Yamanaka & Kumota onBLUE releases for July

tbh I don’t know how long the covers have been out for—perhaps I’m fairly late to the party, unfortunately. orz;; But I wanted to share Yamanaka Hiko and Kumota Haruko’s covers for their upcoming late July onBLUE releases since they’re pretty fab.

Kumota’s is more humorous than I was admittedly expecting, since later in the series (the last two chapters?) it was actually a borderline-depressing story. But Kumi-kun is wonderful and it’s a really endearing cover for a strange comic about a man in the porn industry and all the things around him that shape his life.

As for Yamanaka Hiko’s, it’s much more serious which would definitely be expected with her story. Admittedly I’ve only partially read it (since it’s really one of those books you want to sit and read in full imo) so I’m really looking forward to picking this book up. The cover is really so pretty—it’s reminiscent of her gorgeous cover for Ouji to Kotori, which is the cover that tempted me into checking out Yamanaka Hiko’s work in the first place.

So many really amazing BL releases coming up lately and somehow I’ve barely talked about any of them. orz Sorry.

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4 responses to “Yamanaka & Kumota onBLUE releases for July”

  1. meodien1812 says :

    Thanks for the news! I’ve been waiting for Yamanaka-sensei’s work ^^ Since I can’t keep up with the mag’s releases, I’m looking forward to the tankoubon, too :)).
    I’m upset about the news (Maybe) there’ll be no manga, anime since October because Japan have changed their online sharing policy T____T. Would it be the end of us foreign fan?? T_______T

    • ふう子 says :

      It’s a very pretty story. I think it might have a sad ending but so far I’ve only flipped through it so I’m not sure sdf;gljsd;gds

      I’m not really sure what you’re talking about, unfortunately—if by online sharing policy, you mean the whole jail time for online distribution of copyrighted material, that has always been illegal. Plus lately it seems like the only scans available are Chinese scanlation releases. That’s why I just gave up and stopped relying on availability of online scan distributions in general anyway. But that aside, I don’t think this will have much impact on overseas fandom since non-JP people will still likely be willing to scan and share their books for scanlation/distribution purposes.

  2. kanakochii says :

    wowww!! i love the first cover by Kumota Haruko…. but wait… is it sad story??

    May I ask, is ‘onBlue’ a monthly magazine or else? :)

    Anyway, Thanks for the news.

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