ack I meant to do this review over a month ago but I’m just getting around to it now, sorry. orz;; My story for this particular book is that while it was released in June, I didn’t even know of its existence until my sister found it on Amazon and was like “what’s with all these ’48’-themed BL anthologies??” Unfortunately at that point I couldn’t buy it until after Japan because it was past my final pre-trip order, and while I put it in my wishlist I promptly forgot about it. However, while wandering the Akihabara Toranoana on vacation I stumbled across it on display and they had it so you could look through a bunch of sample pages and it was so wonderfully porn-y and barely censored that there was no way I could resist and I bought it on the spot.

Which means obviously the sample pages I’m posting photos of are very much NSFW. Don’t blame me if you look through them at the office and get a porn intervention from the boss.

The general theme of this book is, like with the BL48手 anthology, to show a collection of 48 different sex positions. The first part of the book is made up of small one-shot stories that consist of around ten to twelve pages on average, sometimes more sometimes less. Each story contains about four different sex positions. Obviously, with very few pages on quite a lot of sex positions to display, these stories aren’t particularly full of food for thought (unless you were looking for some new sex positions to try out)—they’re pretty blatant porn.

the first story is by Yamada Maya, who is currently one of my favorite porn writers in BL publishing. Her story is about a young man named Haruki and his home tutor Teppei (who is also Haruki’s brother’s friend) who he confessed to and started dating, but is getting frustrated with since they still haven’t done anything but chaste kissing. Well, obviously that changes when Teppei walks in on Haruki doing anal masturbation while calling out Teppei’s name.

Next is a story by Inose, “Drunken”. The general plot is that a man’s boss (and lover? it isn’t stated explicitly but the man doesn’t seem fazed when his boss starts trying to have sex with him so I assume they’ve done it before) shows up on his doorstep drunk needing a place to stay for the night. But while the man is busy and needs to finish his work project, his boss is in a pretty frisky mood and considers ways the work can get done while they try out some interesting new positions to get each other off.

the art is pretty cute! Reminder to self: look up more works by Inose later.

The third story is by Ketchup (delicious and nutritious) and is essentially about two hot swimmer studs at a gym who’re popular with the babes but are secretly fucking after-hours.

Next is a story about Akou Susugu. Two delinquents get caught looking at porn on the roof in the middle of class and need to be punished. But for one of them—who has an erection from the porn they were looking at—‘punishment’ turns into something slightly more enjoyable when the student who caught them offers to help him get off. That is, of course, only if he’ll return the favor by offering up his anal virginity.

The fifth story, by Kagurazaka Hanko, is a bit on the strange side—a young rich man approaches who he assumes is his father’s lover and then has his way with him, only to realize in the middle of the deed that the man he’s fucking isn’t his father’s lover at all. An interesting plot twist for those who’re fans of stories of taboo sexual relations. I like how after the man is horrified to realize who this stranger actually is, the other man takes the lead and turns the tables on their sex play.

After that is Fuji Mako’s “Motto Omae no Kao wo Misete?”, about a young gay man named Sumiyoshi who decides to use an escort service for sex. However, the man who shows up on his doorstep is none other than his old high school crush, another student who was rumored to be gay at their school named Morishita. Initially he tries to turn Morishita away in embarrassed shock, but Morishita will have none of that—he came to Sumiyoshi’s home to show him a good time, and he intends on doing just that.

Following that is a story by Koiwazurai Shibito, about a young man who accidentally throws a ball through an elderly man’s window and stumbles across a photo of the man when he was young—thus falling in love with the old man’s younger self. While he gets to know the old man, playing Go at his place and making small talk, he can’t help but fantasize about holding the old man when he was younger and beautiful.

then it’s a story by Rikou about a super feminine boy whose teacher shows him what it’s like to use his ‘manly’ parts. Thus the cute otoko no musume turns into a much more boyish sex fiend. Kind of a weird story lmao. Actually to me this one felt way more like a shota/trap hentai book than a regular BL title—the way the sex scene flowed and the faces they made, etc.

after that is a story by Koiko. This one actually has somewhat of a bittersweet feel, in my opinion. Mao, a cute high school boy, initially confessed to his classmate Sakura but Sakura cruelly turned him down saying it was gross for another boy to be in love with him. So with a broken heart Mao was caught on the rebound by his current boyfriend Atsushi. However, Sakura can’t get over the fact that Mao moved on so quickly to a new partner after confessing to him. So he accosts Mao at school one day while he’s waiting for Atsushi to finish his club and proves for himself if Mao really ever did have feeling for him—both physically and mentally.

I generally really really do not like stories about unfaithful partners in my romance, but somehow I kind of felt for both Mao and Sakura (and poor Atsushi, who was the one cheated on) since Mao still obviously has feelings for Sakura—even more so after being held by him—and Sakura seems to have feelings for Mao but he can’t get over the fact that they’re both boys. An overall kind of a sad story. orz

As for the final story in this anthology, it’s by Kimura Hidesato! I don’t know if I’ve talked about her much on here, but I actually really love Kimura Hidesato. This story is about a man who comes home to find his partner fell asleep without waiting for him to return—in fact, he seems to have passed out on his meal and gotten himself absolutely filthy. But after tucking him into bed and while cleaning him, he realizes his partner is… hard… down there. While he initially means to let sleeping dogs lie, he can’t resist the temptation to have some perverted fun with his sleeping boyfriend. It’s okay as long as he doesn’t wake up and get mad, right?

After that is actually just some more pervy illustrations of random sex positions and kinks by a fairly well-known listing of artists:

Asou Mitsuaki with ‘rihi shirazu’.

Psyche Delico with ‘miyama’.

Manako with ‘tachimatsuba’.

Kyuugou with ‘hokake chausu’.

There are five or so other illustrations but I didn’t want to post them all and spoil them for anyone else who planned on buying the book. /o\ From there it’s just a listing of all the sex positions used in the stories, explaining how each on is done and such.

Overall I really enjoyed this book and was glad I bought it! It’s pervy in all the right ways and has a little something for everyone regardless of whether you’re into borderline-shota or crossdressing or voyeurism or one-night stands or taboo relationships, etc. I really like books like this that are just all-encompassing when it comes to perverted things, haha. Definitely highly recommended to all others who’re huge perverts and want to maybe learn some new sex positions in the process.

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11 responses to “BLT48”

  1. azurelucy says :

    I kept wondering what was up with this (but not enough to do research). I’m definitely adding this to my wishlist, in fact i’ll add it to things I need to ask SuBLime to publish. I just get so happy when I see a hardly censored penis in bl these days.

    • ふう子 says :

      tbh I’m not so sure SuBLime would want to work with this book since it has some really borderline-shota content (the story by Rikou in particular). Unfortunately.

      But I do agree that it’s exciting when a book tries harder to shrug off some of the more obsessive censorship. It kills me that Pierce, the most pornographic BL line that is so obviously targeted at adults, has become insanely and awkwardly censored in the past year.

      • luzzy says :

        The main editor has also said that oneshots are not that popular so there’s a really low chance that they will probably publish any type of anthology. Doesn’t stop me from giving them the titles of different anthologies and oneshot compilations. Just because nothing ventured nothing gained, and I’m vaguely hoping they surprise me.

        • ふう子 says :

          booo it’s such a shame that oneshots are so looked down on in manga fandoms. 8( Some oneshots I’ve read have been brilliantly moving and deserve a bigger audience than they get.

  2. Nile says :

    Thanks for the review. I saw the pictures of this book here and there that was curious what it was then came your review.

    Psyche Delico did just 1 illustration? That’s a shame.

    • ふう子 says :

      np—thanks for reading my review! 8)

      haha yeah, Psyche Delico does great porn so it’s unfortunate that she only did an illustration. But at least that’s something?

  3. nokoru says :

    I saw this on ComiComi, and was wondering if I should buy it or not. since all I could see was Kyuugou’s beautiful cover-!! Thank you so much- now I know that it’s a must-keep on my bookshelf, haha. Buying it for Koiwazurai and Kimura. Thank you for the review! (●´艸`)

    • ふう子 says :

      Her cover really is lovely! Somehow before I knew it was Kyuugou I was constantly under the impression it was by Moto Haruhira. orz;; Two very different art styles that look oddly similar when colored.

      glad to have helped! I hope you like the book when it arrives. 8)

  4. awsomelyy says :

    LOL, is BTL48 supposed to be a reference to AKB48 by any chance?
    Thanks for your review. It definitely made me want to buy this anthology. <3

  5. cherrymill says :


    Do you happen to know the title of the manga/illustration by Kei Kanai found in the book?

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