Aniya Yuiji “CVS”

so I finally got Aniya Yuiji and Psyche Delico’s new books in the mail the other day but I’ve been putting off writing a proper review because I’m lazy and it’s hard to get back in the swing of posting normally when you’ve becomes used to… not posting. orz;;; But I figured it’s about time I do w write-up on them so here I am!!! Except I’m only going to talk about Aniya’s right now since I have to get ready for work in a half-hour.

This is another doujinshi continuation of Aniya Yuiji’s earlier official release Mister Convenience, which is a book about two men who work together at a convenience store whose lives get tangled when one (Minamihara) confesses to the other (Kitamura). But Kitamura is definitely not gay—he’s been dating the same girl for 12 years. And he loves her. Doesn’t he? But then why is it so hard for him to just brush Minamihara off? Anyway, that’s the general gist of the story—needless to say Kitamura eventually comes to realize Minamihara is the one he loves and they eventually get together. (Though they have sex continually through the whole book… kinda.)

Anyway this new addition is from Kitamura’s POV as he slowly realizes just how much he’s fallen in love with Minamihara! A majority of it takes place at a restaurant where he and Minamihara have dinner with two or Minamihara’s exes (one female and the other male) and Kitamura is horrified by how jealous and possessive he feels while watching Minamihara being affectionate with people he’s slept with in the past.

Character list!

a pretty good portion of the book is porny content between Minamihara and Kitamura with Kitamura’s inner dialogue. Very nice. *w*)b

Akina-chan (Minamihara’s ex) still doesn’t know Kitamura broke off his 12-year relationship with her sister in order to date Minamihara, and Kitamura finds it uncomfortable difficult to tell her.

Junpei is shocked to see how beautifully Minamihara has matured. Sorry Junpei he doesn’t want you anymore.

poor Minamihara isn’t exactly sure how he’s supposed to react to Kitamura’s jealous neediness.

Kitamura’s vaguely creepy, possessive inner dialogue. “Don’t go to work, don’t talk to other men, don’t look at others, don’t leave my side”.

aaaaaand a very happy but sloppy Minamihara.

Anyway, this was a pretty short book but I was really satisfied by it. The thing is, though there isn’t any doubt inMister Convenience that Kitamura eventually shares Minamihara’s feelings, it’s pretty obvious that Minamihara is the ‘loser’ in their love affair because he’s the one who wholeheartedly and obsessively loves Kitamura. Kitamura seems to finally ‘need’ Minamihara as well near the end, but it’s only touched upon for a short while. But this book picks up where that plot line dropped, showing how Kitamura is just as insatiably in love with Minamihara now that they’re together. They seem to have a very passionate home life, haha.

I’m really happy to get any new content by Aniya Yuiji (especially BL) but a continuation of this book in particular was just what the doctor ordered. This couple is really fantastic and though they had their heartbreaking moments in the original story they now have a love-love established relationship and it’s just really great to see. If you haven’t read this series yet, I highly highly highly recommend it!!

Also nnnnggg Aniya Yuiji’s dirty scenes are always A+++. *w*)b


2 responses to “Aniya Yuiji “CVS””

  1. azurelucy says :

    She seems to have quite a few doujinshis. You should write a post detailing about her books and how each doujinshi connects to them.

    • ふう子 says :

      haha it’s not too many actually. She has two continuations of Mister Convenience and one continuation of Me wo Tojite 3byou. Other than that her books are mostly original doujinshi releases.

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