First Impressions, Again

sorry I haven’t been around so much! I’ve had a four-day work stint and when you’re an introvert working in customer service that’s pretty draining. orz;; But yesterday most of my order for March arrived and so I figured I’d talk about them a little bit!

Still waiting on a couple anthologies/magazines and Kumonosuke and Miike Romuco’s new books but w/e they can wait.

First I’ll talk about theKimi no Karada ni Yasashii Kiss wo anthology!

I bought it thinking “wow with a premise like that this will definitely be a book full of fluffy, sweet stories!” but uhh… the first story was actually really sad. ;; About a couple who’ve been together since high school, but then one of them decides to get married. The kiss that happens between them is a kiss on the back of the hand—a show of reverence and a sign of farewell. I can’t lie—I cried a bit.

But Tanaka’s art is suuuuper pretty!!

The only other story I’ve read so far is by Furoki Yui—a kiss on the forehead as a sign of friendship!

Though Aya-kun seemed to want more than friendship. Hopefully these two’s relationship will keep strengthening off-screen, though I really would love a second chapter. orz;; Not gonna happen, I’m sure. Also, Furoki Yui’s art is really cute!!

Then there are five other kiss types, such as a kiss with eyes closed, and a kiss on the wrist.

Anyway, onto Chara Selection! Yep, I caved and bought it this month even though it’s been years since I last purchased this magazine…

Cute cover! It’s been a really long time since I last read something by Yamato Nase, it feels like.

Look, a Miike Romuco postcard!

Ootsuki Miu’s story is really weird. I haven’t read it yet, granted, but usually you can get an idea of what the story is about form her paneling (since she usually does modern stories about interpersonal interaction) but not this time. There are high school boys and huge demon hands and innuendo licking and idek what’s going on.

uhh hopefully when I actually sit down to read it it’ll make more sense…?

Koide Mieko’s art has become so pretty.

Kitazawa Kyou’s story didn’t make much sense to me either. I don’t know anything other than that they were wearing fancy uniforms and there was groping and a love triangle??

One of the joys of coming into a story four chapters in. /sob

Good to see Yamato Nase still likes her tiny shota-looking uke characters. I guess some things really don’t change—that brings me comfort, somehow.

I am so behind on Yuuutsu na Asa but hey it’s good to see they’re finally having sex! Maybe Katsuragi finally got that stick out of his ass idk. (That was not supposed to be a joke fyi we aren’t talking about penises. At least not in this instance.)

It feels like forever since I’ve read anything new by Takaku Shouko as well.

I love character designs with thick or dark eyebrows. (To an extent…)

Anyway, the reason I bought Chara Selection: Konno Satomi’s story!!

It’s a continuation of her Chara story! GASP! This time with Michiru’s brother. And a guy with really interesting shaggy hair. You don’t see styles like that often in BL… This one has great dirty scenes, such as under-the-covers blowjobs and it’s just wonderful and I love Konno Satomi so much. SO MUCH.

Shiina Akino’s art gets prettier and prettier every time I see it.

As for the next issue of Chara Selection…

AHHH SAGAMI WAKA!! Does this mean, if she’s running in here again, that when I get a tankoubon release I’ll be able to finish that story with the cats?!? ;A;)/ I’ve been obsessed with that story ever since I read the first chapter and I can’t find the rest anywhere since Chara Selection goes out of print so quickly sob. orz;; Someday! Someday I’ll get to read the rest of that story!!

Onto the compiled releases!

This is kind of… strange. I bought this because I really like Aoi You’s works from Canna, and so I was excited to read her stuff under a different publisher. But… actually, this is a compilation of her works through Canna… orz;;; So strange.

On the obi they’re also advertising a book called ‘ricottia‘ with Kojima Lalako and Aoi You and Kashio and Unahana, but unfortunately it’s an ebook. ;w;)シクシク

Kashio’s book through B’s-Lovely is the same.

They’re her stories through Canna and Cab. Though at least it’s slightly less strange, since they’re from multiple different publishers this time. It’s nice that her stories in the earlier chapters of Cab are finally compiled!!

Then I got these Dramatical Murder bookmarks slipped inside the Kashio and Aoi You books!

Now onto Towa’s book! Somehow I don’t recall reading any of her stuff in HertZ… and with such a cute artstyle I can’t imagine skipping her works. HMMM. Perhaps my tastes have changed dramatically since she was running regularly. That’s the only way I can think to explain it.

The color insert is suuuuuper super adorable!!

And as if the cover and the color insert weren’t enough to show you how cute Towa’s art is, the sample on the obi should seal the deal!

…though my picture doesn’t really do it justice.

Then I also got the CRAFT release for this month: Okuyama Puku’s new book. It looks really cute.

The color insert is also cute:

uuuu sweet, innocent kisses.

Even though I read the complete story in Cab, I also bought Shimaji’s new book! I really like this story tbh—it’s kind of heartbreaking, but in that way where you know it’s really good because you’re constantly on the verge of tears haha.

also uh this book is HUGE!! Look at it compared to a regular-size one:

The color insert is the sexy Cab cover I liked so much ehehe. *w*)

and then it comes with a little ‘thanks!’ pamphlet for buying the book fgge;dfl;dfhhdf I love publishers who do stuff like that.

SO YEAH I look forward to reading the whole story in one sitting and likely crying all over myself!

Then there is Kumonosuke’s latest book, which is the only one I’ve read so far.

I will try not to talk about it too much since I want to do a review but UUUU KUMONOSUKE. ;; Her stories are always so full of FEELINGS and cute and wonderful characters ahhh I love her!

And this one also came with a pamphlet ehe. *w*)

It’s to advertise that she also has a book coming out through gateau next month. So excited ahhh!

Then there is Mitaka Kei’s book…

I bought it because the cover was cute and interesting but unfortunately it’s a case of being fooled by the cover art. orz;; The inside art really isn’t my type. But since I bought it I’ll still try to read it!

Maybe it will grow on me. Maybe…

Volume two of Oinari-sama no Honey Bunny seems to be less sexy and more plot-y, which I guess I should have guessed from the extra in volume one.

Kind of sad that there aren’t as many dirty scenes, since I’m a pervert. But the art is still beautiful and the plot is still interesting so it’s okay.

Snae Hata!! Another one where I bought the book just for the extras and to complete my collection, but I’ll probably reread it anyway since her stories through Lynx are always so cute.

And finally, Hachida Killy’s debut book! This is another one I bought just because the cover is cute.

And luckily the insert is also cute!

And then, even more luckily the black & white art is much to my liking. Good thing. orz;; I would cry if I got two books in one order where the art wasn’t what I was expecting it to be.


Hopefully I’ll like enough of these books so much that you’ll hear about them again in the form of at least a short review! I’m getting more and more excited to read them all. One more full day of work and then I can read them at my leisure!

10 responses to “First Impressions, Again”

  1. cheezy says :

    O.M.G! Totally drooling over that Towa book. B’s-garden has a feature for the title and the characters look so cute! Not to mention Oinari-sama no Honey Bunny, Blossom Period, Kashio’s Ozu-kun. >//////< Is it just me or Kashio's art looks slightly different there?

    • ふう子 says :

      I have only flipped through it so far (wanted to read it on break at work but for some reason people actually wanted to socialize with me today sob) so it looks really cute!!

      Kashio’s art does look a bit different! And if not the look, the feel doesn’t fit what I usually expect from Kashio… it’s kind of ero, while she usually draws silly or awkward characters and scenes.

  2. azurelucy says :

    Now you have me a bit confused(not really), I asked you about the third picture and you told me it was from Te no Ue nara Sonkei no Kiss but now you say it is from Kimi no Karada ni Yasashii Kiss. Now I’m more curious about Te no Ue nara Sonkei no Kiss.

    I want Blossom Period, Caramel, and Secret Scandal(?)!

    That sex scene from YnA was really really hot.

    • ふう子 says :

      “Te no Ue nara Sonkei no Kiss” is a story FROM “Kimi no Karada ni Yasashii Kiss wo”. It’s an anthology with various different stories by various different artists.

      It was! Though Ive only flipped through it so far since I’m super super behind on that story. orz

      • azurelucy says :

        That makes sense and explains why I couldn’t find anything else by her.

        I only flip through YnA even though all the chapters are available in English, so there are things that I don’t understand about the story but it doesn’t stop me from enjoy the sex scenes and the tender scenes, and this was both.

        • ふう子 says :

          yeah, I think she’s a pretty new artist. At least, on the official market.

          haha maybe I’ll have to catch up with the translated chapters then. To be honest I’ve almost entirely forgotten what the manga was even about—I just remember one of them being a butler and it was set in an older time period.

  3. roro says :

    who is towa? don’t think i’ve heard of her before…and it’s al,ost impossible to dig up any info!

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