today in BL covers

I figured I should do a quick post before bed since it seems like there are quite a few covers I’ve been getting excited over lately.

The Sora to Hara one is so beautiful and really fitting for the story—whimsical and sweet without any of the romantic and erotic undertones a lot of BL covers tend to have. Hideyoshico’s cover, then, is somewhat opposite and I love the somewhat possessive way Natsuki is holding Komano. Ahhhh their relationship is really just perfect. As for Momoka’s, with that book I don’t really know what to expect so I’m trying not to let the cover get my hopes up too much. But it’s hard when the cover is so damn cute. ;; As most of you may know, I really loved her debut book so I’m pumped to see where this next book will take her storytelling and characterizations.

I’ve also rally enjoyed the latest Dear+ cover, by Amagakure Gido. The more I see her artwork, the more I realize I really really love it. It fits very well with all the things I look for in my favorite manga art styles. (While we’re talking about Dear+, yay for new stories by Kobato Mebaru!!!) And then Hakutou Noriko’s latest release cover makes me laugh every time I look at it. Nothing says “I bet this book is going to be amazing” like a guy getting kicked in the balls?? Instead of being silly, though, Miyoshi Ayato’s Gateau release cover is very very pretty and thus incredibly tempting. I don’t know if I’ve ever read one of her works before—perhaps I’ll have to make this a first! Finally, Nanami’s newest release cover looks very silly and cute and while it was originally not on my to-buy list I might have to stretch the budget just to get a peek at the inside.

Some covers I’m excitedly waiting for include Jaryuu Dokuro’s BxP Anx and Aoi Aki’s HertZ release. For Jaryuu’s, she cruelly even posted to her blog talking about what a good feeling the cover gave her. /o\ So I really really want to see it! Please post it soon Rutile! Then Aoi Aki’s, actually, has technically already been posted to HertZ’s series page but it looks so beautiful that I can’t wait for a high-resolution image (or for it to just be in my hands) so I can really appreciate Aoi Aki’s insane sense for detail and color.

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