Hideyoshico May release

exciting!! \o/ Kijitora reports that Hideyoshico’s continuation of Ringo ni Hachimitsu through Cab will be getting a compiled released in May.


MARBLE COMICS「うそつきは恋のはじまり(仮)」

If you liked Natsuki and Komano’s story from her first book through Marble, you’ll definite love this one—it goes more in-depth into their relationship and focuses on Natsuki’s insecurities and how Komano’s love has to overcome them.

Though I’m a bit sad because a compiled release means the story is probably officially over. ;; I really loved reading about these two.


One response to “Hideyoshico May release”

  1. azurelucy says :

    ohhh, I like Ringo ni Hachimitsu, much more than her other two stories that I’ve read. I’ll add it to my bk1 list along with Ringo ni Hachimitsu.

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