Mio Junta “Yukemuri Journey”

Another not!review, since I don’t have a lot I want to say about these books but I still wanted to talk about them a bit since I found them so enjoyable to read. Mio Junta is another one of those artists who have art I find to be blindingly pretty—very aesthetically appealing and cute and definitely the type I like to read most. Her stories are generally not very deep or meaningful but they’re enjoyable to read nonetheless and this one is definitely no exception.

The plot for the main story deals with Naoto, a college student and Kou, a young attendant at a bathhouse. Naoto meets Kou after a crappy day in which he misses his school entrance ceremony, loses his job, and then it turns out his hot water at home is shut off for a while. So he has to go to the bathhouse Kou works at. Initially Kou looks young, gentle and beautiful, but soon enough Naoto learns Kou’s true nature—he’s brash and quick to anger, much older than his appearance hints at and not nearly so naive (at least, not in the way he appears). But his body is nonetheless small and so Naoto doesn’t want Kou to take up all the bathhouse jobs on his own. Thus, Naoto starts working for the bathhouse when he can. Besides, even though Kou isn’t who Naoto initially expected him to be, Naoto can’t help but still be intrigued by the small man.

thus starts their rocky, unsure fall into the love. When Naoto starts understanding the reasoning behind Kou’s actions and behaviors, he can’t help but find the older man to be incredibly cute. And since Naoto is so helpful and accepting, Kou can’t keep pushing Naoto away either.If only it weren’t for all these interruptions getting in the way of them confessing and consummating their love…

The main story is actually only seven chapters fleshed out between the two volumes. The first volume has four chapters and an extra, and the second has three. Aside from the main story, though, there are various oneshots at the end of each book to fill up the page space so please don’t feel like you’ll be ripped off if you purchase these books! Volumes one only has room for one oneshot, which is a ‘prince and pauper’ story in which a wealthy young man gets to know the homeless hooligan he finds bathing in his private garden. Volume two then has three oneshots—one with a ‘martial bliss’ type couple who hit a roadbump on their path to happiness, another that deals with a feisty uke character who lashes out a bit too much, and then finally a story about a high school boy lacking confidence in his experience since he’s dating a much older man.

Though all the oneshots were quite cute, obviously the main attraction in the title story! The character designs and personalities were incredibly endearing to me—Kou in particular, since he’s definitely a tsundere done right. You can tell he really does like Naoto but his insecurity keeps pushing him into rejecting Naoto’s affections and not understanding what the next step would be in accepting their love. He’s really too cute—a bundle of pouty behavior in the most adorable little body. And Naoto is also my favorite type of ‘seme’ character; he’s 100% wanko! He takes all of Kou’s moods in stride and dedicates himself to being there whenever Kou needs him—even the times Kou doesn’t want him around because he’s feeling too shy.

Anyway I really liked these books so I recommend them a bunch! 8) Kou and Naoto were adorable on their own but particularly endearing as a couple. If you like tsun/wanko pairing dynamic in BL than you’ll definitely enjoy this book. It’s more plot-y than it is smutty but all the ‘doki doki’ type cute, fluffy scenes make up for the lack of blatant sexual fanservice.

And, of course, did I mention Mio Junta’s art is beautiful?

Because it’s beautiful.


4 responses to “Mio Junta “Yukemuri Journey””

  1. mahlenneth says :

    Omg, how cute *o*
    I didn’t know this mangaka
    Thank you for sharing =D

  2. meodien1812 says :

    When I read the two first chapters of this manga, I couldn’t say how much I love the art style ^^ Your post is amazing, thanks alot!

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