Psyche Delico & Kojima Lalako cover releases

know what stupid thing I did yesterday? I put in my monthly order, and forgot to buy Ootsuki Miu’s book. orz;; And by the time I noticed (which was really only an hour later) they were already prepping some of my books for shipment so I couldn’t cancel and reorder ahhhh. How could I forget one of my most beloved artists. Just… cries. I guess I’ll have to buy her book specially through somewhere else with cheaper (slower) shipping.

but let’s not let that get us down since two really great things were posted today!

Kojima Lalako’s and Psyche Delico’s covers for their upcoming releases! Kojima’s is still quite a ways away, to be released October 10th with BexBoy’s other books for next month. Personally, I really love her cover—it’s so charming and colorful and the character designs look so cute ahhh. For those who buy books published under BexBoy lines, do you read Kojima’s stories that run in them? What should I expect from this book? It looks adorable so I’m super excited.

as for Psyche Delico’s, I must approach that one with a bit of detachment. I loved Junai Eroki so much that I worry this one will pale a bit in comparison. But Psyche Delico’s smut is always super high quality and the character design from the cover are adorable. Admittedly I’m hoping this one contains some multi-chapter stories instead of all oneshots, but really beggars can’t be choosers and I’ll take what I can get! Also posted was Aiba Kyouko’s Junet release for this month and even though I’m not as excited as with Psyche’s I’m nonetheless pretty pumped since Aiba Kyouko was in the very first issue of Pierce I ever bought so finally the story I read by her 4+ years ago will be compiled!

also a little extra eye candy, I found this yesterday when I was compiling my order and of course had to toss it into my cart instantly since the cover is so ridiculously cute and I find the art style incredibly appealing.

by motteke, released through Baby. Baby Comics always come as a surprise to me since they never update their site until after the fact. orz So this book will hopefully be a nice treat filled with stories I’ve never read before. I don’t recall having ever heard of motteke previously, so fingers crossed that this will be a wonderful new discovery to add to my list of much-loved mangaka!

…actually I just now went to Baby’s site to see if they finally did add info on their books for this month (here is Nobara Aiko’s—eee something related to Akiyama-kun!) and the first thing it says in the description is “兄ちゃん大好き!!!” so. This definitely seems like a book that’s up my alley. Even more excited for it to arrive in Friday now!!

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4 responses to “Psyche Delico & Kojima Lalako cover releases”

  1. Kery says :

    I’m really glad for the sudden influx of Kojima-sensei (first with Ano Ko to Juliet and now this!). Everyone needs some Kojima Lalako in their lives.

    Ahh I forgot about Nobara Aiko. Gotta go place my order for this then! Am reeeeally excited about the Akiyama-kun CD coming up soon although it practically constitutes public indecency…

    • ふう子 says :

      she is just glorious ahhh. iirc she also mentioned on a blog post back in June or July that she should also be having a book come out through Chocolat near the end of the year (she also mentioned BBC at the time, which has obviously since come true) so I have my fingers crossed that she’ll be added to their ‘upcoming release’ roster fairly soon!

      haha I forgot about the Akiyama CD release so I saw “Akiyama-kun” on chilchil’s upcoming release list and got REALLY EXCITED because I thought it was a new doujinshi I’d failed to hear about or something oops. orz I usually don’t listen to BLCDs but the Akiyama-kun one is kind of tempting.

  2. azurelucy says :

    Psyche Delico! I think a color pic was going around with that same couple, good to know it wasn’t just a random pic. And yeah, I hope it’s not a collection of oneshots without sex, while those are hilarious, my Japanese skills are not up to the task. But I’m pretty sure that with a title like that I can expect sex.

    I’m so behind with Kojima Lalako. I was going to collect all her books but she’s been really prolific in a short amount if time. But this is good! I wish more authors could learn a thing or two from her. I really hope her English release proves successful so more stuff of hers get licensed so I don’t feel so guilty about not buying her Japanese books. And of course, she gets more popular.

    Oh! Brother complex! But I wonder what that has to with Akiyama-kun. Speaking of brother complex, Dear Brother has crossed the line. So go read the scans when you have time so I can fangirl with you.

    • ふう子 says :

      Her comedy stories are also good but unfortunately I’m just not a very big fan of comedic BL so I definitely hope these stories are more on the serious side! Usually her Junet series tend to be more serious, though, so fingers crossed!

      haha it really does—she kind of caught on like a firestorm after her initial tree-books-in-one-month debut. I used to follow her in magazines but I just can’t keep up anymore so I have to pitifully sit and wait for her tankoubon releases. orz

      and I got caught up with Dear Brother after reading your comment! 8) The candle apple scene was wonderful haha. Can’t wait for the next installment!

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