today in BL manga

it’s been a while since I’ve done this, huh? More than three months! So I guess we have lots of stuff to update about at the moment.

♔ → on Jaryuu Dokuro’s latest blog entry she announced a tentative date for the release of volume one of her story through Rutile BxP Anx: May! So after what’s felt like a pretty pitiful drought in works by Jaryuu Dokuro, we’re finally getting something substantial. Pretty exciting!

♔ → a good find I happened to stumble upon the other day while I was searching Chill Chill to get ready for my upcoming purchase: Kimi no Karada ni Yasashii Kiss wo. Click the link to see the absolutely lovely cover! And as if the beautiful cover weren’t enough, the theme is equally adorable. It’s a book of seven stories by seven artists about boys kissing. Unfortunately there aren’t any reviews yet but it pretty much sounds like the cutest thing ever.

♔ → lot of people have even brought it up with me to make sure I know, so I’m sure everyone else has already heard but Matsuo Marta has a new book coming April 30th through Chocolat! I’ve only read one chapter of her story through them (incidentally, it was the last chapter… orz) but it seemed really interesting so I’m looking forward to it. Matsuo Marta has a knack for writing wonderfully charming characters and storylines so I’m sure it won’t disappoint.

♔ → Two very nice covers I wanted to post about through HertZ and Craft, Towa and Okuyama  Puku both have releases this month:

You can go here and here respectively to see bigger versions since Amazon hasn’t posted the covers yet. I really love Towa’s, in particular.

♔ → Speaking of releases though Craft and HertZ, Inoue Nawo will be releasing a new book on April 26th titled Sora no Deau Basho de. The Amazon pre-order page is already up here, and you can see the POP here!

♔ → And then May releases through Hanaoto are also something worth getting excited for: Natsumizu Ritsu with K-sensei no Yajuu na Aijou and Chiba Ryouko with Uchi no Oujisama, both for release on the 29th!

♔ → Back to talking about April released to get pumped about (for me at least), Yamada Maya has a book coming out through Junet on the 28th, Gojoe Tiger has one coming out on the 12th, and Ike Reibun has one through Lynx on the 24th! April is starting to look like a pretty horrifying month, budget-wise… also just because it’s always a stressful experience to ship porn like Yamada Maya’s shota-y books. orz

♔ → Two other covers I’ve found particularly intriguing are volume three of Mamahara Ellie and Tono Haruhi’s Kayashima-shi no Yuuga na Seikatsu and volume two of Sakura Sakuya’s Oinari-sama no Honey Bunny.

I know it’s probably weird of me but I group these two together instinctively if only because they have one thing in common: both of them are series I started thinking it would just be a ‘filler’ between stuff I was actually excited about only to get really hooked. Kayashima-shi in particular—I just love the atmosphere of the story and it’s so unusually well-suited to Mamahara Ellie’s art style. I can’t wait to see what volume three has in store—if only I could read the novels as well!

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9 responses to “today in BL manga”

  1. azurelucy says :

    I don’t think I’ll be able to buy BxP Anx this time around since I need to use my points on April.

    I’ll try Kimi no Karada; thanks for the heads up.

    I almost forgot about Marta Matsuo’s new book.

    Puku’s and Towa’s books are not available anymore in bk1 or cdjapan. Almost makes me wish that I would use amazon.

  2. Gaby says :

    Thanks so much for this detailed info!
    Though I don’t know if I will be able to buy or read any of these books (because of the language) it makes me happy to see there are exciting releases to look forward to :D

    BTW, do you know if Yamada Yugi is working on something new?
    Just asking because it seems to me that I haven’t heard of her lately.

    • ふう子 says :

      glad to be of service! 8)

      I don’t know, actually! I haven’t seen her running in any of the magazines I regularly buy. Perhaps she’s taking a short break between series!

  3. passing by passing by says :

    >Puku’s and Towa’s books are not available anymore in bk1 or cdjapan. Almost makes me wish that I would use amazon.

    Are they even released :(? thought the release for the Towa one is March 22 but it’s showing up as un-orderable (if pre-orders are allowed).

    Really looking forward to Marta Matsuo :). Thank you for the heads up!

    • ふう子 says :

      yep, both books come out on the 22nd. I do know that BK1 has a pre-order period (you can’t buy a book within the week of its release until it’s actually out, weirdly enough…) so perhaps that’s the problem?

      no problem!

      • passing by, passing by says :

        Oh my god! That’s precisely IT! i have a few other books also coming out on the 22, also can’t buy them xD. Will wait a few days. Thanks for letting me know!

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