Kojima Lalako special release through Animate.

Technically speaking after this month’s order (which I just put in!! Erotoro!!! /excited) I’m not supposed to buy any more BL until we’re in Japan but unfortunately for me Kojima Lalako is amazing and I can’t resist things she releases. On her blog the other day she announced not only does she have a release through Chara coming up, Ano Ko to Juliet, but she’s also doing a special if you buy through Animate to get a limited double-cover edition!

As you can see from the sample, it looks really really cute. ;; I tried to tell myself to just ignore it–it’s not like I need the special cover or anything right? Right.

B-but… Kojima Lalako!! ;w;)/

Anyway for anyone else who can’t resist an extra chance to give Kojima Lalako your money, you can buy the special double-cover edition here. I haven’t put in to buy mine yet, but soon hopefully! And then, definitely, no more spending money on BL until August. orz;;;;;

(also I edited and added more stuff to my selling post if you’re interested… ;w;)


One response to “Kojima Lalako special release through Animate.”

  1. azucari says :

    Harsh. I don’t want to use a deputy service, especially since I have over a 1000 points in honto that I need to use soon.

    I went to sleep after I briefly read this post the first time and I dreamed you did another post of Kojima Lalako; In that one Kojima Lalako had release another manga with a long haired individual.

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