quickie reviews, take 9

wahhhh it’s been over a month, hasn’t it? Sorry about my absence. I had a blast in Japan hitting up bookstores, to the point where I was stressed by the end that my suitcases would be overweight. So obviously I bought lots of books. Many of them were to complete artist collections, but I also got many great new books so hopefully I’ll be able to talk about them here. So to start, here are some quickie reviews for the books I’ve read so far.

Kamokawa Teruchi | I’ll call you mine

I read this one on the flight back and not only did it take up quite a lot of time (it’s a pretty thick tankoubon!) but it made me learn the embarrassment of crying on an airplane. The general plot is that it’s about two boys who’re incredibly close childhood friends, and they’re in love but while one of them (Kaede) is willing to take the leap the other (Yamato) is terrified of having feelings for another boy. The trouble in their previously free-flying relationship starts when Yamato brings a girl home with him from college–Kaede, who was previously happy with just being close friends, suddenly feels Yamato slipping from him.

A majority of the book has the two boys at odds with each other–Yamato with his girlfriend, and Kaede forcing himself to date and sleep with an abusive coworker to try and get over his lost love. So for people who don’t like high-angst relationships like that, I wouldn’t recommend this book at all. But I thought the payoff when they got together was wonderful, and I found the characters very easy to become attached to and develop feelings for.

Koiwazurai Shibito | Suki tte Iwaretai

Kind of snazzy, I went to Bookoff Ueno one day and this book was in the full-price section and then came back the next day and it was in clearance. So I definitely had to grab it. I read this one on the plane as well, which was probably not a very good idea since it has a lot of sex scenes. Oh well. This one is a collection of Koiwazurai’s oneshots, previously released either as doujinshi or in other publications where she didn’t have enough stuff released for them to give her a proper book. From serious stories of men falling in love for the first time after previously only ever knowing the enjoyment of sex, to comedic strange shorts about office sexual harassment, this book has a little bit of everything.

Personally, I really enjoyed it!  In particular the more serious stories, such as the fourth one about a love-love gay couple who still have their share of issues in their home life. And the first story, where a young man lives a nonchalant life filled with various sexual partners but ends up falling in love for the first time–and ends up hurting one of his only good friends while running away from his feelings. Koiwazurai has a really strange way of leaving her stories off on an unfinished feeling, but such a writing style has a really dreamy feel I think.

Furukawa Fumi | Koisuru Bitch-kun

Okay let’s get all the laughing about the title over with in the beginning—by “bitch-kun” Furukawa means it in more classic terms: a female dog used primarily for breeding. Sugiura has long respected the comics sensei he works as an assistant for, but there’s one issue: Komatsu-sensei is a complete horny pervert. Constantly whining that he wants to have sex while they should be working, Sugiura ends up taking on Komatsu’s sexual needs as just another part of his ‘assisting’. But Sugiura doesn’t like that kind of ‘sex friends’ relationship dynamic—when he’s having sex with someone, he wants it to matter. And he can’t tell if Komatsu feels the same way, or he just likes sex so much that anyone will do.

Aside from the main story (which is three chapters), the rest of the book is oneshots—all equally as fluffy and cute. Mostly stories of first love between young men. Furukawa Fumi’s art is just so ridiculously adorable, and if you’re like me and love seeing flustered blushing boys then her work should be right up your alley. So glad I ultimately decided to get this book, but really with a cover like that who could resist?

Anyway that’s it for now! Sorry about my absence and all emails and comments that have gone unanswered. I’m going to try to get caught up with everything in the next week or so.

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8 responses to “quickie reviews, take 9”

  1. raburikei says :

    Thanks for the information as always! Glad to have you back (●´∀`●)

  2. alex says :

    Welcome back and Thanks for the reviews :D

  3. Gaby says :

    Welcome back! Thanks so much for your awesome reviews!
    Though all of the books sound interesting, the first one is the most appealing to me.
    And that illustration is gorgeous!

    • ふう子 says :

      haha no problem! The first one is really lovely, if not a bit heartbreaking in parts. tbh I had to skip a bit of one scene just because it was too sad for me. orz;; But it’s a great story and the end of them finally being together is rewarding because of all the pain they go through!

  4. sringangel says :

    Ergh… “I’ll call you mine” kind of angst always gets me. Kind of like “Ano hi no kimi wo dakishimeta nara”. That’s also another heartbreaker with a good end in the end :3

    • ふう子 says :

      ughhh same. 8( Couples who love each other but just can’t realize their love due to either ego or other circumstances just kill me. I always want to shout at the screen “JUST KISS ALREADY OH MY GODDD!!”

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