Kusama Sakae 10th Anniversary

A big congratulations to Kusama Sakae, who has been publishing BL for ten years now. She is a very amazing artist as well as a wonderful storyteller. I will always remember the first works I read by her, Yumemiru Seiza and Nikushokujuu no Table Manner, as two of my all-time favorite BL works. She has such a wonderfully unique art style, and a way of creating characters and plots that catch you off guard. The BL genre is made more wonderful by her existence, and I truly thank her form the bottom of my heart for all the effort and creativity and love she puts into her stories. Thank you so much, Kusama Sakae, congratulations on ten years and I hope there are still many more to come!

Anyway, Libre has taken it upon themselves to set up a special page for Kusama Sakae’s 10th anniversary, co-hosted by the publishers of drap and dear+! In all there will be a special commemorative obi collection of Kusama’s characters, a twitter interview, as well as a special artbook release.

the book comes out December 31st, but orders for it will be held between September 3rd and October 31st. It can be purchased at Libre’s official shop, Animate, or ComiComi Studio. Supposedly it will be a collection of even her rare and hard to find illustrations from other publishers as well as doujinshi-only releases. I’m incredibly excited about this, because like I said on tumblr there is really no other artist whose work I would love more to own in artbook form. Her color illustrations are just gorgeous and it’s about time they were compiled and put on high-quality paper for the world to enjoy at full artistic value!

As for the twitter interview, it will be held September 13th at 7pm Japan time! If you have a question you would like to put up for consideration (in Japanese preferably, though if you really want to ask something I’m sure they wouldn’t mind English too much) you can use the hashtag #10kusama and @ reply Libre Sillikat’s account (@libre_sillikat). The time period to put out questions for consideration is until September 10th!

Once again, congratulations to Kusama Sakae on 10+ years of hard work and wonderful releases. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us, sensei!


15 responses to “Kusama Sakae 10th Anniversary”

  1. luzzy says :

    I want this! but I don’t have any money *sob*. I wonderful if I buy it through comicomi if they’ll wait until the book is actually out to charge me. I’m registered with them but I have never bought anything from them.

    • ふう子 says :

      boo I hate when that happens. 8( At least the order period is all the way to the end of October? It’s been forever since I bought through ComiComi so I don’t remember if they wait until later to charge your card. I already pre-ordered through them, so if you want I can let you know if they charge me in a few days or not?

      • luzzy says :

        You are a doll, I would really appreciate it if you could do that. I was going to ask on tumblr when you posted in chaizer, but my phone/tumblr was acting up so I didn’t.

        • Kery says :

          They charge you when they ship the item out. So go ahead and place your order :p

          • luzzy says :

            Thank you kind stranger. I thought it was something like that but since it’s a Japanese website and my first time using it, I wanted to make sure it worked like that.

  2. Gaby says :

    Oh thanks so much for the news!!!
    I love Kusama Sakae since I read Chikatetsu no Inu, Dog’s Subway and Nikushokujuu no Table Manner! I also like some of the stories in Yume Miru Seiza and Irome is nice too. I bought Ousama no Bed through Sublime and I enjoyed it too though my favorites are the first ones that I mentioned.
    I like her style both in writing and drawing ^^
    Congratulations to her!

  3. meodien1812 says :

    Her very first book of mine is Irome vol 1, but it was the second “Chikatetsu no Inu” that made me fall for her. My most fav are Macchi Uri, Chikatetsu no Inu and Yumemiru Seiza. I never love a BL mangaka so much that I’m willing to read all her shoujo and josei books xD. Oh, now I feel like re-reading all her books <3

    So bad the artbook comes out December 31st, since my friend only stay in Japan till October, it's hard for me to get the AB shipping here where I live. Hopefully Honto or Amazon.co.jp will have it, it's easier for me to purchase from those sites.

    I'm adding something from her to my cart this month.

    It's not related, but I wonder if we still be alive after December 21 2012 to celebrate Kusama-sensei's beautiful artbook :))) << Just kidding ~

    • ふう子 says :

      her non-BL works are also really lovely, aren’t they? Recently I’ve started wanting to collect her doujinshi releases as well ds;kgsd I got a few while I was in Japan and really loved them. But she’s released so much so it’ll probably be a difficult venture. orz

      Unfortunately it looks like the only stores that will be carrying the artbook are ComiComi, Animate, and Libre’s official site. 8( At the moment it doesn’t seem like the book is going to be available through big sellers like Amazon or Honto or HMV. ComiComi does ship overseas, though—I don’t know if you’ve ever given them a try but they’re fairly easy to buy through.

      haha hopefully the world will wait to end at least until after I’ve gotten my artbook!

  4. Lili says :

    This is such wonderful news! I’m so happy for sensei and all of her fans \o/
    My feelings of love for Kusama Sakae and her beautiful work is similar to
    the love you feel towards your darling Aniya Yuiji.
    I hope this is the beginning of a trend that will mean that more mangaka will
    get their works collected in a artbook like this.
    You must get your Aniya Yuiji artbook someday!
    This is a must buy <3 even if I'm currently broke haha
    Do you think there will be any bonus extras e.g. papers etc.
    that are different in each store?
    Thank you for sharing the news~ you've made my day again ☆

    • ふう子 says :

      haha then you must really really be excited for this book release, to love Kusama Sakae that much!

      I would really love an art book for both Aniya Yuiji and Kumota Haruko, is only because I know they also do illustration for josei comics and fashion magazines fairly often so i feel like I miss out on their works. orz If only I could have all of their art compiled into a book so I would always feel like my collection is missing something.

      They didn’t specifically say anything about bonuses and such, but I do know on ComiComi’s site their did say their copy of her artbook came with an extra. I don’t know if the extras are different depending on the store, though!

  5. nycmango says :

    uh, I’m a little disappointed the book is A5 size. that is very small. Do you know if that is a typo? Majority artbooks are A4 >_<

  6. Nile says :

    I was just going to type I’ll wait until December 31st and head to local Kinokuniya to pick up the art book but since it won’t be avail I guess I have to try ordering from comicomi hope it wasn’t too complicated to order and have it ship oversea. Thanks for the news, btw.

    • ふう子 says :

      haha yeah. orz I hate when they make certain things only purchasable at certain stores—makes em have to pay much more in shipping than I’d usually like to. But for Kusama Sakae, it’s worth it!

      ComiComi isn’t too hard to buy through. 8)

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