BL Top 5: Incest

I know a lot of people are going to see the subject and cringe—incestuous relations in comics are one of those things where you either like it or you’re disgusted by it, it seems. But I’ve been getting a lot of requests after talking about Hachi Kuma so while this is on a broader scale than just ~brotherly love~ I figured it’d be a good next topic for BL Top 5.

01. Sawatte, Tokashite by Kobato Mebaru

it’s actually a collection of oneshots—the specific story I particularly adore is at the end of the book, titled Flip Flop. It’s about two teenage brothers who’re very close in age, but the younger of the two has recently grown more and cold toward his older brother. When his older brother keeps pushing for the reason, he’s surprised to find out the answer. This story will always have a special place in my heart, partly because it’s from the first book I ever read by Kobato Mebaru but also because it’s the first ‘brother complex’ BL story I read and truly enjoyed. Both brothers are incredibly endearing and their move toward a sexual relationship is treated as properly taboo but also as something neither of them could help.

02. Uso to Kiss by Minase Masara

admittedly, Minase Masara has never been an artist I’ve enjoyed on a large scale. I’ve read all her books with pleasure, but her storytelling and art style just don’t do it enough for me to call her a favorite. However, I really like her story Uso to Kiss. Essentially the plot is that a man is trying to track down his brother, but in a horrific twist of events it turns out his brother could possibly be the attractive young man he slept with the night before. I like the unsure question of whether or not they’re actually related (though I think the extra chapter clears that up pretty well) and how only one of them carries the secret of their true relationship while the other is blissfully unaware. The perverted atmosphere of it all is just incredibly enticing.

03. Not Equal by Ike Reibun

in which a young man is somehow transported into the past, falls madly in love with the younger form (much younger—like 14 years old iirc) of his own semi-estranged father, and then has to deal with the aftermath when he’s transported back to a present in which his father remembers him from his younger days and he’s stuck with his own feelings he felt toward his younger father in their short but sexual relationship. This is probably one of the more fucked up of the incestuous BL plots since it’s so warped, but I really like it. Even the ending is quite melancholy, with both of them knowing just how wrong their relationship is but also refusing to keep going through the pain of losing and giving up their love. (Actually Ike Reibun has a few other incestuous stories about brothers so if you’re interested in that kind of thing I pretty much recommend her entire collection of works.)

04. Haikei, Niisan-sama by Tagura Tooru

admittedly it feels a little strange for me to put this one up here with a bunch of my old favorites since it wasn’t until uhhhhh just a few days ago that I finally got caught up with this series. But I really love it so. The plot is centered around a teenage boy whose brother just finally returned home after many years of being apart. He was always a brother’s boy and so he fosters a very sincere, obsessive love for his brother at heart. However, it seems after seeing his brothers face after so long and finally being reunited with him, his feelings of love are starting to head down a different path than familial love. The scenario is a bit more realistic than most, since it’s understandable that he feels a detachment from the brother he knows from the letters and the attractive man who has come to live with them known as his ‘brother’. It’s cute how sincere his affections for his older brother are, only tainted by his brother’s seemingly less innocent attentions and his own obsessive need to keep his brother by his side.

5. Nibiiro no Hana by Watanabe Asia

okay so sometimes I like my perverted incestuous BL comics to be less angst-ridden and more smutty, and this is where Watanabe Asia comes around. The plot for Nibiiro no Hana is somewhat harder to discern, since it’s pretty convoluted. Mostly it just revolves around two older brothers who pretty much want to keep their adorable shota-esque younger brother as a slave, both wanting him to themselves and trying to prove their worth to him by showering him with affection and really hardcore sex acts. Perversion for the purpose of perversion, but isn’t that the best kind of perversion of all?

Special Mention: I really like Yoneda Kou’s Ore ni Koi shite Dousunda but in the end I didn’t want to include it because I’m sure it’s not going to be completed at this point and idk. Their relationship is left hanging so. There’s also a story I like by Chitose Mari in an old issue of Boy’s Pierce about two brothers getting it on while the younger one is dressed in a sailor uniform, but since that one isn’t properly compiled I feel like it would be pointless to recommend it since it’d be hard to get your hands on at this point. (It’s in the July 2010 issue for those who want to try.) Recently Echochi scanlations released an Asou Mitsuaki oneshot called Hakoiri Musuko which is a wonderfully fucked-up yet almost too short incestuous story about brothers. Aaaand then there’s also Brother x Brother by Kisaragi Hirotaka which I love but, quite obviously, it’s not actual incest (iirc) in the end so it doesn’t really have a place on this list.

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10 responses to “BL Top 5: Incest”

  1. yaoidaisuki says :

    I like Not Equal and Uso to Kiss =3
    Uso to Kiss was one of my first yaoi manga and I love it X3

  2. Barbara (kokiden) says :

    Thanks for the nod to Haikei Nii-sama (Dear Brother)! I adore this story, which is just endlessly endearing. I also like how the mangaka, despite how much we enjoy the prospect of something more between the two brothers, relentlessly reminds us how damaging the relationship could be.

    The only other one I’ve read is “Lies and Kisses,” which I have in English! Yay! I really would like to read the others. They look good.

    There is an awesomely smutty brocest story over at Sublime manga by the awesomely smut-capable Kou Fujisaki called “The Night Before the Wedding.” Suprisingly, this one is pretty in-your-face with the negative fall-out of the incestuous relationship. Makes for some discomfort, but I admire the approach.

    • ふう子 says :

      no problem! I was surprised to see you were working on it, since I’d thought you’d quit scanlation. But I really appreciate your effort—it’s a really enjoyable story and it seems like it’s going to be a while before it gets a book release so I’m glad you’re making it easily accessible to fans!

      oh wow, that one was released in English? Maybe I’ll have to try and get my hands on a copy.

      and thanks for the recommendation—maybe I’ll have to try and check that one out. 8)

  3. azurelucy says :

    Ahhhh, Dear Brother! I’m so obsessed with it that it’s easy to say that it’s my favorite. I also quite like the Kobato Mebaru one, and I regularly reread it. Uso to kiss and Not Equal were OK but not something I would reread. I actually liked Yunatama from Asia Watanabe better than the one you listed. And that oneshot from echochi was so good and screwed up, but it was too damn short.

    I’ve read a bunch of incest story, but the majority weren’t to my taste. The other ones I remembered and enjoyed were Stalemate, an oneshot from Abe Akane, and another oneshot of Psyche Delico(sadly no sex).

    • ふう子 says :

      it’s definitely very easy to get obsessed with! Though I’m weirdly paranoid that it’ll be announced later that they’re not blood-related, since there have been all these weird hints that the older brother is hiding something. But I’m hoping that ‘something’ he’s hiding is just his impure intentions toward his younger sibling.

      tbh I had completely forgotten about Yunatama. Seems like I need to go reread Watanabe Asia’s works again.

  4. ran says :

    Wow, thank you so much for the list! I am very interested in Dear Brother. I hope a tank will be announced soon…!
    I have one recommendation for one bitter-sweet brotherly love story if you haven’t read it yet. It’s called Akai Kawa by Kadoi Hagachi. Majority of the book are one-shots but they were enjoyable as well~ The artist’s style is not bad, it’s unfortunate she/he hasn’t made much;

  5. xinxin says :

    Woot. I like incest theme because of the added tension in the story. Being BL where both men being in love as an issue with each other is sometimes highlighted, the incest inches up the tension and in much more forbidden territory.

    I am loving so far Not Equal by Ike Reibun and my top 1 because of the art and story execution.

    Uso to Kiss by Minase Masara was of my first batch of BL manga and it was okay to me.

    Haikei, Niisan-sama by Tagura Tooru is also nice. I love the tension here.

    I forgot Sawatte, Tokashite by Kobato Mebaru so I am going to reread this again.

    Ah, now I hope someone will pick up Nibiiro no Hana by Watanabe Asia. I’m glad to stumble in your blog. I have another incest manga to look forward to.

  6. Nadelyn Lyn says :

    very good list! i agree with all of them!
    i have to admit this is a guilty pleasure of mine. i love brother x brother yaoi x3
    but i get turned off its its some old uncle or father :/
    in the case of not equal i approve because the father aint an old leecher, but quite a cute character.

    i really want to see haikei finished >_< i want to know how will it end!

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