Citron 13 excitement!

I am still a little bit on hiatus but I’ll probably officially get off hiatus in a week or so when my BL order for February arrives! But for now I figured I should post all this here because well… I can only spam twitter so much before everyone unfollows me.

oh godddd they put up the page for Citron 13 and now I am SUPER EXCITED. I wasn’t very excited for the last issue because there was no Itoshi no Nekokke so I was kind of disappointed and actually… probably haven’t even read it yet… so I wasn’t really all that giddy about this issue (even though I knew it was another issue dedicated to Kumota Haruko) but now that I’ve seen the page I am super super super super excited df;lhjdfh’dfhdf

For one, it’s not just another issue about Kumota Haruko but actually a ‘tribute issue’ to Itoshi no Nekokke in particular.

With illustrations and commentary by artists like ANIYA YUIJI (!!!!!!!!!!!), Est Em, Psyche Delico, Shimura Takako (!!!!!!!), Kusama Sakae, Morozumi Sumitomo, etc. So pretty much all of Kumota’s twitter BL family and then some. Then it comes to a ‘White Day Card’ that is supposed to go with the special Valentine’s Card (which you can see here)—this time it will be Kei-chan giving a gift to Mii-kun! Unfortunately there is only one new chapter of Itoshi no Nekokke in the newest Citron but it’s a flashback to their time in high school so I can’t be too upset! Obviously this is a good set-up to head into volume three with.

All this excitement over ItoNeko aside, Jaryuu Dokuro is in this issue! I’m pretty shocked, since iirc they didn’t list her in the ‘upcoming’ category initially. (However, Psyche Delico is listed yet is unfortunately absent. orz;;) But it’s… the final chapter of Coyote? But there was all this build-up in the first two chapters that made it seem like there was still a lot of story left to go. ;w;) I can’t help but wonder if Jaryuu forced herself to finish up, or if perhaps Libre asked her to do so. I guess we’ll just have to see how well Coyote ends—if it seems perfectly normal or forced.

Aside from Jaryuu, you can see the rest of the lineup here on Citron’s official issue page! It also has Kusama Sakae and a continuation of KUJIRA’s story and Uno Zinia and Yamaomi. It looks like a really promising issue!

Then you can also view the NEXT page for volume 14, and I can’t help but get kind of pumped for that issue as well! The theme is “Boys Love NEW AGE” with a cover by Ishikawa Kei. Her getting the cover pleases me greatly since it’s kind of my pet peeve when magazines/anthologies feature cover art by artists that don’t even run in their publication, which seemed to be a turn Citron was starting to make. orz;;; Plus, she deserves it—her tankoubon is coming out this next month and the story is really quite good! Especially if you, like me, are a sucker for awkward teenage romance. Highly recommended!

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