Aniya Yuiji “Kanpeki na Shiiku” release info

if you’ve been reading my blog obviously you know I’ve been constantly considering what stories could possibly be in Aniya Yuiji’s newest upcoming BL release, Kanpeki na Shiiku, through Citron. Admittedly though the past week I’ve been more and more dismayed because it’s become pretty obvious that this is kind of just a compilation of a bunch of past works I’ve already read—first obvious by Aniya Yuiji’s POP image just being the cover for her NatsuComi release from two years back, Leila Leila.

which was somewhat disheartening if only because I was looking forward to maybe a new image by Aniya Yuiji but I understand that she’s busy so oh well.

Anyway yesterday I checked her official site so see if she’s updated it with any information on Kanpeki na Shiiku and sure enough she had, and that’s where I got unfortunately quite disappointed. orz Like with all of Aniya’s releases it was given a preview page, and almost every single preview is… something… I’ve already read……. Leila Leila was a doujinshi release, both her Danshi Meiro continuations were recently compiled in SPINZ, Childlike is the story I just recently acquired in BGM, Drive,N is in another one of her doujinshi compilations, and then obviously her Citron Fudanshi shorts that ran in the early Citron issues. The only one I haven’t read (which essentially makes the book worth it) is the story I was thinking I’d have to track down an old issue of Pierce for.

I guess this is my punishment for obsessively keeping up with Aniya’s work—no new content for me. But I am a little sad that it’s kind of a book that ties up all her loose ends so she doesn’t have to release any more new BL content. Even though it was just a month or two ago that she was saying on twitter (which she actually recently stopped using, for those who don’t know) she would like to write some new BL and she knows her BL fans really want some new content from her, it feels like this book cements the fact that she’s mostly moved on to different genres at this point. Which is sad to me, because even though I like her non-BL stories as well I think her BL ones were always above and beyond what I expect from the genre and are what made me realize early on that BL has a lot more to offer than most people give it credit for.

anyway, excuse all my Aniya Yuiji rambling. I’m just pitifully disappointed for dumb reasons. orz Definitely still buying the book and waiting excitedly for it to arrive on my doorstep, because even if it’s just a bunch of stuff I’ve already read it’s still a release by Aniya Yuiji.


4 responses to “Aniya Yuiji “Kanpeki na Shiiku” release info”

  1. Barbara says :

    Geez! I feel your pain! It makes me sad, even though I haven’t read much of her work yet. :( She really is a one of a kind.

    • ふう子 says :

      it always kills me a little when I realize certain artists have disappeared/are disappearing from the BL scene. 8( if a BL artist would prefer to move on to a different genre I still support their decision but idk. I will still miss them lots. ;;

  2. luzzy says :

    That’s too bad. It’s always sad when one of my favorite authors move away from my favorite genres. But then hope springs eternal, and maybe she’ll miss bl so much in the future that she comes back to it, at least temporarily. I don’t have any of her dj so I’ll probably get this if I can find it other in honto or comicomi.

    • ふう子 says :

      I hope so! I mean, like I said in the post, just a while back she was saying that she would definitely like to try her hand at BL again. So I guess I have no choice but to keep my fingers cross. orz

      and her book should definitely be available on all the regular stores! 8)

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