upcoming releases to get excited about!

I actually have posts I wanted to do these past couple days but instead I spent them being lazy and indulging in my other hobbies. (Finally got a PS3 YESSSSS!!!) But hey here’s a low-key thing I can post about that’s still crazy exciting, so–! Upcoming release update!

found from Kijitora’s blog:
Nakamura Asumiko “Sora to Hara”
to be released May 19th through Edge Comix

found through random search:
Yamanaka Hiko “Gives”
to be released May 30th through Dear+

Dear+ is also releasing volume two of Ninomiya Etsumi’s Momoiro Club ni Youkoso and -ZE- Kami no Hon by Shimizu Yuki. A lot of fan favorites this coming May, it would seem!

I am just generally excited about Sora to Hara because I’m hoping so so so much that there are some fluffy extras between those two (though I shouldn’t hold my breath…) but I am super super super pumped about Yamanaka Hiko since her works are always like magic and glorious and I love her and it’s a book I actually have not read anything from by one of my favorite artists and that almost never happens so sd;gljsgs yay!!

Though talking about Yamanaka Hiko reminds me… next month it’s already time again for a new issue of onBLUE to be released. It’s kind of crazy how fast time flies—even though it comes out every four months it still sneaks up on me every time.

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2 responses to “upcoming releases to get excited about!”

  1. azurelucy says :

    Sora to Hara is going to be released on my birthday; obviously is a sign from the higher ups that I have to buy this.

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