August ’12 order

Well I was going through my books that arrived from my order in August and I figured a lot of people said it would be okay it I just talked randomly about BL-related personal stuff so. Here’s my boring post about the books I’ve gotten so far from my August order. Still yet to arrive are Castle Mango (I shoved it in my order when it was still supposed to come out in August so now they’re just treating it like a perorder orz) and Yamada Maya’s book through drap (which should be here today actually) so I can’t really talk about those. But I can talk about my other stuff that has arrived recently so sdgh;ldsg;s

Initially I was just taking out the inside pamphlets from the books and placing them in the special box of BL stuff where I keep pamphlets and special papers and extras. Unfortunately I had to start using another box recently—

—since the other one is too full. Thank goodness I am an obsessively storage-oriented person so I had an extra box lying around ready to become a BL pamphlet container.

Anyway, onto talking about my actual books.

sorry in advance that this post is kind of long and image-heavy. /;w;\

Though actually first I want to talk about these two books which arrived yesterday even though I technically pre-ordered them in late June lmao. orz I made a post on it here forever ago, but Kojima Lalako’s new book through Chara (well, new as in released in July) came with a special double-cover if you purchased it through Animate. For a while I was like “ehhh is it really worth it to have to use a deputy service…?” but in the end I went through with it because Kojima Lalako is the princess of my heart.

For a while I was worried I wouldn’t get them because the deputy service I used never bothered marking them as having arrived in their warehouse so I got paranoid and had to contact them, but I was able to get things straightened out and got them shipped and they arrived yesterday s;gljs;dg yay!

Kojima’s cover is super pretty and everything I dreamed it would be. Her coloring astounds me no matter how often I see it, especially in her detailed images. So soft and bright at the same time. I’m not really sure why I bought the special version of Yuuutsu na Asa though—I’m not caught up with the series and this is officially the only volume I own but idk it popped up when I was looking at Kojima Lalako’s book and I was like “hmmm….” and give into temptation I guess. Thank goodness Ootsuki Miu’s book through Chara this month doesn’t come with a secondary cover or I’d go broke paying deputy fees. orz

But I actually covered the Kojima Lalako book with a book cover from Animate and put it in the special BL pamphlet boxes (which is why I now need two) next to my signed Jaryuu Dokuro book ds;lg;sdgs it’s just too pretty to chance it get yellowed sob. Also I guess this means I’d better hurry and get caught up with Yuuutsu na Asa.

As for my actual August order books—!

I got Moto Haruhira’s book through Chocolat! It’s my goal to at some point complete a collection of her books because I like everything I’ve read by her so far. orz But she’s been releasing a lot lately haha so it’s impossible for me to keep up. I’ve only read a chapter or so of this book and it’s fairly cute so far! The main story is about two businessmen who knew each other when they were younger, and one used to bully the other out of love but the other didn’t take it that way at all and has held a grudge. Then there are two or three other stories I think?

I love how Chocolat always includes these little ~thank you~ papers in their books sdgl;jsdg Marble does too but only sometimes, and Canna used to when they first started out but then stopped even before Kojima Lalako’s book was released. ;;

………whoa I just realized Canna’s been around for quite a long time. orz;; It honestly feels like just yesterday since they first debuted ahhhh.

Ueda Kiyo’s new release Koisuru Oujisama! I bought it because the cover has cats lmao. Pathetic. orz

some non-BL books; Kishi Torajirou’s second volume of Otome no Teikoku and volume twelve of Shimura Takako’s Hourou Musuko. Otome no Teikoku is a GL that contains small snapshot stories of cute high school girls getting touchy-feely with each other and has lots of different types of sexual interest and types of female bodies and personalities and idk if you like silly GL about girls having fun with each other I highly recommend it. As for Hourou Musuko, just trying to complete my collection. orz One more book to go!! (Until another one is released.) I really have a love-hate relationship with this series ahhh so wonderful but also very frustrating at times.

Katou Setsuko’s latest release Yorokobi wa Ude no Naka. I haven’t started it yet—somehow I’m paranoid I don’t like the character types involved so I’m worried my hopes are too high and I’ll end up disappointed. uuuu maybe I should just read it and stop freaking myself out.

Yagi-san Yuubin! This is actually the title I originally knew it by when I saw it running in Cab dsgl;js;df did you know this series actually started in like 2005 and ran in some of the first Marble anthologies? Kind of interesting.

ufufu pretty. This is the color insert. Actually since I also bought the Amazon version I got a special card.

So pretty ahhh ;s’gs’g’sg is it bad that I kind of want to frame it? I have been wanting to rearrange my wall art lately… Also it’s nice to actually get something in an Amazon edition for once–usually it’s only in-store or Animate or ComiComi purchases which is such a pain for overseas fans.

also inside was a pamphlet advertising her artbook release. Gotta love how even the pamphlet looks like an art print.

I bought Sagami Waka’s Itoshii Toshi no Oyome-sama because I think her art is so cute and I generally enjoy her stories but for some reason up until this point I didn’t own any of her books. Which seemed kind of off. I haven’t read it super closely, but this one is somewhat of a harem book—Haru is so cute and such a nice person and a great cook that three men are vying for his affections, but who will he choose in the end?

Actually, I’ve never understood why there aren’t more harem-type BL comics. It’s such a silly and fun type of shounen and shoujo category, and BL is a genre that’s super full of scenarios that would work well in a harem setting. ;; It would be so cute ahhh I wish there were more harem-type books. But I guess for now I’ll have to get my fill when I read this one.

Konjiki Runa’s new book through Gush. I haven’t even opened this one yet, really, so I have almost no clue what it’s about. But the cover is super super pretty, isn’t it?

okay I lied I did open the cover to take a picture of the color insert. I just really love Konjiki Runa’s color artwork as well.

Special paper. (I got a lot of special paper inserts in this order, which really surprised me.) They accidentally put two in my book so now I have an extra one idk so if anyone bought the book and for some reason didn’t get the paper hit me up and I will send you a copy.

I said I was really excited about this Yamamoto Kotetsuko release but I’ve only flipped through it so far lmao. orz I’m oddly tempted to put off reading this volume until v.2 is released, since not much actual BL content (like, romantic scenes or dokidoki moments) seems to happen so far in the story?? Until the very end, at least. But I’m sure I’ll cave and read it anyway because I’m just impatient like that.

Akahoshi Jake’s debut book sdl;gj;glsddg ahhhh so awesome!! idk I just really love her artwork and she has a cute sense of humor and really good H scenes I was really looking forward to this book. I haven’t really started reading it yet—just flipped through—but I plan on reread everything in full.

yayyyy more lewd chiropractor!! \(*w*)/

ANYWAY onto the anthologies—!

As you can see…. I totally forgot to buy drap this month. orz;;;;;;;; It wasn’t until the first part of my order was shipped and a JP blogger mentioned drap that I even realized that I didn’t recall putting drap in my order, and sure enough it was missing when I checked. Pretty disappointing, since it has the extra booklet with Ootsuki Miu, and a Psyche Delico pin-up, and has the return of Yamada Torico and also a new story by Arii Memeko. Did any of you get the new issue of drap? ;; Is the Ootsuki Miu part in the pamphlet worth buying the whole magazine? idk idk I’m super conflicted because maybe this is finally my chance to convince myself to stop buying drap so I can cut a magazine out of my monthly orders and thus have more room for compiled releases.

Ahhhh being a fujoshi is suffering. ;w;) Enough whining about drap, though—let’s talk about onBLUE instead. They seem to have taken it from being a four-month release period to three-month, which is kind snazzy since now it’ll be released four times a year instead of three. But that’s also a cruel slap in the face to my wallet. Oh well.

this time around the focus was on Kumota Haruko! Once again I haven’t gotten a chance to really read much (I always need a dictionary for interviews uuuuu) but I have still already basked in the wonder that is Kumota Haruko.

Kumota’s work space and home. ffs;sdkg’sgd so wonderful—it’s always very exciting to me to see my favorite artists’ spaces like this.

uuuuuuuwaaaaa Aniya Yuiji Sakuma-san s;dlgsdgdg’dfl;ka !!!!!!

Kawachi Haruka is so great.

rough character sketches for Sakuma and Kumi.

Seeing Kumota Haruko’s sketches absolutely made my night when the book arrived. idk like I said on my personal blog, it’s just so easy to forget that manga is something that’s painstakingly planned and drawn and created out of someone’s hard work—it’s so easy to fall into the habit of thinking it appears, already complete, out of thin air for your consumption. So when I see roughs by artists I really love and they’re all sketchy and silly-looking I get this feeling of “wahhhh that artist really created a story out of these scribbles” and it just makes me appreciate the comic artists I love even more.

I haven’t read it very closely yet but Kumota’s oneshot is kind of strange haha.

Special pamphlet. *w*)

the last chapter of Hideyoshico’s story through onBLUE. I haven’t decided yet if I want to reread it now in the anthology or just wait for the book release in October.

Matsumoto Miecohouse. ;; Ahhhh how I miss her. Yet somehow… I don’t remember anything about the first chapter of this story wth.

Koiwazurai Shibito really excels at strange angst-filled love triangles between teenage boys.

final chapter of Nobara Aiko’s story ahhhhhh is that not the cutest insert page ever?? ;A;) So glad these two had a happy ending oh my god. Another story I have to reread entirely now that it’s completed.

somehow it feels to me like Shinomiya Shino is always like “fuck insert pages I have no space to waste!” haha. She just gets right into writing the comic.

October is Hideyoshico sdg;k’s’gsdf kind of excited to learn more about her, since she kind of appeared out of nowhere and took over with all her amazing stories. So fabulous.

Then I’m not even going to talk about Cab vol. 20 since I already reviewed it in full, so onto Cab vol 21—!

isn’t the color insert super pretty? By Chida.

TATSUKI!!!! So glad to see her back ahhhh I know I already whined about it but I’m just so used to artists I love releasing something and then just disappearing (where did you go Morozumi Sumitomo and Furutsuji Kikka uuuu ;;) so whenever one suddenly reappears out of the woodwork I get super excited. Anyway, the story was a slightly slice-of-life tale of a man who falls in love with his sister’s husband, and through a set of circumstances and some innocent flirting starts a taboo relationship with him. A very thoughtful atmosphere, but not particularly sad.

Mita Ori’s new story! I think chubby moe must be in at the moment.

A story by Okaz Mari, I really liked this one. ;w;) The plot is about Iizuka who is usually popular with girls but doesn’t necessarily get attached to them when they date, but then Noguchi randomly confesses to him yet distances himself after the fact. Confused by this sudden change of pace, Iizuka’s attention keeps getting drawn to Noguchi until his eyes can’t seem to stop following the other man and he wants to know more about him.

Shimaji wrote another short chapter for that couple I talked about in my Cab 20 review dg;ljsdgs still not satisfied though—I want more of these two. idk I just have an obsession with cute shy couples.

I just really liked this Mae Ushiro cover page.

As much as I really adore cute stories about people falling in love where the plot ends as soon as they get together (and have sex, in the case of most BL haha), I’m glad that more and more there’s a trend toward stories about established couples living out their honeymoon period and beyond. These stories are also cute—the relationship troubles of established couples! This one is by Mat, a newcomer to Cab.

Yamane Musashi has been in Citron before iirc but this is her first time in Cab. Kind of exciting to see her publishing in two anthologies I buy since I really like her art style!

as for the next volume of Cab, more Shimaji. *w*) And more Mita Ori, and Koshino is back and yayyy more Nakamachi! I definitely look forward to this.

And now, HertZ. Errrr ihr HertZ.

recently I don’t know what to think of HertZ. Not the magazine, but the publication line. It seemed like everything had been going great, but actually the two BL comics lines under Taiyou Tosho have been getting scrambled a bit lately and the site has gone through a renewal and I’m not sure what to think about it. I don’t mind change or anything, but I really wish they’d explain where they’re going with all this. Like, why they had to rename HertZ to ihr HertZ which really changes nothing s o b what are you doing Taiyou Tosho d;sljs;dgs I’m kind of wondering if they’re going to merge the two lines, but so far there isn’t any indication of that so idk.

they still haven’t had sex……………………………. Yamamoto Kotetsuko how long are you going to continue this cockblock.

somehow it feels like it’s been forever since I read something by Ajimine Sakufu.

cuuuuuuute art. A new face to HertZ, Ebara Tomoe. I haven’t really read the story yet though. It’s not a oneshot which is kind of exciting.

I kind of stopped properly reading Kojima Lalako’s story because it’s too depressing s o b and I want to make sure it ends okay and see how the relationships turn out before I let myself get too emotionally invested because I am a huge wuss-ass.

I really like the graphic porn Ogasawara Uki writes lol. Good positioning.

the new Aida Saki story (drawn by Takahashi Yuu) is quite good but I think I missed a few chapters so I’m kind of kicking myself for selling some of my previous issues of HertZ lmao. orz Good job me. Hopefully I didn’t sell off any issues that have this story or I’ll have to wait for a tankoubon release.

anyway, the ero scene in this chapter was quite good (though kind of dubcon if you aren’t into that kink-wise) so. uuu I want to reread it. I suck.

Konno Satomi!

okay one (dumb) thing I have to whine about is this recent trend in BL for there to be a not!sex scene (where they don’t go all the way, or it’s just a dream, or a masturbatory sequence idk) before the couple gets together, and then the couple gets together finally and the story just ends there. orz;;; Like, it wouldn’t be a problem if there was just no sex scene, but if there’s going to be a sex scene why can’t they go all the way uuuuu I feel like that’s only a tease. I feel so dumb for even noticing this but it happens so often lately. It happens in Konno Satomi’s story and there’s so much erotic build-up but then the story ends before they actually do it. /JUST CRIES

As for the next volume, Hayakawa Nojiko gets the cover! Has she ever been on a cover before? I’m not sure. Also Takarai Rihito is coming back which is sdg;ljsdg’s exciting!!!! because I was honestly wondering how long it would take for her to start a new story after Hana no Mizo Shiru. Plus if it’s in HertZ she probably has a bit more liberty with the H scenes since Craft tends to be a lot more vanilla. Thank goodness Ogawa Chise is not skipping a volume because I neeeeed more of her story. Also yay Kojima Lalako and Konno Satomi and more of that Aida Saki story.


As for the new volume of Canna, I’ve barely looked through it to far s o b.

Look at Canna! It’s gotten huge; it used to be about the same size as Citron (perhaps even a bit thinner at times) but recently it’s pumped itself up to the same size as HertZ almost. I guess it’s a result of the anthology going bi-monthly. But it’s really packed full of stories and interesting artists now, even more so than it used to be.

I really like this Kashio color page. idk for some reason I used to not really consider Kashio an artist who was particularly good with eroticism but recently she’s gotten really good at it?? Like, how pretty her cover is for her recent B’s Lovely release. And then this story, which is about two brothers who are sexually drawn to one another starting when one of them was molested by his tutor and the other accidentally walked in on it. Ever since he’s been haunted by the image of his brother’s slim, white thighs. A pretty perverted story. Unfortunately it’s just a oneshot uuuu was kind of hoping for more, since that kind of kinky angst is my favorite type of plot.

cute art by Katsura Komachi.

the last part of Kuroiwa Chihaya’s Koisuru Midori-chan! I actually really really like this story and talked about the first part here. Luckily there was a happy end for the two it seems, though I haven’t had a chance to read the chapter in full yet. /o\ I really love this pair.

pretty insert page by Otame. I have it bookmarked because I like her art style haha.

By Tomono Kasa. Look at that adorable megane ahhhhh this art style is ridiculously cute!!

sob evidently I just took pictures of all the stories where the art stood out to me. This one is by Higuchi Tam. idk it feels like this volume of Canna is so full of artists I’ve never heard of before—it’s kind of exciting! Reminds me of when I was just getting into BL haha.

the third chapter of Hanamori Mito’s story. iirc she has a book coming out this month. Or is it next month? HMM. This month, I think.

somehow Yamada Torico’s illustrations are so ero-cute. All of her men look so young and baby-faced but they’re somehow all gorgeous and sexy at the same time. How does she do it.

The story I was really really waiting for—part two of Sasamaru Yuuge’s inverted nipple story!! ;w;)/ Yay! I thought I talked about it somewhere before but I can’t find the link so I guess I’ll explain the first chapter a bit: it’s about a high school student who finds out his oddly erotic teacher has inverted nipples. His teacher is very sexily embarrassed about it and so high school boy gets turned on and says he’ll ‘help’ his teacher find a way to make his nipples stick out like most other people’s. Which pretty much was just a huge nipple play scene where he stimulates and sucks on his teacher’s nips until they become erect and he can pop them out. Then there’s angst when the teacher is like “gasp I can’t do this with my student” etc. end of chapter one.

I was really excited for this chapter because that was a great set-up for a really perverted, steamy sex scene but idk I got kind of disappointed. ;; For one, this is another story where the ending is like I complained about about when I talked about Konno Satomi’s story from HertZ—there’s a little sexual content but you get cut off right before the actual pay-off and then the story ends right after they confess their love instead of moving into an actual sex scene. orz SOB. Sasamaru Yuuge’s sex scenes are so great too ahhhh I was so hopeful.

But in all seriousness, the story is still really cute and Sasamaru Yuuge’s art is only becoming more and more amazing. It’s so charming and soft and cute but also wonderfully sexy—in a way it kind of reminds me of Junko’s art. I hope she’ll keep releasing and get a tankoubon soon!

Cute second part of a story by Yoshida Yuuko.

Which is the last story I photographed from Canna, so now onto Citron.

isn’t it pretty how the covers for Match Uri and Yagi-san Yuubin line up. It didn’t even occur to me until I saw it on the page, and then I had to go get Match Uri off the shelf to see. orz

Kusama Sakae is so wonderful ahhhh sometimes it just hits me and I just don’t even know what to do with myself.

Kujira’s story is already on chapter five wth I must have been in a total daze for this past half-year that I was preparing for my vacation because almost every series in these anthologies has been shocking me with the chapter count. Who is this guy what is going on omg it feels like I’ve missed everything ever. orz

by Mineshima Nawako. idk I just really liked the back of this dude’s head. The stance is kind of pretty haha.

uwaaaa shotas! By Sato Miya. You usually don’t see such cutesy, young-looking characters in the anthologies aimed at higher age groups (generally they run the more serious stories with more adult-oriented characters) so I was a little shocked. A nice change of pace, though—I’m kind of excited to read this one haha. Adorable high school boys. *w*)

I am always ready for more Kashio.

Akuta Michi’s story is already on the last chapter. orz Once again, it feels like I’ve missed so much. I need to set aside some time just to reread the backlog of all the past five or so months worth of anthologies.

more Yamane Musashi. Actually it says this is her first time running in Citron… Then where have I seen her art before ahhh it’s going to drive me crazy now.

I know I already talked about it yesterday but I really like her insert image so. I wanted to take another photo of it. Ugh I love these two. ;;

then there’s a novel at the end illustrated by Ichikawa Kei (sorry my photo cut his butt off, because it’s kind of magnificent) which is kind of a new occurrence. It’s supposed to be pervy so I kind of want to read it even though I am absolutely terrible at reading Japanese that isn’t dialogue. orz

As for the next issue of Citron… thank goodness for more Kumota Haruko because if she took another break I would have just cried. Also Nimoda Ai and Psyche Delico and Momoka are back, and Yoshizuka Mayako as well! So much stuff to get excited over d;gljsdgs also I’m really starting to think I should read Himitsu no Sex Friend because it’s been so highly reviewed and even now they’re making such a big deal about it sd;lgj;dgsgd hmmm. Have any of you read it? Is it good? I’ve been putting off reading it because the character design for the short-haired dude doesn’t appeal to me at all (too oyaji-looking and not in a way I like), but I feel like I’m just being stubborn at this point. ;w;) HMM.

Anyway for now that’s it for my August BL order! Though I might have more to talk about mid-month since I made a Honto order with the rest of my money I had left over from my Japan fund. Then I’ll have my regular September order to worry about (which will be amazing!!), and also my books I shipped back so my suitcase wasn’t too heavy should arrive by midway through next month. orz;; Too much BL, but I guess I could be addicted to worse things than homoerotic comic books. Maybe.

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36 responses to “August ’12 order”

  1. alex says :

    It is so much fun reading your blog :D Absolutely love this post! So glad you are back and we can look forward to more BL reviews and news. Please keep up the good work.

  2. Kery says :

    Actually the cover insert + postcard image for Kusama Sakae’s comic isn’t new. Libre had an oubo service for Match Uri where you’d get 4 postcards (among other stuff) and this was one of the images they used.

    I believe there’s a fair going on for Kusama Sakae’s stuff now in celebration of her 10th anniversary:

    Which sounds awesome and I can’t wait. Except that it’ll be hard to do from overseas. orz

    • ふう子 says :

      that’s snazzy to know! I was wondering where that particular image came from, since I knew I’d seen it before but no matter how much I searched previous Tokyo Mangasha and other anthology covers it never came up. I guess I must have seen it advertised when they were doing the postcard fair.

      and yeah, I read about that! For a while I was tempted but it sounds like kind of a pain in the butt unfortunately sob.

      • Kery says :

        By the way honey I bought the October issue of drap (it just arrived like, half an hour ago). The Ootsuki Miu part in the booklet is just two little pages. Do you want me to scan it for you?

        The Psyche Delico pin-up is just a super pervy and dark picture that looks like this:

        • ふう子 says :

          ahhhh oh my goodness you are seriously too sweet! ;; I would appreciate it forever if you would scan it!

          oh man Psyche Delico please don’t tempt me with your super sexy poster.

          • Kery says :

            To protect the innocent little eyes (haha, yea riiiight) that wander over your blog, I’ve emailed the incredibly NSFW scans to your gmail account :D

            • ふう子 says :

              haha hopefully the people who come here could handle it. But again, seriously, thank you so much–I really appreciate it and you saved me from spending like $10 +shipping on just two pages. <3

  3. Coz ★ (@cozzir) says :

    ugh what’s with all these skilled new mangaka debuting???? i can’t keep up!
    awesome post as usual! ♥

    • ふう子 says :

      I KNOW gosh there were so many new names to get excited about in this shipment of anthologies! I love when that happens because I get so excited about all the new artists who’ll be intro’d next month, and then the month after dg;ghljd;gsg

      thank you!! <3

  4. katy says :

    omg i love your random personal posts! (or so you call it XD)
    I just love seeing these kinds of posts bc i find it fascinating for some odd reasons ヾ(^∇^)
    wow as usual awesome post….so many books *O*
    I personally cannot wait your Akahoshi Jake’s review bc I loved her doujin works and i love her uniqueness lol. I read another review of her and she found the artist very unusual but somehow very appealing (she doesnt know Akahoshi’s previous doujin works)
    And i totally agree you on artist’s hours of hard work and its appreciation…I actually saw live stream of famous doujinka’s work being complete and holy…they take hours to complete 1 page…like 6 hours or even more for one single page! and I find it same for posts. ppl think blog posts like this just appears out of no where but i’m sure you put hours to put this post together (i know since i used to do blogs ; w ;)
    Anyways keep up the good posts! (≧∇≦)/<3

    • ふう子 says :

      for some reason in my mind any post that isn’t 100% information is ‘personal’. orz

      I haven’t read any of Akahoshi’s doujinshi releases but I really love her work that I’ve read so far. Her debut story about the chiropractor in particular really caught my attention because it felt like just the right mix of cute and pervy. Also her art style is really charming, I think!

      and I’m honestly really touched that you put so much consideration into how much time I spend on this blog haha. Seriously it made my day to read you say that. Thanks so much! <3

  5. Joe says :

    I am so happy you started to post again!! and i love your posts!! they are so so so fun to read i hope you do more of these sort of posts! <33 i have been contemplating whether i should get on blue's volume 6 but after seeing this post i just know i have to get it!!! <33 i love love love Kumota Haruko's work especially Nobara!! My friend recommended me Otome no Teikoku just a few weeks ago too!! The art is just go gorgeous!! also its really nice to see you post about other genre's too!!!
    Thank you doing all these posts!! and please do keep on posting! ;)

    • ふう子 says :

      if you love Kumota’s work then I would definitely recommend onBLUE 6!! (Also Citron volumes 3 and 13 if you don’t have them yet!) The interview is quite long and what I’ve read of it so far is pretty interesting.

      haha I discovered Otome no Teikoku through a friend’s recommendation as well!

      • Joe says :

        ohh!!! thank you so much for the recommendations i will def get those volumes of citron!! <333 so so so excited to read them!!!

  6. Nile says :

    Super long post but I love it and love you for doing such. At first read I skim through those names/books I’m not really interest in and focus on Kusama Sakae, Kumota Haruko, Shimaji and Nobara Aiko — that was already too much to catch on in one go but will you do reviews on them separately, later? I’d love to read them.

    …was that happy couple Akiyamakun and Chiba?

    • ふう子 says :

      haha sorry—I was kind of horrified when I went to my flickr account to upload all the photos and it said there was almost one hundred. orz I hadn’t realized this post would get so long when I started it.

      I might do reviews on them later—generally I only do reviews on books I felt particularly excited about, so if I really really like them, enough to get pumped up and want to talk about them, I’ll definitely try to review them or at lease talk about them more on here.

      It’s actually from her story through onBLUE—the publishing line for Akiyama-kun is Baby. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this story on here, but I did talk about it a bit on iamfujoshi.

      • Nile says :

        No there is no need for you to say sorry I enjoy every bits of this long post, really, you’re more than welcome to post longer on your next post it can only be a blissful to be able to read in details.

        I did see Nurukunaru made Matte  on IAMFUJOSHI (also read both of your Akiyamakun review – the story pretty much finish in the dojinshi, was it not? I guess I still hope for more. LOL.) but although I’ve read about it I cannot recall their faces I don’t even remember I ever seen them with their frontal faces (pardon my pervert self I could only recall the sex scene), thus let my curiosity led to the question about the couple, sorry about that.

        Thanks for Furutsuji Kikka news reminded me of when Yoneda Kou was on hiatus she still draw and post on Pixiv too – that if I could remember it right… anyways thank you so much for both the post and the reply. 

      • Nile says :

        correcting myself right after re-reading your post on Akiyama-kun 3 you said sensei ended the book with to be continue thus it’s not ended yet, sorry about this messed memory of mine…

  7. Nile says :

    …too many new names I’m kind of drunk but thank you many them looks promising. And can I second this — where did you go Furutsuji Kikka — didn’t see or heard of her new works for a (long) while.

    • ふう子 says :

      yeah, I’m depressed about Furutsuji Kikka disappearing from comics publishing as well. 8( Recently I’ve started following her pixiv more closely (since she draws one of my favorite Kurobas pairings) but I haven’t seen any original work from her in a long time. I think the last time she published something was her GL work two years ago. Sad.

  8. yaoidaisuki says :

    Awesome mangas =D
    Great purchase =D
    I think Itoshii Toshi no Oyome-sama is soooo cute too *O*

  9. curious says :

    i love your round up posts! thank for sharing all the teases. Just curious how much does it cost for the Hertz monthly (with shipping)?

    • ふう子 says :

      it really depends on where you buy it from! I include mine in my regular order, so I don’t know how much HertZ would cost to ship on its own but I do know through Amazon shipping will be more than the book itself if you’re just getting the one. Through Honto, though, it would probably be something like 980yen + 600yen shipping, or perhaps even less if you get the cheaper shipping options.

  10. SJ says :

    Whoo, another epic long post! I know those take a long time to write up even when you’re still pumped up about the topic, along with setting up all the pictures for it. Nevertheless, I always like seeing those posts. Tons of info. (My blogging was so short-lived, lol.) Sooo many names I don’t know, hahaha. Oh man.

    Does the double cover for Ano Ko to Juliet basically show the same preview image?

  11. vickaroo says :

    my gravatar is poop… media…i feel like a grandma.
    so if there are extra posts, it’s cause i’m a dork but I just wanted to say i love these posts they always help with my little rotten heart <3<3<3

  12. Blueberry says :

    Do you know if Chida’s released anything, be it oneshots or tanks? Her art is really so pretty ;w;.

    • ふう子 says :

      not that I know of, sorry! Unfortunately a lot of the indie artists Cab gets for their color page tend to just be illustrations or artists just recently trying to make a place for themselves in the publishing world. Which usually means they have yet to release anything substantial.

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