new Kumonosuke cover

Daria isn’t really a publishing line that tends to release a lot of books that get me particularly excited but these past two months they’ve been on a roll, releasing books by two of my favorite artists: first Ootsuki Miu, and now this month it’s Kumonosuke. Again, I’ve been going to their site about three times a day waiting for the cover (the preview was posted a week or so back) and finally last night they delivered!

God only knows when Amazon will post up a high-quality image (they just finally posted Ootsuki’s) so this is all we have for now. Well, actually they also have a crop from it on their banner announcing the double-release with Gateau, which you can see on their main page. As is Kumonosuke’s specialty, it’s such a wonderful and intimate illustration.

Actually, have I even mentioned Kumonosuke’s second release on here yet? She’ll be releasing a book through Gateau next month on the 14th. Very exciting for us Kumonosuke fans—two releases in less than the span of a month! I’m pretty sure her Gateau release will be the story that’s been running in the anthology, which is good because I wasn’t able to afford to keep up with buying it. ;; And so I didn’t even get to see the final chapters ahhhh.

The more Kumonosuke, the better.


4 responses to “new Kumonosuke cover”

  1. Arya says :

    AAAAAA THAT COVER IS SO LOVELY AMIIII. The preview looks cute too :DD! Seems like a story about a cheerful uke and a seme that doesn’t know how to express himself well XDD. I wish I could read her works ; A ;. I’ve been wanting to since I read your reviews…

  2. Gaby says :

    That cover is surely gorgeous! I love the colors and the couple’s expressions ^^
    Once you read it, I will be looking forward to your review :D

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