exciting upcoming releases! \o/

I don’t have much today but I was putting together my purchase for January and came across a bit of exciting release news!

First is for Kisaragi Manami’s Junketsu Drop! Just a week or so ago I answered an Ask on tumblr saying they were hoping Junketsu would be released soon since they’re interested in purchasing and reading it—and if it wasn’t released soon they were thinking of just buying the anthology issues. Well, lucky for them it’s coming out soon!

February 27th, to be precise—just over a month from now! I’m super excited to see the cover, and any extra content the comic release might have. *w* Not so secretly hoping for a reversible sex scene! Or even just some more tsuntsun makeouts.

Then another one I’m definitely excited for is unfortunately a release I’ll have to wait all the way for March to get my hands on: Snae Hata’s official second release through LYNX!

March 24th ahhh. ;w;)/ Why can’t you come faster!! I definitely recommend this book—especially if you’re a fan of Snae’s cute story-telling in the first place—since her stories through LYNX are especially adorable.

Now I just have to try to be patient and wait it out for Kojima Lalako’s book through LYNX. ;; If I recall correctly it’s been almost a year now since she was last in their magazine. Hopefully she’ll get in there a few times in 2012 so I can finally have a compilation of all her sweet stories through them.

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8 responses to “exciting upcoming releases! \o/”

  1. cheezy says :

    Your post just made my day!! Don’t have to order the rest of Canna to get Junketsu Drop anymore! 8D

    I thought the Junketsu Drop release was bogus ’cause Canna twitted that there were some error with Interval Zero and instead it should be Mizu no Haru. But Junketsu drop and Interval Zero were listed on BK1 since the beginning of the month, so I’ve already pre-ordered it thinking they’ll cancel my order.

    Kojima Lalako’s in Hertz and Chara recently too. ;D

    • ふう子 says :

      hmmm that makes me wonder if it really is for sale then. orz Since now that I’m double-checking I can’t find it on amazon. But then again sometimes amazon is super late to the game with getting preorders and covers posted. I guess we’ll just have to see when February rolls around. ;;

      I actually read Kojima’s story in HertZ. 8) I like it though it’s very unlike most of her other work—very dark and sad. I wish I could but Chara Selection to read her works in there too but I’m too poor. Even though the fact that Ootsuki is in it as well makes it even more tempting. orz;;; I will try to be patient for once!!

  2. Kery says :

    Omg I had no idea that Kisaragi Manami is drawing manga now! I love her Hetalia stuff. Now I’m excited :D (And poorer.)

    • ふう子 says :

      unfortunately Junketsu Drop is a collab between her and another author, so it’s hard to say how much input she had with the actual story. But it was very enjoyable to read and her art is so adorable—I wish she’d publish more soon!

  3. azurelucy says :

    Yay Junketsu Drop! I’m going to have to postpone my manga purchase just for that, but I’m not sure I can wait one month.

  4. cosmoflip says :

    fffffffffff Junketsu Drop isn’t available for preorder yet on bk1 ;A; Gonna have to stalk them daily to add it to my shopping cart. And yay for Sunae Hata new release! /o/ Another book to add to my March to-buy list, hoho.

    • ふう子 says :

      hmm I wonder if they took it down. ;; Since someone else mentioned that Canna might have made a mistake and announced Junketsu too soon. I guess we’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed!

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