Ogawa Chise “Kono Ore ga Omae nanka Suki na Wake nai”

Recently I’ve gotten kind of obsessed with this manga. It’s funny, because three chapters are out and I didn’t know it existed until I read the scanlation a few days ago. Which wouldn’t be a big deal but it runs in HertZ. Which is a magazine I buy regularly. Uhhh. Oops. Somehow I missed two whole chapters—I was thinking the one in Septermber ihr HertZ (once it arrived at my door) would be chapter one but I was wrong and it was actually chapter three. orz;; Just another reminder that I should really properly read the anthologies I spend my hard-earned money on.

Anyway, enough whining from me—let’s talk about Kono Ore! I believe this is the story Ogawa started after she released her debut tankoubon. Like I said, so far it’s three chapters long and the next chapter will be coming out at the beginning of October. (At least, that’s when it’s scheduled for.) The plot revolves around the spoiled and arrogant Taisei-kun, who has grown up with a somewhat warped personality due to always getting special treatment for his attractive features. He’s used to other people caving to his request and treats others like they should bow down to his feet. That is, until Okachi Machi transfers to his middle school.

Okachi Machi is laid-back and unlike all the other students who either absolutely hate Taisei or adore him he really doesn’t give two shits about Taisei’s existence. Taisei’s face and personality don’t interest him in the slightest. Initially this is a total turn-off to Taisei, until one day he’s stuck with

Okachi Machi during detention and two girls lavish him with attention for being with Okachi Machi. Thus he figured he can use Okachi Machi for more attention, and at that point starts a game of being ‘friends’. But the problem is that Okachi Machi actually treats him in a friendly (yet not preferential) manner, so he begins to believe their ‘friend’ game himself. So his heart is shattered one day when he hears Okachi Machi actually never considered them friends at all.

Fast-forward to high school, where Okachi Machi suddenly transfers to Taisei’s school again. Initially Taisei thinks he’ll pretend to be buddy-buddy, like Okachi Machi’s cruel words in high school didn’t bother him. But it turns out… Okachi Machi doesn’t even remember him. Not the slightest bit. Yet another knife in Taisei’s heart. So again, Taisei starts up a pretend game of friendship to get back at Okachi Machi—to lavish him with attention and then do exactly what Okachi Machi did to him in middle school.

I really love Taisei—he just makes such a wonderful ‘dramatic comedic’ character. While he does have his snotty ‘ore-sama’ reactions, you can always see his initial honest response and it gives him a lot of depth of character. Even though he seems like an arrogant  self-centered little shit, you also see just how much Okachi Machi’s coldness hurts him and likewise you also see how much Okachi Machi’s attentions and affection excite him. He seems like an ass but it’s really just that he’s an immature and naive person. While he’s generally the character you love to hate, and even though it’s his own fault his (male, mostly) classmates can’t stand him, you feel bad over the fact that he’s bullied and that just makes you even more emotionally invested in the success of his actual friendship with Okachi Machi.

(It’s strange how awkward it feels to not use Okachi Machi’s full name, even though it sounds funny…)

Speaking of Okachi Machi, he’s a really interesting character as well—I’m excited to learn more about him. For instance, why in middle school he didn’t consider Taisei to be his friend. Did he know Taisei was only using him initially? Or is it something else? Because he really seemed to care about Taisei at the time. Also the fact that he supposedly doesn’t remember Taisei now that they’re in high school. There has to be some kind of reason behind all that. But I love how openly affectionate he’s becoming with Taisei through the chapters—how attached he is to him, and how when he calls Taisei cute it causes the other boy to become flustered and embarrassed instead of big-headed like it would with anyone else.

idk I really love their relationship. The two are very cute and well-suited for each other. The scenes where Taisei starts giving in to Okachi Machi’s whims and has to be reminded by his friends that he’s supposed to be trying to seek revenge are just adorable. It’s so obvious that Taisei really really likes Okachi Machi and doesn’t actually want to hurt him—he’s just putting up another tough-guy front like he’s so used to doing. I love how at the end of chapter three his friends are like “god it’s so obvious you’re in love with him jeez!”

So yeah! I find the relationship dynamics and the characters really endearing and I highly recommend this series! It will be interesting to see where it goes from here, since now Taisei seems more receptive to sincerely accepting Okachi Machi’s affection instead of trying to use it against him. I’m super excited for chapter four sd;lgjsd;gds one month of waiting to do!


14 responses to “Ogawa Chise “Kono Ore ga Omae nanka Suki na Wake nai””

  1. luzzy says :

    Oh! I like Ogawa Chise but I didn’t know one of series was being scanlated. No wonder I keep seeing her stuff on tumblr lately.

    I’m guessing OM liked T in middle school as more than friends and that’s why he said he didn’t view T as a friend. That’s like a classic part of plot. Gotta go and read this, thanks for the review.

    • ふう子 says :

      haha yep, it started getting scanlated a couple weeks ago I believe. I was also wondering why I started getting so many blog hits searching for her stuff.

      that would definitely make sense!

  2. Arya says :

    I’m so happy to know that you’re a fan since I loved her since her shoujo debut days ; u ;!! I think her storytelling is amazing; her shoujo oneshots are among my favourites,and even when the story isn’t that special, there’s just SOMETHING about it that grips at me. I hope you’ll talk more about her on this blog :D!!

  3. nycmango says :

    is this artist a pen name for either TAKAGI Shigeyoshi or MORIE Satoshi. Their art is almost identical except they draw shoujo genre haha :)

    • Arya says :

      She’s Takagi Shigeyoshi :D. (and Morie Satoshi is her twin sister, which is funny because their art is almost identical * v *, but I think Takagi is a better storyteller!).

      • nycmango says :

        oh yay I knew it!! I’ve been looking for this BL artist not knowing if she was related to Takagi Shigeyoshi, because the first time I saw her BL related art was on the cover of a comiket catalog for the Bl category. I tried asking around if anyone knew who the artist was but no answers, I’m glad I read your blog otherwise I would have never known for sure if this was really her work ^^ I love both Takagi Shigeyoshi and Morie Satoshi. It’s true their art are identical but I really love the style so I’m happy to read either of their books! Now I’m going to buy her first BL tank Ouji no Hakoniwa <3 thanks for the info!

        • shyuu says :

          I immediately thought of Takagi Shigeyoshi (or maybe Morie Satoshi) when I saw the art but assumed it was someone else bacause I couldn’t find anything that said it’s her. Thanks for the info!
          Somehow I really like this manga and just as luzzy said, I think that in middle school he saw him as more than a friend. :D

        • Arya says :

          I bought it and it’s gorgeous ; u ;. The cover is especially mesmerizing! If you can buy stuff from YJA, you can also find some of her doujinshis :D!!

  4. Kery says :

    I just read this artist’s one-shot in Libre’s PINK GOLD and it’s INCREDIBLY DISTURBING.

    • ふう子 says :

      haha was it? btw I got your email and I’ll scan that when I get home from work tonight!

      • Kery says :

        Yea, it was about these two brothers. The older one is obsessed with becoming a doctor and works really hard. He hates his younger brother who is carefree and clever and handsome and everything that he isn’t. Imagine his joy when he finds out that his younger brother is in love with him – he uses that love and forces the younger brother to embarrass himself, to do badly in school, to disappoint their parents, etc. in exchange for doing H stuff. Ultimately, the younger brother even allows the older one to disfigure him (with burning hot tongs, ouch) in exchange for anal sex.

        And the kicker comes at the end: the older brother doesn’t make it to med school. His grades aren’t good enough.

        So he just ruined his younger brother’s life for nothing.


  5. Tien Thuy Hoang Pham says :


  6. Gabs says :

    OMG this story is so cuteeee!!!! This should be licensed once it’s completed because I wanna read their story!!!
    I saw that you posted about later chapters so I’m gonna run and read it! Thank you!

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