Aniya Yuiji upcoming release.

I’ll admit it: I was a wee bit disappointed when Aniya Yuiji didn’t announce a doujinshi release this past Natsucomi. Ever since I started following her seriously, her Natsucomi releases have been some of my favorites by her—both Leila Leila and OreNeko—and recently they’ve been her only BL releases on top of it. So I’m always excited for them. But I guess this year she just got too busy or perhaps didn’t feel particularly inspired and wasn’t able to release a new book.

However, a couple days ago while I was searching through all the BL publisher sites for information on new releases (since unfortunately my go-to site for that seems to have disappeared again) I came across this zinger:

Aniya Yuiji to be releasing a new book through Citron Comics on October 1st, titled Kanpeki na Shiiku.

I was pretty shocked, because I’d heard absolutely no news of the release from either Chika-san or Aniya. (Then again, Aniya has pretty much stopped using twitter so….) Plus Aniya Yuiji hasn’t been releasing in any BL publications unless you count OPERA but that one hasn’t been completed yet and also would be released by Edge Comix. So what in the world is going on??

Honestly it feels too good to be true—I am super pumped but at the same time I keep refreshing the release page and waiting for it to either be taken down or edited as by a different artist. I’m waiting for some kind of announcement of “oops our bad!” and that Aniya Yuiji isn’t releasing anything. Because I just don’t get where they could have compiled enough stories by her from to actually complete a book?? Especially since she just released Spinz. At the moment I’m just going to assume it’s a collection of her doujinshi releases until there’s any more information, and I’m trying to not let my hopes get too high or I’ll end up disappointed and I never want to be disappointed by something done by Aniya Yuiji. ;; So.

If there really is no mistake, this book will released on the same day as Jaryuu Dokuro’s book through Citron and will be placed in my September order alongside releases by Ootsuki Miu, Snae Hata, Psyche Delico, Nobara Aiko, Kojima Lalako, and Koiwazurai Shibito. This next month is starting to look very expensive but also very, very exciting.


4 responses to “Aniya Yuiji upcoming release.”

  1. Barbara (kokiden) says :

    Hey, I’ve been thinking about you! :) I’m working on translating Mr. Convenience for DMG (Aniya Yuiji’s Mr. Convenience). It’s so cute!

  2. Hunt says :

    How are you?
    First, sorry for my bad english ;_;
    I’m a big fan of your blog and I’ve bought many bl mangas because of your reviews and is worthy.
    I would like to ask you about one of the stories in the magazine Gateau, the one from amemori gigi, do you know how much chapters is the story? I ‘ve only saw 3 chapters so far (I only have gateau 1~3, and 6).
    Thank you very much. Keep your hard work.

    PS:I have at least, 4 mangas from Aniya Yuiji *–*
    My favorite is Mister Convenience, there a panel I love so much <3

    • ふう子 says :

      Hello! I am good, thanks, and you? And don’t worry, your English is fine!

      Hmmm unfortunately I don’t buy Gateau—by the time that anthology started getting released I already bought so many I couldn’t afford to add another one to my list of purchases. However, going off No BL No Life‘s gateau blog category it does seem that Amemori Gigi is also in at least volumes seven, ten and eleven of Gateau as well! I don’t, however, know if it’s all part of the same story. Sorry I can’t be of more help!

      Yay I’m glad you like some of Aniya’s books!! Which Mr. Convenience panel do you like?

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