how to organize your BL bookshelf: a filler post

so while I try to psyche myself up to write reviews for about a million things (including the latest Citron, Junko’s new book and Ichikawa Kei’s debut) I figured I would do a silly filler post. Since today the last of all the books I’ve been waiting on arrived, meaning I no longer have an excuse to not put all my books back on the shelf and reorganize it. This is something I’ve been putting off for uh… two months now?? Which would be bad enough, but these past two months have been ridiculously filled with book orders and porn and not cleaning my room and it’s just terrible. So please join me on the journey of trying to fix this mess:

it is super fun and filled with me hating my expensive packrat hobby.

So first you have the task of sorting the books depending on exactly where they’ll be going. For me, I have seven or so technical places I put books in my room. So I ended up with this sad mess that’s only slightly less horrifying than the last picture:

there is totally a method to this madness I swear. drap and LYNX are put away first since they go on the top of the shelf and are super easy.

Then you take away the books that don’t belong on the main shelf. You don’t want them getting in the way and causing worse frustration than you’ll already have to deal with. So you take them off the bed and put them on the rainbow rug. They will come into play later in the game.

these are the books you want to focus on first:

but before you start on them you’ll want to cry quietly to yourself for a little bit and wonder what the hell you’ve gotten yourself into. Perhaps play a sad song, or get out a tiny violin and play it. Once you’ve done that and are feeling a little more ready, it’s time to sort those books!

first you sort them like this. By author, so you can see exactly what you’re dealing with. The obnoxiously large stack in the middle is ‘stand-alone’ artists, or mangaka you only have one book by. They later get sorted by publisher, and then get placed into stacks like this:

this sad formation signifies exactly which shelf each book will likely be placed on, from the top left corner to the bottom right. So anyway, now that we have the books adequately sorted, we can start placing them on the actual shelves.

Top left corner. Because it’s How We Roll, we start with favorite artists and publishing lines. Surprise, surprise—Aniya Yuiji is first, kick-starting the collection of books published under Marble. The books are sorted by author, then publisher, then publishing date. We are just that pitifully obsessive, yes.

The first stack to be placed. Luckily the first shelf is easy because it just requires putting back two Aniya Yuiji books you’d been rereading.

And before you know it, your diligent work has paid off and you’re to the end of the top row!

Hooray it’s done!!

though now you have a bunch of books that no longer fit on this shelf and will have to be moved down…

and then, tragedy has struck—!! You realize you’ve completely forgotten about a big stack of books that belongs on the first two shelves, and you’ll have to completely re-do the top row. orz;;;;

it should probably go somewhere in here…

and with that task complete, we can finally move onto the second row. Unfortunately I took a lot less pictures at this point since I was starting to get more and more frustrated/annoyed with both the books and my evident inability to put them away and thus the reason they piled up so badly…

Sometimes you have to completely dismantle a shelf in order to make things flow smoothly.

okay books published under Rutile it’s your time to shine!

eventually you’ll have only this many books left. Which is still a lot but at least it’s only a quarter of what it once was.

then put Akiyama-kun away. Make sure to put it near the top in an easy-to-access place because there is a 99% chance you will suddenly feel like rereading it at some point within the next week or two.

and then somehow we are left with just this. やった!! \o/

though actually before we move on to the last of the books, since there are anthologies on that row we’ll do those first. Anthologies are super annoying to put away—way worse than your average collected comic because of their large, non-standard size and thickness. Usually it’s safe to say 21 or so tankoubon will fit on one shelf, but with anthologies you have to keep rearranging them and sorting them to figure out the perfect fit. And you have to keep them in numbered order. IT’S THE LAW.

but I was eventually able to find a semi-satisfactory set-up.

and we’re done with the BL on the main shelf!!! However, there’s still a lot of open space so…

we’ll see if we can also fit all the shoujo/josei titles here since I don’t have any other specific place to keep them.

Thank goodness, they all fit quite nicely.

Finally, this is all we have left:

Except they go on different shelves. For example, HertZ and Chara—

—go up on this high shelf above the computer:

And then Canna—

—goes on this hidden shelf in the closet where magazines/anthologies are kept if there’s an excessive amount or if they’re just kind of porny and would be awkward if flipped through by an unsuspecting person.

then finally, the shelf where we put English releases and just other stuff that doesn’t fit anywhere else.

well. Then there are these thingies to worry about:

which you sort between ‘recyclable’ and ‘I am going to keep these because I am a terrible packrat who can’t throw things away’.

and then you put them in this box while your cat watches you:

AND THEN YOU’RE DONE sdg;ksgsk;gs;lgjs;;lsdf tears of happiness!!!!!

………except now you get to go take a bunch of those books back off the shelf so you can scan them and write reviews.


34 responses to “how to organize your BL bookshelf: a filler post”

  1. Anon says :

    Ho boy that is a lot! I don’t nearly have as much (I only collect licensed titles…. even then I’m picky) and it’s just sorted into two piles called porny and non porny and put into what my younger siblings call “the secret drawer”.

    I guess I’m thankful for the language barrier for now. It’s the only thing stopping me with going crazy with the ones with the really nice covers ; 3 ;

    • ふう子 says :

      it’s probably too much tbh—there are a handful of titles I didn’t even like that much and will probably never read again but for some reason I still have trouble parting with them. orz

      haha ‘the secret drawer’. That sounds like a mystery novel.

  2. Catherine (@Scroteey) says :

    Ooooh it looks beautiful. Some of those… want.

    Also… new Junko? WAAAANT.

  3. adamantineheart says :

    Take them out one at a time!!! And put them back the moment you’re done!!! Really, it wouldn’t be too hard to maintain if you didn’t buy new books… ever. But as that will never happen, I look forward to next month’s installment of “why god why won’t these books sort themselves???”

    • ふう子 says :

      but Victoria that would require actual effort to stay on top of things!!! Do you want to take bets on what day I’ll be crying about having to rearrange my bookshelf next month? I’d say April 10th.

      I’ll probably never stop buying books. orz

  4. azurelucy says :

    holy sh-I want all your bookshelves(with all the books). But I probably wouldn’t know what to do with all of them because I move at least once a year.

    • ふう子 says :

      The bookshelf is from IKEA! 8) I wanted it because it’s double-sided and doubles as a privacy wall from the doorway to my bed haha. Luckily I don’t move ever—I don’t know what in the world I would do with all of my Stuff if I had to transport it places.

  5. vick says : have so many :cry:
    It gives my one single, tiny, lonesome BL shelf something to strive to be when it grows up

  6. kitsune_no_ame says :

    Very nice post (I love to have a peak at people’s rooms/collections)
    Perhaps it will motivate me to (finally) rearrange my bookshelves?

    Also, glad to know I’m not the only one who keeps all kinds of previews & flyers (also in a box)

    • ふう子 says :

      I really like looking at other people’s book collections too! *A*) Which is why I made blbookshelf haha.

      ugh it’s so hard to part with the flyers. I used to at least use them for scrapbooking purposes but now they just sit in that box. Still, I can’t just throw them away. ;;

  7. yaone says :

    Awe this post is so shiny and precious! My collection is a measly fraction compared to yours! *jealous* Just curious, how long have you been buying BL manga/magazine/anthology?

    Oh I keep those leaflets and order slips too!

    • ふう子 says :

      I have been buying BL pretty regularly for about two and a half years now! 8) For a little bit longer than I’ve been running this blog.

      haha leaflet hoarders unite!

  8. mahlenneth says :

    Omg, love this post XD
    I don’t have places anymore to put my BL mangas, thanks =D
    Wao, you have so many mangas *o*
    I wanted to have this many too, but I have to balance with cosplay and figures too XP

    • ふう子 says :

      haha luckily I don’t really have too many other ‘stuff-centric’ hobbies aside from BL so I can just fill my room with BL to my heart’s content without needing to leave space for other things. I don’t know what I would do with myself if I needed more room for other things. orz

  9. Midnightveil says :

    “goes on this hidden shelf in the closet where magazines/anthologies are kept if there’s an excessive amount or if they’re just kind of porny and would be awkward if flipped through by an unsuspecting person.” Uh… isn’t it mostly ALL porny in your room anyway? lol

    Being OCD is fine because nothing beats the satisfaction of books well shelved at the end of the day 8D

    • ふう子 says :

      that is true! Though the books I’m talking about there are ones published under Junet, since they have some shota-y titles and usually have pretty blatantly pornographic covers. orz I usually hide them away, like a teenager would hide their porn stash under the mattress.


  10. Klimt says :

    This post came just in time ’cause I was wondering how should I organise my bookshelf. It’s definitely tough to find a place for anthologies and I have a lot of, like you said, “stand-alone” mangaka. I had no idea what comes first. It was really helpful!

    • ふう子 says :

      haha I wasn’t expecting this to be helpful to anyone at all so I’m glad at least someone got something out of it! I organize mine by artist, then publisher, then line, then publication date. And then I start with my favorite artist/line, and make those books easiest to access. I’m kind of obsessive about it but there really is something satisfying about having all the books in order and always knowing where to look when I feel like rereading a certain title!

  11. Gaby says :

    This post is so awesome!!! :D
    I love also that it comes with pictures. Can I say that your collection of books and magazines is amazing? And so good that you are able to read all of that, because if I had them, I could only look at the pretty pictures hehe.

    I recognized many of the works but my heart stopped when I saw the cover of Hatsukoi no Atosaki. It’s just that I love so much Hidaka Shoko and Arashi no Ato is my fave work from her so far. And somebody said that Hatsukoi no Atosaki is like a side story of Arashi no Ato, is that true? I so want to read it!
    I would really love it and also Arashi no Ato to be licensed. I would buy them just now!

    Thanks for the post ^^

    • ふう子 says :

      haha there are some that I have difficulty reading as well. My level of Japanese really isn’t that good—I can mostly only read fairly simple dialogue. That’s why I can’t really read novels at all. The second the descriptions start becoming complicated, my comprehension plummets.

      Unfortunately I actually haven’t read Hatsukoi no Atosaki yet! I’ve been meaning to reread Arashi no Ato first, since I read it so long ago at this point that I no longer remember what it was about.

      thank you for your comment. 8)

  12. alex says :

    I love your post on organizing BL bookshelf!!! Right now mine are just stacking up whereever space I can find. Most of them are Japanese and I buy them anyway because they are not available in English, even though i can’t read Japanese. Thank you for sharing and you are inpirational :D

    • ふう子 says :

      that’s the problem I was having as well lol. They were just starting to get piled up everywhere, so it was about time I seriously take them on and organize them!

  13. milkydue says :

    ROFL! I play the sad song and think WTF did I get myself into after I finish looking through my box of goodies from the mail ^^ This is why I end up selling the ones I don’t want anymore on my blog =X sometimes you just gotta let go to make more room. >_< Nice collection!

    • ふう子 says :

      I wish I could convince myself to sell the ones I don’t particularly like. Also, my old magazines and anthologies. Unfortunately I’m such a hoarder when it comes to books so they’re very hard for me to part with. I’m sure I’ll have to soon, though, because I’m literally running out of storage space. orz;;

  14. milkydue says :

    btw how many books do you have .. have you ever counted?

  15. Nadia Neto says :

    Hi there, nice blog u got here, thx to you i know now that i’m another fujoshi too, teehee~

    Now onto the business :P, i’ve travelled through your blog to find a particular review about the drap magazine/comic of march2012 because i’ve seen its cover in a selling site (like amazon) and i was trilled about that couple in the cover (the guy with glasses and balck hair kept my eye lol) so i was wondering since u make a reviews of a lot magazines, i wanted to ask you if u might know from what manga/story are that couple from the cover, or the author/illustrator.

    thx in advance for the reply and keep up the gob job ^_~

    Ps. (if u could drop me a mail with info it would be great :) , but even so i will click “follow” botton to see the blog updates )

    • ふう子 says :

      Hi! Thank you–I’m glad you enjoy my blog. 8)

      Actually, the artists on the March ’12 cover of drap is Mio Junta! The characters are from her story that finished up in that particular issue, titled Renai Moratorium.

  16. Zen says :

    wish that I can have some of your yummy books *crawls into the cave and cries*

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