Kimura Hidesato debut tankoubon!

I just put in my order for November a few days ago (I’m actually in the process of writing a post about my ‘buying process’ if anyone is interested), which is exciting because there are a few books released this month that I’m pretty pumped about. Unfortunately it was such a full month that I ended up having to skip a few books by newer or debuting artists I was curious about, but to make for it I have Hirakita Yuya on the way (it should be arriving tomorrow… or more like, in 12 or so hours after I post this) and then this lovely gem which hasn’t shipped yet but will hopefully be shipping soon!

Kimura Hidesato’s debut work, Neko to wa Sex nanka Shinai! (Which loosely translates to something like “I’m not gonna have sex with a cat” in case anyone is curious.) This is particularly exciting for me because, as I’ve said on here before iirc, Kimura Hidesato happened to be an artist who ran in Cab (and some related anthologies) a few times and I ended up falling for her super hard because her stories are so weird but in this sexy, cute way that I found entirely endearing?? I just loved everything I saw by her. But then Cab stopped running her stories and it broke my heart because I didn’t want her to be another one of those artists who release one or two oneshots that I absolutely love only to fall off the face of the planet.

So in my desperation to see if maybe she was releasing something in a different anthology—please dear god because I didn’t want to miss out on any of her wonderfully ero-cute stories—I found she’d been running in Junet releases quite frequently. And not only that, but soon after that her debut compiled release was announced. So yay, she’s definitely not turning out to be one of those random artists who disappear just as quickly as they come on the scene.

anyway, long story short I really really dig Kimura Hidesato’s works and I hope I can maybe introduce her better to you guys as well because I think she really deserves lots of fans even though she’d just now getting on her feet. So hopefully you can expect some kind of intro post or review as soon as her book arrives on my doorstep! But until then I definitely recommend checking out her pixiv or checking out a preview here (it’s the third one down—the long pink button that reads ちょっと立ち読み!) for a nice sneak peek!


4 responses to “Kimura Hidesato debut tankoubon!”

  1. lilyjay says :

    The art looks really good and smutty. The urge to buy this is overwhelming >.<.
    As for the buying process, I'm very interested! I'm looking forward to this post :D.

    • ふう子 says :

      her art is really sketchy and bubbly and she uses her style in all the best ways! 8) and thank you haha I’ll try to get that post done as quickly as possible!

  2. Gaby says :

    I don’t know this mangaka but that cover looks definitely cute

    “I ended up falling for her super hard because her stories are so weird but in this sexy, cute way that I found entirely endearing??”
    Wow I’m intrigued! I wonder if it’s the kind of “weird” like in some of Kumota Haruko’s stories? I mean, some of Kumota-sensei’s stories are kind of strange for me but I do love them a lot! ♥

    • ふう子 says :

      it really is a cute cover! When I saw Amazon added it I got so excited haha a sexy cute illustration, as expected of Kimura Hidesato.

      it might be! I think Kumota’s stories tend to have a gentler feel to them while Kimura’s tend to be more silly ero. But Kimura’s stories are always lots of fun to read so I highly recommend them!

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