a request!

Hello! Thank you for always following hazukashiikedo!

Actually I have a request for anyone who goes through any of my older posts. Recently I’ve noticed tinypic (the image host I’ve been half-using) has been a lot more quick to randomly delete photos for no apparent reason. Even ones that aren’t pornographic. orz;;; My friend offered me some space on her server, so I’ll hopefully be moving my images onto there so they won’t mysteriously disappear and make my blog all wonky and less enjoyable to read…

But anyway—! My request is that if you happen to be reading a post or going back through old posts, if you see one of tinypic’s “this image has been moved or deleted” notice (such as the top image in this post, which I have been too lazy to replace yet) could you please let me know so I can flag the post and rescan and replace the images? (Either through a comment on this post—which I’ll be linking on the sidebar under ‘report broken images’—or an email or an @ reply to mochamojo on twitter.) That would be much appreciated and make for less work for me in the coming months! I don’t know what’s suddenly up tinypic’s ass (they worked fine for the first two years I was running this blog…) but it’s annoying and embarrassing to have that ugly tinypic notice anywhere on my blog. Luckily hindsight is 20/20 and from now on all be saving all images I post to this blog on my external harddrive instead of just deleting them the second the post is complete, and I definitely won’t be using tinypic anymore.

Ugh when I started this blog I never anticipated I’d have 500+ posts to edit at some point.

Thanks so much for your help! Happy BL reading!

2 responses to “a request!”

  1. Gaby says :

    Well, at least the reviews of Konbini-kun (one of my favorites!) and Star-like Words are fine :D
    But I saw this review is not *it shows the message you mentioned*


    I let you know if I notice anything else!

    See ya!

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