September ’12 Order: part 01

well not everything is here yet obviously, so I’ll have to do another one later. But the first part of my Amazon order arrived this morning and yesterday my Honto order from early this month came so I have lots of books suddenly and I figured I’d talk about them a bit.

can you see Twin sleeping on the bed? He kind of blends in with the blanket.

anyway, first let’s talk about Castle Mango since it feels like its been forever since I first ordered this one (mid-August) and it only just arrived now.

the back cover is really cute eeee. Making out in Togame’s piece of crap car.

it came with a little mini novel, which is just short enough for me to consider trying to read it.

Ogura Muku’s illustration near the end of the book.

the book is so damn big that it’s the size of one and a half regular-size tankoubon.

after that is Snae Hata’s new book Himitsu Countdown through B’s Lovely.

There are three stories that originally ran in Canna, but luckily for me there are also two from Ricottia and one originally unpublished oneshot as well. So I have new Snae Hata stories to read awwyeah. \o/

actually there’s been a new trend in BL publishing lately where they don’t include a color page. Which is disappointing. ;; I got like three books in this order alone that didn’t bother with a color illustration.

at least the cover under the dustjacket is really cute!

then I bought Hashimoto Aoi’s Rush! because I originally thought the cover was really cute but also iirc I read somewhere that it has a lot of sex scenes. Except actually I flipped through it and it doesn’t… seem… very perverted…… orz;; Oh well at least the art is cute and hopefully the story is really good!

super cutesy color illustration.

Yama Bikko’s Ore no Aisuru Dorei-chan lmao. Actually this one was sitting in my backlog wishlist (which is not like ten pages like ahhhh) for a long time because it looks wonderfully perverted and I kind of like the art style. So I finally caved and bought it this time around.

the non-jacket cover is really cute haha.

and then I got Furutsuji Kikka’s Knife Edge Girl since I want to complete my collection of her works and also just… generally… wanted to read it.

Arii Memeko’s Tatakau!! Lovely Apron. This one came out in August but I forgot to buy it so I shoved it in my Honto order. /o\

her insert image is so fun and colorful.

ufufu naked apron. *w*)

Himuro Sakura’s Kimi no Toriko! This was released alllllll the way in April and I didn’t hear about it until about a month ago. My fail. ;; I bought it because I actually read the title story in the one and only issue of Gush Peche I ever bought, and I really liked the pervy-ness of it. Luckily the main story has a continuation so there’s lots more wonderfully pervy stuff to read.

…actually it seems like I got a lot of pervy books this month. Good.

Volume eight of Sakamichi no Apollon. Pretty self-explanatory—I’m just trying to complete my collection. Now all I need is volume nine. \o/

volume one of Yamamori Mika’s Sugars. I’m on kind of a Yamamori Mika kick lately—I really love her art style and I’m absolutely head-over-heels for her story Hirunaka no Ryuusei. Luckily volume four of Hirunaka comes out next month awwyeah!! \*A*)/ Sensei come to meeee.

volume five of Aoharaido, once again just to add it to my collection since I like the story and am reading the scanlation. So happy with the direction the story is taking lately but now I’m honestly just waiting for their relationship to take ten steps back. I love Aoharaido but it does so many things I hate, such as randomly conjuring up drama out of thin air for no purpose aside from just to do so and to lengthen to plot.

G O O D.

volume three of Takarai’s Hana no Mizo Shiru. I read the scanlation and absolutely loved it so I wanted to own it, not only to add it to my collection but also because the scanlation quality of some of the chapters was absolutely abysmal (welp beggars can’t be choosers) so it’ll be nice to read it in full with gorgeous paper quality and all the dialogue in full view in a font size I can actually read.

actually yesterday I put in another Honto order because I needed to get Ootsuki Miu’s book that I stupidly forgot, and because I have absolutely zero self-discipline I put in the first two volumes of this as well. So my dream to read it in full Japanese will soon be realized!

Honestly, though, everything about this book is just gorgeous.

aside from the fact that the dust jacket has this stunning pearl textured finish, the obi is this lovely matching see-through soft purple.

both inside flaps of the dustjacket have these lovely minimalist flower designs.

the under cover also has a purple flower motif.

back side of the jacket ;lgjs;dgsd;df CUTIES!

ahhhhh I love scenes like these. It’s going to be kind of hard to hold myself back from reading this while I wait the three weeks for the other books to arrive.

Rokuro Kuro’s debut book Ichizu Renai Jikaku nashi! I have her second release and I don’t know why it took me so long to buy this one because I remember really liking some her earlier stories.

like this one with the quiet boy and the basketball player.

Natsuki Zippo’s debut Ookami wa Mahou wo. If you recall, I mentioned on a post a while back that I felt bad for always skipping her stories in Cab and wanted to maybe buy her actual book so I’d be properly forced to read them. Thus, I bought the book!

along with HertZ and Craft, Marble really has some of the best general book designs. Also I really love how colorful the insert page is.

Kusama Sakae’s non-BL release from earlier this month, Mahou no Tsukaikata.

Hana Saki Doori by Katou. I was really excited about this one but I read a bit of it last night and it does something I hate: gets you really attached to a certain pairing, only for it to not…. end up with that pairing. orz;;;; Nnnnnoooooo. I had the same issue with Furutsuji Kikka’s Alterna. Now that I know the way the couples end up, though, I’ll have to reapproach this book later when I’m feeling less emotionally involved in the character who ends up heartbroken.

With that warning, though, I still recommend the book for anyone interested because the characters are interesting and I really like Katou’s art style and idk hopefully you guys just aren’t as ridiculously emotional as me.

another one that doesn’t have a color insert. ;;

another one I’ve wanted to a long time, Yanagisawa Yukio’s Wanderlust. I flipped through it a bit last night and it looks super plot-y so I’m kind of worried I won’t be able to understand it very well haha. Oh well, I’ll have to stop feeling intimidated and give it a try!

volume two of Sorenari ni Shinken nan desu. Collection complete. \o/ I think that means it’s time for a reread!

it came with a Yuzuya Haruhi postcard, which was kind of snazzy. Sometimes I’m tempted to get small decorative frames and hang all the BL postcard I get like this as wall art. It would be a nice artistic!nerdy way to personalize a space, I think.

the book I was really really waiting for, Hachi Kuma by motteke! I have only flipped through it so far but ahhhh IT LOOKS SO CUTE–wanko-type younger seme who is in love with his tsuntsun older brother. *A*) Goooooood.

the back cover of Hachi Kuma. Adorable.

as you can see, the inside art is also really really cute. Aside from the main story there’s one other multi-chapter and then some shorts in the back.

FINALLY bought this!! orz Nanaki Katsura’s Ita Hime. A story about a hikikomori in love.

Komeri’s Kazahana, Tsumori Tsumoru. I’ve already read all the chapters in Cab (aside from the short extras in the back) so not much excitement for me in this particular book but I still really recommend it because Komeri’s stories are always adorable.

color insert!

ahhhhhhh Nobara Aiko’s Nekojita Spiky!

in the back there are extra glossy pages for a Nobara Aiko interview and also the really silly, cute Akiyama’s T-shirt short.

and lastly, I picked up Ogawa Chise’s Ouji no Hakoniwa since I’d been meaning to buy it since it was released.

anyway, that’s all for this part! I don’t know how many different shipment Amazon will break my order into because they’re kind of ridiculous like that, but hopefully I’ll be able to talk about those ones a bit as well soon enough. And also maybe review some of these if it strikes my fancy sdgk;’sdgsdg

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4 responses to “September ’12 Order: part 01”

  1. luzzy says :

    I’m waiting for the English version of CM(even though lower quality) & the German version of HnMS(cause it’s cheaper and I can understand German a bit better than Japanese). But that volume of HnMS is awfully pretty & very tempting. Oh well, the German version is at least way nicer than the English one could ever be.

    Oh, I have Ita Hime and Ouji no Hakoniwa! The Ike in IH has terrible hair, even after the haircut. And I was under the impression that they hadn’t met eachother before the book started; Otakus are more trusting than I would give them credit for. I also found the under cover to be misleading.

    I was certain that the second story of OnH was about an uke who has a crush on his sister’s boyfriend, but the bf is a bit of an a**hole and kisses the sister in front of the uke to make him jealous and cry. The bf then proceeds to start kissing and touching the uke everytime the sister is not around, and even has the uke dress up in the sister’s clothes. Except it’s not about that. Huh. Seriously, if this wasn’t a figment of my imagination then I want to reread that story.

    TL;DR more stuff to add to my wishlist! and I was surprised to find out that Sugars is at least 4 volumes long.

    • ふう子 says :

      it is really pretty! Unfortunately that’s one thing JP publishers always outdo their licensor’s on: the books tend to be so detailed and beautiful that there’s no way they can be copied in all their glory for an overseas audience. It’s kind of a shame. orz

      his hair is pretty ugly, I agree. In general I don’t like the character designs too much in Ita Hime. Luckily, though, it’s an enjoyable enough story to make me look past it.

      lmao I would read a story with a plot like that.

  2. ran says :

    I ordered Hachi Kuma because I read that they were brothers and it looks adorable! (Are they real brothers though?) It’s actually very hard to find BL with blood related brothers. I noticed that majority are step/childhood friend or they just use it as a nickname. Do you have any recommendations for real broxbro stories? Any genre is fine~ (Sorry for the odd request;;)

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