Citron 10/01 Covers

So Citron just so happens to have two releases I’m incredibly excited about in early October. I’m pretty sure I’ve already talked about them plenty on here, so I don’t have much more explaining to do. Previously Citron’s bloggers posted some teaser images of the covers, but today the full covers were revealed and posted to Amazon and I absolutely adore them.

Aniya’s is really fascinating to me, particularly because it’s so colorful. I don’t recognize the characters at all—which surprises me since I was expecting Dora and You-chan, considering the title story is about them. I can only think of two chapters that this book will contain: the story that ran in her Citron special almost two years ago, and her recent (AMAZING) story from Ero Toro. Everything else is totally up in the air. I’m hoping it doesn’t contain her doujinshi releases, or any of the other stuff from SPINZ because then I’ll be kind of disappointed since I already have all those. But oh well, as long as I get a new book from Aniya Yuiji I guess I can’t complain too much.

As for Jaryuu Dokuro’s book, I’m very happy to see the cover because that (hopefully) mean the publishing date is finally done getting pushed back. Initially it was supposed to be released August 1st (which was exciting since I was hoping to pick it up in Japan…) but then it was pushed back to August 31st and now October 1st. Oh Jaryuu Dokuro, the many ways in which you mess with my heart. orz This book, too, I can’t help but wonder exactly what it’ll contain. Her strange oneshot from her Citron special, obviously, and her three chapters of Coyote. But that hardly seems like enough to fill a whole book… HMM.

Still waiting for other cover reveals for the other amazing books I’m looking forward to in the next month dsklgj;sdgd Hopefully Libre is nice and posts Kojima Lalako’s cover soon, and I also can’t wait to see Psyche Delico’s in full. So many great BL releases to look forward to; my wallet is already crying.

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