuses and says that he was the one at fault, and he starts crying again and begs Okachimachi to look at him because it feels like he hasn’t been able to see Okachimachi’s face in such a long time.

Sighing, Okachimachi caves and tells Taisei he really is adorable and he doesn’t deserve him, but Taisei embraces him and says that Okachimachi is the only one he wants to be with.


they stay like that for a while until Okachimachi finally explains what Masumi meant by saying he has someone he can’t get over ever since middle school—a boy just like Taisei who befriended him when he had no one else. Taisei initially listens to him intently, but then stands up abruptly shouting “aren’t you talking about me??!”


Okachimachi, the numbskull, replies “no way, he was short and had a higher voice…” to which Taisei responds that obviously he has grown since middle school and his voice has changed. Then it dawns on Okachimachi that boy’s name was also “Fujima”—he just didn’t think about it before since he associates Taisei with his given name now much more so than his family name. And he hadn’t realized before, because his eyes are so bad that he never really got a proper look at Taisei’s face back then.

but Okachimachi entirely denies that he ever told Taisei he didn’t want to be friends with him. Taisei defensively tells him that he did in fact say something along the lines of “…we’re friends?” and Okachimachi suddenly remembers. But actually he hadn’t meant to insinuate that he didn’t consider Taisei a friend—in fact, since he’d always spent his life being pretty much friendless what he’d meant by that was that he hadn’t realized what they had was what friendship was like.

both exasperated, they laugh over their ridiculous history together of constantly misunderstanding what the other means.


and they’re about to do more than just cutely kiss and hold hands, Okachimachi kissing his way down Taisei’s chest and asking “can I?” once he gets to the zipper of Taisei”s jeans, when Taisei’s friends and the rest of their classmates come tumbling out from behind some bushes. Okachimachi isn’t too happy to be interrupted just when things were getting good, but when Taisei smiles happily at everyone supporting them Okachimachi can’t stay mad for long.


a play on the series title “Kono Ore ga Omae nanka Suki na wake nai!” (essentially “there’s no way I’m in love with you!”), the series ends with the phrase—presumably from Taisei’s thoughts—“kono ore ga omae suki ja nai wake nai!” (“there’s no way I couldn’t be in love with you!” which I personally thought was a super super cute ending.

anyway YEAH. I’m kind of sad to see it end because I really really loved this couple. ;; Taisei is such an adorable character, and it was really endearing to see him overcome his crippling fear (that he’s usually so good at avoiding and hiding) because he just couldn’t stand the idea of giving up on Okachimachi without a fight. It was so lovely to see him realize that he had a choice—he could either give up and definitely lose Okachimachi, or he could try and talk it out and chance getting Okachimachi back into his life. idk it’s going to crush me if people bash Taisei for being a ‘weepy uke’ because while he did cry for like 70% of this chapter (which I thought was kind of endearing tbqh haha) he showed true resoluteness and strength of character when he really needed it. I’m sure we all know how hard it is to have those ‘tough conversations’ where we admit we’re wrong and chance having someone insult us to our face, but Taisei put on a brave face and did it anyway. Ahhh I really like him. ;; It feels like this story ended too soon—I want more!

I am admittedly a little pouty that there was no real sex scene (actually not even a blowjob or handjob or anything like that), but—like a friend on tumblr said when I posted about it on there—hopefully that’ll show up on the compiled released. Though I’m not really holding my breath for a compiled release any time soon, since HertZ has been kind of crappy about getting their stuff out there quickly as of late. For instance, I’m pretty sure Hakumokuren ga Saita nara finished up at least a year ago now and they still haven’t released volume two…….. orz

nonetheless FINGERS CROSSED! I really love this series and want mooooore, even if it’s just a two-page extra! I need more of Taisei’s adorable arrogance in my life. ;;


12 responses to ““Kono Ore” chapter 04 – end”

  1. azurelucy says :

    Oh wow, her color pages are amazing. The color page from the book I have of hers is kinda dark, so I much prefer these vibrant ones. Precious Taisei and his precious tears, I don’t consider him the same as those weepy uke that I hate. They’re usually doormats paired with asshole semes, while Taisei and Okachimachi are a cutely innocent couple overall.

    Ogawa Chise seems to be gaining popularity, so hopefully someone will finish scanlating this soon.

  2. Jam says :

    Haha, i looove the ending~ ^_^
    thanks for translating this!

  3. Shelly says :

    Thank you so much for translating this! you totally made my day! <33

  4. Tiffany says :

    Wow, thank you so much for the summaries!! I was so excited when the last chapter came out, but also dying inside because I wanted to know what was happening so badly. You are my savior!! <3
    The ending is so adorable! And Okachimachi is such a butthead, lol. xD I wish they could have gone further without interruptions!

    • ふう子 says :

      no problem! Haha this story was probably one of the things I was most excited about re: last month’s order. And Okachimachi is definitely a butthead, I agree—but at least they seem to have gotten things all sorted out!

  5. Gabs says :

    Dear, let me love you and hug you!!! ♥
    Thanks so so much for this post!!! I adored it!!! I don’t know when I will be able to actually read this story but I fell in love with it, and your review was fantastic and at one point I was really touched!
    And the pics are lovely and adorable!!! This couple is great and I’m so glad that they could solve their problems and be happy together!
    I’m sad that it’s over but I’m glad that I could follow it through your posts!!!

    • ふう子 says :

      I am always open to more hugs! <3

      I definitely fell in love with this story as well. idk the couple is just so cute and wonderful and both boys are just great. I'm excited for the (hopefully soon!!) release of the compiled book so I can hopefully see their sex scene! 8)

  6. nadelynlyn says :

    thank you very much for the summary!
    i felt like crying with taisei when he was so sad about okachi.
    “don’t cry taisei, dont cry Q_Q you’ll be back with okachi Q.Q cos this is a lovey dovey bl mangaaaaaaa *cries*”
    i wish more mangas like this get licenced in english.

  7. luukim says :

    love it love it… Totally spunning. I love it :(( I don;t want to amit it is only 5 chapters.. I want more, I really can’t accept the fact that they are only in 1 volume…

    I searched and find that it looks like the mangaka often draw oneshot, I love this drawing and the way she build her characters.

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