K-BOOKS & Aniya Yuiji news

ohoho I am actually here to post for once BIG SHOCK!!

First, some sad news for those of us who don’t live in Japan and won’t be vacationing there in the next month or so: K-BOOKS is currently doing a give-away where you get a snazzy trading card for every 500円 you spend. (I think?) But not only that, a few of the trading cards are by artists I really really really like. ;A;)

Kisaragi Manami, Snae Hata, and Chouko. So lovely ahhhh. There are also cards by Takayama Shinobu, Kijima Hyougo, Kawai Hideki as well as many other famous and starter artists, all of which you can see here in larger and better quality. If any of you get your hands on them, I will pay good money for the three I posted above. ;; Especially Snae’s.

In other BL news I’ve been excited over lately, I’ve finally fallen to the temptation of Libre’s new super-ero anthology (or ‘creamy sport anthology’) EroToro. Initially I was trying to ignore any and all news about it since I’m trying to save money and thus really can’t afford to add another ¥1000 anthology to my purchase line-up. Especially in a month where I’m already flooded by anthologies. (Cab, Citron, Canna, Opera, etc.) However, recently they posted a bit of news that did me in: Aniya Yuiji has the cover as well as a story.

orz There is really no better way for a BL publisher to convince me to hand over my money than sticking Aniya Yuiji in the lineup. I am so desperate for new BL by her they could probably hike the price up to $100 and I would crying and just throw my wallet at the computer screen after putting in my order.

At least they were nice enough to release the cover quickly, though, so not I can stare adoringly at Aniya’s art and psyche myself up by whatever story she has to offer.

Jaryuu Dokuro is in it as well, which is just ds;flj;dgsdsd Aniya Yuiji and Jaryuu Dokuro? In the same book? Can something so perfect really honestly truly exist? ;; The only thing missing from my dream line-up is Ootsuki Miu. I’m admittedly kind of surprised to see Ishikawa Kei though–honestly I have yet to see an eroero scene by her so I’m not sure what I should expect. Perhaps I shouldn’t get my hopes up that this is a super perverted anthology along the lines of Pierce Series work haha. I have faith in Aniya and Jaryuu, though, to release dirty things! As well as Nimoda Ai. Kashio, perhaps, not so much…

Speaking of Jaryuu Dokuro, though, the cover for her May release was finally posted in high quality. It’s very very cute so I figured I’d close up this post with it. Go to the amazon page to see it in big big big HQ!!

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4 responses to “K-BOOKS & Aniya Yuiji news”

  1. meodien1812 says :

    I like it! Thanks for this awesome news! I do have a friend studying in Japan but I can’t bring myself to ask her to buy me BL books since she isn’t a fangirl T_T Poor me ;_; Jaryuu Dokuro and Aniya Yuiji in a same book – it really is a plus point and the only that keeps me from purchase that anthology is my broke wallet. I’m sure it worth every single penny!
    However, your post makes my day, I really appreciate that :)

    • ふう子 says :

      haha that’s too bad! It would suck to actually have someone who lives there and can help you get rare items, but still have that possibility be out of reach.

      aww thank you. <3

  2. Arya says :

    Aaaa I’m happy to see that you’re finally posting here haha!

    Sob those trading cards are so prettyyyy there’s a few I want too ;____; (SNAE’S Q A Q). And you only have to spend 500 yen… *CRINGE* WHY AM I NOT LIVING IN JAPAN!!
    I do have a fujoshi friend there but each time she buys sth she has to report EVERY SINGLE THING to her father ; A ; so all she ever dares to buy are shoujo manga.

    That Aniya Yuiji cover is gorgeous * A *.

    • ふう子 says :

      oh boo, that sucks about her having to report all her spending to her dad. :T I don’t know how I would even explain my spending habits to my parents haha. I’d just say “I bought books” and leave it at that.

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