Erotoro: Creamy Sport Anthology

I know I already talked about this one a bit but Libre just opened the official webpage (click through the image to see) and I am super super pumped. orz;;; It doesn’t help that Jaryuu Dokuro’s BxP Anx also arrived today and so I’m on a huge Jaryuu kick. But actually there are now previews for all the chapters in the anthology and while I didn’t read them (to keep from spoiling myself too much) they all looked amazing while I was just clicking through. Jaryuu’s and Aniya’s in particular, of course.

ahhhh I can’t contain all this excitement. For Aniya, it’s obvious—now that she’s working more on her josei projects I don’t get very much porn by her. ;w;) But while reading BxP today I remembered just how ero Jaryuu’s sex scenes can be when she puts her mind to it and now I really really want to read more of her h scenes. She just draws the most amazingly beautiful angles and focuses so much on scenes that bring more of an emotional twinge.

tbh those two together in the same book has always been my dream team. They’re both such powerhouse wonderful BL artists, both of which I feel like I could never get enough of and never give enough praise to. June 25th can really not come fast enough.

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2 responses to “Erotoro: Creamy Sport Anthology”

  1. azucari says :

    Damn, I promised myself no more anthologies since they really screw up my book organization but I will have to break that promise.

    That razor looks weirdly realistic, and wow Jaryuu Dokuro’s art is pretty in this one.

  2. Arya says :

    Uwaah the preview looks awesome!! Some stories look real cute too :’D. Libre sure knows how to milk their customers haha… orz

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