3rd Anniversary & a baton!

Hey everyone! I know it’s been more than a month since I last posted. As I whined about on my personal blog, it’s just really hard to get back into the swing of posting once you stop doing so. But I really do want to post—I’ve just been overthinking it too much all the time. So please don’t feel like I’ve abandoned this blog, as I have no intention of doing so!

Anyway, as some of you may know, today is the 3-year anniversary of this blog’s creation! Usually I do a contest or something around this time, but since I haven’t been posting at all that doesn’t feel right. Instead, I was thinking I would do a Christmas or New Years contest and for my anniversary this year go back to the basics: a simple, semi-introductory BL baton. I don’t know how well I translated the questions but oh well—even if some of them are off they still make sense so I’ll go with it.

01. please quickly introduce yourself
my name is Ami, but on this blog I go by the pen name ‘fuuko’. I have been into BL for a pretty long time. I started running this blog a few years back to meet more people who like the genre and to hopefully be a positive voice for reviews and news and just so I’d have somewhere to talk about my hobby.

02 I know it’s sudden, but please tell us your current favorite coupling
if you mean a favorite coupling type, I really like tsundere gay uke with wanko nonke seme! As for an actual couple, my favorite is definitely Mii and Kei from Itoshi no Nekokke.

03 what do you like about ↑
for the coupling type, I love it because I just really think they make for an endearing pair. The one that most comes to mind is Ayumu and Komatsu from Kumonosuke’s Shiawase ni Naru no sa!–an uke character who holds in his feelings and is nursing scars from insecurity over his sexual orientation but is selflessly healed by his doting and kind partner. As for Mii and Kei, well… I like how easy their love for each other is. Even when Mii comes out to Kei and confesses to him, there’s really no drama or fear between the two. They are just there for each other and love each other, and that’s that.

04 then, what is your favorite BL trend? (ex. childhood friends, younger seme, etc.)
hmmmm I guess I would have to to say childhood friends who end up getting together later in life. So perhaps I’d word it ‘timeskip: childhood friends who secretly held feelings for each other become lovers later in life’.

05 what do you like about ↑
well, my favorite BL comic–Aniya’s Me wo Tojite 3byou–has such a dynamic. I just like how it adds this layer of angst that makes it all the more rewarding when the couple finally gets together. This was also the dynamic in the title chapters of Jaryuu Dokuro’s Sugar Milk. idk such stories just really leave an impression on me.

06 do you prefer doujinshi? Or official works?
I personally prefer official works just because they are much easier for me to get my hands on as a foreigner. In general, though, I enjoy most any work that is original. I don’t like a majority of doujinshi just because so much of it is for series I have no interest in reading or watching or for couples I find unappealing. So I generally just side with original officially-published works.

sometimes I do find webcomics that are really enjoyable, though.

07 for doujinshi, which coupling do you own the most books for?
most of my doujinshi is original work by artists I already like. But for my fandom doujinshi, I have a lot of books for:

> Someoka/Fubuki from Inazuma Eleven
> Spain/Romano from Hetalia
> Kaito/Master from Vocaloid
> Sindbad/Ja’far from Magi

one couple I wish to own more books for is Takao/Midorima from Kurobas but not enough of them have Midorima as uke and also when I was in Japan this past summer the series wasn’t popular enough yet to have a lot of fanbooks. orz;; And the few they had were all Kuroko/Kise which is a pairing I’m really not a fan of sob.

08 how many officially published BL comics do you have?
oh god you would ask this wouldn’t you… orz;;; Not counting anthologies, magazines, artbooks, doujinshi releases or novels, I have 413 compiled released in Japanese and 48 in English. So 461 total. Some of those are doubles, though, because I own them in Japanese and English i.e. I own Love Quest, Calling, Akarui Kazoku Keikaku, Shisei no Otoko, Furueru Yoru no Himitsugoto, etc. in both languages. So I don’t know if that really counts…

Oh and I also have two copies of both Yakozen and Ano Ko to Juliet since one is signed and the other has a special cover.

sob sorry I have a really terrible collector’s mentality. orz;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

09 what is the first BL work and coupling you fell for?
this is a weird question to answer because when I initially started liking BL it’s hard to remember if I really got that into a series or couple. Maybe Tsuzuki and Hisoka from Yami no Matsuei. Also possibly Kaworu/Shinji from Evangelion but that’s not really a BL series. But is Yami no Matsuei a BL series? idk. orz;;; So it’s kind of a difficult question to answer.

but when I got back into BL really hardcore the couple I fell for instantly and absolutely loved was Himi and Furuya from Ogura Muku’s Furueru Yoru.

10 what ‘moe’ currently gets you most worked up?
uuuu I really can’t think of one… orz;; I guess at the moment I’m really ~doki doki~ over the relationship between Okachimachi and Taisei in Ogawa Chise’s Kono Ore ga Omae nanka Suki na Wake nai–the weird dishonesty hanging over their sincere feelings ahhh I really really hope they ship the next issue of HertZ soon I don’t know how much longer I can wait!

11 in BL, what’s something you don’t tire of?
effeminate uke characters sob I know it’s something a huge chunk of my fandom absolutely loathes but I just adore feminine males and I tend to relate to and find more interest in the uke so I get really excited when an uke character is very much to my tastes.

12 have you gotten your hands on anything 3-dimensional?
haha you mean like… real-life gay videos? Ehhh I watch them once in a blue moon but idk I prefer my porn romanticized and to have a storyline and real emotion behind it. I do like watching real porn sometimes but it’s not often a very enjoyable experience so. idk they do too many close-ups on hairy buttholes and weird unattractive fake-looking facial expressions. If I want fake expressions during a sex scene I’d prefer them unrealistically pretty instead of unrealistically unappealing. When it comes to real-people porn I prefer either het or lesbian stuff and generally I like the more female-oriented, feminist videos. idk the dudes they tend to have in both gay and straight porn are often pretty unattractive to me. Even in JP ones the guys look like creepy hosts half the time sob.

13 a bit late to be asking this, but do you read R-rated stuff?
I DO. Weirdly I prefer for my BL to have sex scenes so I can bask in the fan service. Yet somehow many of my favorite series nonetheless tend to be lighter works…. orz But honestly, if I could afford it I would buy pretty much every Pierce Series release. I love the unnecessarily porny stuff.

14 do you have any BL games to recommend?
ehhh not really. I have only ever played two BL games to completion: Miracle Noton and Nessa no Rakuen. And as much as I enjoyed them I didn’t really love them. Aside from that I’ve tried playing the gore-filled fan-favorite epics like Togainu no Chi and just… idk. I’m not the biggest fan of gore and violent warfare so they don’t do it for me either. The only BL game I can sincerely recommend is Lamento and that’s only because I love love love Asato and played his route multiple times and I want everyone to love Asato as much as I do and just. Yeah.

idk I really want to get into BL games but I’m such a tech noob and it’s difficult for me to figure out how to pirate the damn things and I already spend to much on actual BL comics to be able to afford the games so. ;; If you have any recommendations on games or just advice on programs for an un-tech-savvy person like myself I’d love to hear them.

BUT–! Lately I’ve been playing iOS otome games and have been enjoying them quite a bit. So.

15 if you’d never found BL what do you think you would be into now?
maybe I would have a social life and a lot of money.

kidding, kidding! (Well… not about the money part because this hobby seriously sucks up like half my income… orz) idk it’s hard to say. Because while I got into BL because of getting really into anime, I’ve all but lost interest in anime itself at this point so if I didn’t like BL would I really be into this type of stuff at all…? HMM. Maybe I would just like shoujo comics instead? Or perhaps I would just have ‘normal’ hobbies like sports. HA yeah right. idk it’s hard to say what my life would be like at this very moment if I didn’t like BL—all I can say for sure is that I wouldn’t be here typing this and I wouldn’t have met a lot of the people I really care about at this point in my life. Which makes me sad. So I guess I can sincerely say I am very glad I got into BL.

16 do you have anything to say in closing?
umm I guess I just want to say thank you to everyone who has stuck with me these three years! Thank you to everyone who has ever commented or emailed me, even if I was too dumb to respond properly or in a timely manner. I honestly cherish every contact I get from the readers of this blog—even when I can’t think of anything to say in return and it probably looks like I ignored your email and didn’t respond. Thank you for putting up with my constant insecurity and unstable updating routines. And most of all, thank you for listening to my small voice is this very very vast fandom. I cannot even express how honored I am that this little blog I started on a whim has surpassed 500,000 hits and 500 posts. Hopefully in this next year I can do it a little more justice by not second-guessing myself constantly to the point of never updating.

Anyway, here’s to three years! If you have any suggestions for what my Christmas contest should be, please feel free to leave them in a comment or on formspring or wherever. Otherwise I’ll try my best to think of something that isn’t too dull.

Lots of love!!!!
fuuko ♡

12 responses to “3rd Anniversary & a baton!”

  1. Arya says :

    I already said it on Tumblr but Happy 3rd Anniversary!! I also have a huge weakness for childhood friend love stories;; but since I’m an M at heart… the stories that touch me the most are the ones about unrequited love (but I do want the characters to get together!!), although it pains me SO MUCH to read them orz. Speaking of Sugar Milk, I just re-read it yesterday and ;___; I REALLY WOULD LIKE TO SEE MORE FROM JARYUU DOKURO SJKFALFHKSDGHA. You know, the story about that teacher and the genius-200-IQ kid, she said she’d probably write a sequel… BUT IT NEVER CAME DID IT sob.

    And I totally get you, as a fellow collector! In my case, I’m mostly collecting doujinshi because they’re more limited… But I also tend to buy more than one copies for ”collection” reasons haha… For example, I have two copies of Kojima Lalako’s KiKuro doujin simply because the free paper she gave at the first event wasn’t the same… But since I bid on them they cost me so much jsdflajkghal and I recently saw that there was a 3rd paper… #DILEMMA.

    • ふう子 says :

      thank you again! Haha childhood friend stories are just so great idk there’s something very warm and fulfilling about seeing platonic feelings quietly grow into something more passionate. And ahhh Jaryuu Dokuro, the queen of unfulfilled promises. I think I’ve learned to kind of zone out her twitter feed because I’m getting exhausted always getting my hopes up when she mentions maybe continuing or finishing series she originally dropped. orz;;;

      eeek I’ve been borderline-tempted to buy her KiKuro book for so long since it’s Kojima Lalako but at the same time it feels weird and wasteful to buy a book for a pairing I’m not into. B-but KOJIMA LALAKO. ;; I’ve had that same problem re: buying things multiple times just to get all the extras. It kills me when books have a different paper or cover depending on which store you order from ughhh. So cruel, BL publishers. Please leave my wallet in peace for just a while. ;;

  2. camicw says :

    congratilations on you 3rd year woth this blog! It really amazes me how you can keep it on working! Wenever I tried to make a blog or anything similar, I would always give up halth way…
    So, I really admire your dedication!! (I think I will try to use my blog more often.. ^^”)
    Oh! And about doujinshi couples, I also love Spain ans Romano!! They are just toooo cute toguether! I tend to read many fanfictions about them, and they really satisfy my hunger :p
    Ok, that’s all!! Congratilations again!!

    • ふう子 says :

      Thank you! Though I feel guilty for the praise since I’ve been so cruddy about updating lately, haha. It doesn’t really feel like work since it’s something I enjoy talking about luckily. I think that’s the best way to blog—by talking about thins you sincerely enjoy. That’s why I generally tend to not review or mention series I don’t particularly like on here very often.

      but I hope you can find something you’d be passionate to blog about as well!

      Spain/Romano is so cute! ;w;) I’m such a sucker for ‘married’ type couples like that. I get the same feeling from Ja’far and Sindbad from the series Magi, so of course I fell for them as well. So adorable, the ‘old married couple’ dynamic!

  3. K-cho says :

    Do you have any otome game recommendations?

    Also, I don’t have any good contest suggestions, but I would definitely be interested in entering a contest if you had one. :>

    • ふう子 says :

      I don’t, unfortunately! ;w;) Sorry! It wasn’t until actually just Saturday or so that I started playing the iOS game by Voltage “My Forged Wedding”. But it’s pretty silly and fun and it’s in English which is a nice plus for any English-speakers.

      haha I’ll try to think up an interesting contest theme, definitely!

  4. Gaby says :

    Happy Anniversary!!! :D
    And for more anniversaries as well yay!

    Himi and Furuya are so totally adorable!!! That was the first thing I read by Ogura Muku and I fell instantly in love.
    And yay, I agree, I love Takao x Midorima! I don’t know why but I always see Takao as top. They are so cute together ^^
    I also follow “Kono Ore ga Omae nanka Suki na Wake nai”, and I think it’s a lovely story.
    Wow I must say that you have lots of manga. I’m glad that you share your opinion about them :D
    See you and have a nice rest of the week!

    • ふう子 says :

      thank you so much!!

      Himi and Furuya are just adorable. Admittedly with most couples in BL, I tend to kind of forget about them as soon as I finish the story but Ogura Muku’s earlier works just have a way of making the couples very memorable. Particularly the beginning chapters.

      and I agree—somehow to me Midorima just doesn’t feel right being on top. It kind of changes the dynamic of their sex life in a way I find unappealing. I want Midorima to sometimes not be in the position of the person controlling the situation. Takao seems too good at hitting all of Midorima’s buttons, so it feels like that’s how it should be in the bedroom as well. Takao in charge while Midorima is flustered! That’s my favorite scenario for that pairing. *w*)

      haha I definitely probably have too many BL comics—but it makes it much easier when I’m in the mood to read something and being picky. Lots and lots of books to choose from at all times, right at my fingertips. For that reason, I usually have a lot of trouble selling off books even if I’ve already read them myself.

  5. Angela/sillygrl1990 says :

    Happy Third Anniversary!! I adore seeing your posts–they really brighten my day~ And your answers to the questions are super interesting! Mii and Kei definitely rank as one of my favorite couples as well (fun fact: I decided to buy Itoshi no Nekokke because I read your posts about it! <33 And so I fell in love with Kumota Haruko and bought more of her books), and I have to agree with you about how Aniya’s Me wo Tojite 3byou is amazing. tldr, I've been stalking your blog since 2010 and got to see your blog grow. TBH, I don't think I would have gotten so into BL if it weren't for your blog that helped open my eyes to a wider variety of stories and authors and etc that were more satisfying to me than, say, Junjou Romantica. (and like you mentioned, I can't imagine a life without anime or BL either. *shudder*) Thanks for being a dedicated blogger and fujoshi, and for indirectly dragging me into the dangerous depths of compulsive BL-buying. It's definitely made my life more colorful. xDb Looking forward to your next post!

    • ふう子 says :

      aww I am so honored to have you say that. ;; Thank you—it makes me incredibly happy to know someone enjoys me blog so much!!

      also that I was able to convince you to read Itoshi no Nekokke! It’s such a lovely slice-of-life series. Up until recently there was little to no drama, and even now with all the sad scenes it still seems quite lighthearted because of Mii and Kei’s constant closeness. They are just my ideal pair all-around!

      anyway, you really give me too much credit but I am honored to be a part of your BL-enjoying experience! Thank you so much for reading my blog—hopefully I can keep making interesting posts and introducing you to worthwhile series you’ll enjoy in the future!

  6. Tiffany says :

    I started following your blog a couple of weeks ago and I really enjoy reading all your posts! I’ve been introduced to a lot of new manga thanks to your blog. I can’t actually read Japanese, which is kind of a bummer, but I’ve learned about new artists that have had mangas scanlated, which is always great. :D Thanks for being such a great fanatic and spreading the word about a lot of awesome BL mangas! I’ve actually started buying some English titles myself, thanks to the ever-growing need of wanting to read more!

    P.S. I also love Kono Ore ga Omae nanka Suki na Wake nai too! Taisei and Okachimachi are so cute together!! Although I wish it would get picked up by a scanlator since the previous one seems to have dropped it. ;_; I’ve been “reading” the RAWs and I hope chapter 5 comes out soon!

    • ふう子 says :

      welcome! Thank you for wanting to read my blog even though I’ve been MIA pretty much since you found it. It’s unfortunate about not being able to read Japanese, but tbh I’m pretty crappy at it too haha. So sometimes I also have lots of trouble reading the BL I buy—sometimes even to the point of giving up. But I think more and more really good series are getting scanlated lately, so it’s always good to keep our fingers crossed for good BL in English!!

      Kono Ore is really adorable—nicely emotionally involving without being too dramatic or heartbreaking haha. I always yearn for series like that. It’s too bad it seems to be dropped, but hopefully it’ll get picked up again because all the most recent chapters are so good! ;w;)

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