Ootsuki Miu “Ijiwaru na Hito”

My book came in the mail yesterday! *w*) It’s absolutely fabulous—everything I was hoping for. The perfect balance of fluff and smut that is the key to Ootsuki’s works!

This isn’t really going to be a review or anything since I mostly just want to flail about the book sdgks;gsdd it’s just really lovely and sexy and for a while I’ve been turning my attentions to various other artists but this book definitely renewed my adoration of Ootsuki Miu’s art and story style.

There are six stories in all, not including the the extra chapters. The title story is probably the dirtiest published comic—about a young man who falls in love with his seemingly innocent, cute teacher and somehow winds up in a sexual relationship with him. But this boy isn’t the best at showing his affection and he winds up being more of a bully than a lover. Though perhaps his cute, naive teacher is really the bully here…

Story two is Worlds End Supernova, which was originally a web-only release. I won’t talk about that one much, since I already reviewed it here. Story three is Amai Yuuwaku, a cute slice-of-life plot about two men who’re already in an established relationship. The fourth story is Line, another one about two men who’re already lovers but this time they’re older and starting to worry about their sexual appeal. Story five, Evergreen, is about two high schoolers frustrated due to bad communication skills and lacking confidence. And then the final story, Oto mo Naku, deals with two young college men who become good friends even though they’re extremely different—that is, until one of them ends up wanting more.

Some of the stories are actually smut-free, which surprised me haha. The final story in particular ended on a more fluffy, light note. But the extra chapter (based off Evergreen) was very smutty so that made up for it.

ANYWAY have some pictures!

story and character-wise, I really liked the final story. I’m a real sucker for stolen kisses and relationships between people who’re quiet/unsure and people who’re outgoing and spontaneous. Smut-wise, well… it’s hard to choose, since they’re all pretty fantastic. Ootsuki Miu really excels at writing porn—her body positioning, facial expressions, dialogue, etc. is all so perfectly perverted yet somehow doesn’t feel as forced or stupid as it does with a lot of other (BLand hentai) artists.

With this book and her drap storyVanilla Resort (which will hopefully be continuing soon!!!) I really feel like I’ve fallen in love with Ootsuki Miu all over again. ;w;) Her plots are pretty cliche and in no way groundbreaking, but they’re so fun and cute and full of all the best fanservice.

I excitedly await all else she decides to release this year!


8 responses to “Ootsuki Miu “Ijiwaru na Hito””

  1. Gaby says :

    Thanks so much for this post and your comments about the book! And for sharing some pics! I love it!

    It seems to me that she draws better and better as books go by! The cover is absolutely lovely *I guess the first pic is the cover hehe*

    The stories sound great from what you said and I like the variety. I was especially attracted to the story of the guys that are “re older and starting to worry about their sexual appeal.” and the last one because well…I like that kind of stories. But all of them appear to be great!

    Even if the plots can be cliche, sometimes I think the talent of a mangaka shows
    not only when presenting original stories but also when making apparently known plots, fresh and enjoyable. Sometimes it’s not the “what” but also the “how”. Gee not sure if I could explain myself :S

    Anyway thanks again!

    • ふう子 says :

      Her art really is becoming more and more lovely! For a while I was a little sad that her older style was fading a bit and evolving, but the more I read her newer works the more I realize it’s definitely not a bad thing.

      Those two stories really were cute! You usually don’t see stories about men worrying about their visual appeal when they age so that story was really something refreshing and new for me. Usually in BL it’s stories about younger guys who’re worried because of their lack of experience—not the other way around!

      And I understand what you’re saying: re cliche plots and I definitely agree. Even a story that has been done a million times before can still be interesting in the hands of a good artist/storyteller!

  2. Wensleydale says :

    Ahaha, thank you for keeping the rest of us in the Ootsuki Miu loop! You’ve got me ready to pick up Vanilla Resort when it’s finished+collected, should be funtimes. And thanks for “Familiar”, I am forever in your debt for somehow finding a copy with the super-dirty (lol messy) kitchensex! X3 I was pretty psyched to open that package, thank you!

    • ふう子 says :

      oh, thank goodness! I’m glad your book arrived safely. 8) I’m really sorry it took me forever to get my hands on the limited copy—unfortunately it’s just recently started going out of print. orz;; But I’m really happy that you liked it! Thank you again for participating in my contest.

  3. reyyca says :

    where do you buy ootsuki miu-sensei book? i want it really bad !!

  4. stella says :

    hello i’ve a big problem. I can’t find this yaoi cause in my country the access to this sort of manga is forbiden. if someone is in the same case as me can he told me were could I find a web site for buy this book ?

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