today in BL manga (or “life of a fujoshi”)

Long time no see, yet again! This post is going to be kind of unusual, because though I really do want to post here I’ve been kind of infatuated with P3P and haven’t been able to set aside the time to properly talk about any of the BL-related stuff I’ve been doing/into lately. So it will be a journal of sorts, I suppose, with a mish-mash of things that have happened recently as well as some things I’ve been meaning to talk about for a while.

Obviously if you read this blog mostly for news you can feel free to skip this post. But if you don’t mind reading the boring ramblings of a random fujoshi feel free to read on! Plus if you’re interested in me as a person (god only knows why you would be) I guess this will give a little insight into how this sad little blogger lives her life. This might get long, though, since I’m the type to get obnoxiously long-winded when I don’t have an outline in front of me.

Like I said, I’ve been kind of throwing myself into Persona 3: Portable. I don’t really talk about it much on here because I never really consider it relevant (unless you’ve read my blog for a long, long time and remember the Starry Sky playthrough I did some of) but I’m also a bit of a gamer. Only “a bit” because I haven’t really played that many games, but the ones I have played and enjoyed I love a lot and play often. But anyway I finally got my hands on P3P (which I’ve wanted since it was announced in Japan) and stared playing the female route and I think it’s okay for me to talk about it here since it’s kind of like an otome game.

I really love it. Actually that’s kind of an understatement. I really really love it. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Persona 3 tbh–I enjoyed it but I played it after Persona 4 (which I also loved) and so it got overshadowed. So I was thinking I would like P3P but I wouldn’t be blown away or anything.

But there’s really something about playing as the female protagonist and being able to actually get to know all the guys this time around that really adds a lot of depth to the game. And I personally like f!MC more than Minato (though his character design is undeniably pretty). Ahhh I really can’t recommend it enough, if you’re a fujoshi who also likes to game when there isn’t a pile of BL to keep you distracted. The game kind of breaks your heart over and over and over (especially if you know the ending) but it’s so worth it.

Other than that, this Monday the rest of my BL purchase for December arrived! Pretty exciting. I’ve been wanting to read Nobara Aiko’s latest chapter in onBLUE ever since I read her chapters a month or so ago, after realizing I hadn’t read them already. Always with my bad habit of randomly skipping stories in the anthologies I buy.

Insanely enough I’ve had this entire week off from work (welcome to the slow season in retail……) and I’ve barely been able to read any of them so far since I’m too distracted by daily life and my game. I looked through them all, though, of course. Not that that counts. orz;;; And I also scanned some stuff from them for iamfujoshi, which still doesn’t count.

Manako wrote a continuation of her cute story with the scary moe bear man!!! That was pretty exciting to me lol.

I did finish this one: Sakura Sakuya’s latest book through Junet! Very enjoyable, imo. It’s a book of pretty low-intensity oneshots that are more smut than anything else, and they were exactly what I was craving when the book arrived! Whenever I want something fluffy and low-maintenance I feel like I can rely a lot on Sakura Sakuya. *w*)/ Before reading this book I hadn’t realized just how much Sakura Sakuya’s art has changed over the years, oddly enough.

I also read a bit of Takarai Saki’s latest book through Chocolat. This one is also pretty much low-maintenance fluff, but I find it quite enjoyable. I’ve only read the first story, though… Isn’t the uke character from the first story too cute?? Ahhh I love characters like that. orz

The only other book form my purchase I’ve read the majority of so far is Katou Setsuko’s! This one got a really bad review on Chill Chill, haha. orz;;; But idk, once again I really like this one. It’s another set of short stories, much like a majority of Katou’s other work, and they all have a similar charm as her previous stories—great sexual tension, lovely characters, and a slightly unfinished feel. There’s one between a suit maker and the businessman who falls in love with him, and then another between a young man who falls in love with his sister’s prospective husband, and then also a story about two college boys stranded together on a hiking trip. I just haven’t finished the last story yet. orz

Volume two of Kumota Haruko’s ITAN book! I only flipped through it so far but the atmosphere seems… oddly gay, considering this is just a josei publication lmao. Hmmmm perhaps I was a little too much in fujoshi mode when I looked through it initially! So perhaps when I finish my P3P playthrough this should be the first book I properly read. (If I don’t get draw in by Digital Devil Saga first, at least.)

Those books aside, I’ve also still been keeping an eye out in my local Half-Price Books stores for any second-hand English BL that might have fallen into their laps after Borders’ demise. And I actually bought a book that might shock you a little.

Yep, I now own a book by Yoshinaga Fumi. I don’t know what it is exactly that made me do it—perhaps the fact that everyone says her works are brilliant and I’m missing out by not liking her work, perhaps just the fact that I don’t like refusing to give artists a second chance as my tastes slowly change and develop. But the cover caught my eye and I had the money to spare. And when I flipped through it at the store I saw a threesome. /cough

I wouldn’t say I loved the book but I did find it quite enjoyable! As much as I can’t say I’m a huge fan of her artwork, her facial expressions and character designs are sometimes quite pretty. So perhaps from here going forward I’ll be able to give her other work more of a chance instead of just constantly passing it by.

Then I also bought J-BOY. Which I assume is short for Libre’s “Junk!Boy” series?? idk. I’ve had this book in my wishlist for 4+ years now (before I even started this blog, and before I was even buying BL regularly) so even though flipping through it at the store made it seem less intriguing to me than the description and the vast artist list on Amazon all those years ago I decided to buy it. Plus it was only $6, which is a pretty big slash down from the original $17 price. Hey, I could always give it away if I don’t particularly like it after I finish!

However, the saleslady slipped the receipt into a pretty embarrassing page…


Actually, I wrote a short column on this horrifying ‘opening to the most embarrassing page to slip the receipt in’ phenomenon for my friend Snakey’s online BL publication, which I’ve been meaning to talk about since it was released a few weeks back. /o\ I guess I was pretty out of it from the stress of the past two months ahh. But anyway, I definitely recommend downloading and reading the stories. Not my column so much, since it’s boring. But the actual stories inside are very worth it!! I’ll actually be writing columns for their online publication for the time being (whenever they invite me to do so) so if you have anything you’d like to see me write about then feel free to ask! I’m always up for suggestions!

Anyway, sorry for this strange post! Hopefully I’ll start feeling a bit more up to posting in the coming days!

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17 responses to “today in BL manga (or “life of a fujoshi”)”

  1. xlilim says :

    First time posting a comment, but I’ve been following your blog for a few months.

    I can relate to your P3P obsession. I had a fangasm playing the FMC, squealed throughout all the S.links – especially all the lovers routes I’d taken. I’ve played it repeatedly – I just started replaying P4, too. Though I think both series are greats, I have a greater love for P4. I think the Death Arcana in that series really sold it to me (not sure if you managed to max that, so I don’t want to spoil!).

    And whaaa! More Katou Setsuko short stories; now I’ve got something to purchase! XD

    • ふう子 says :

      thank you for your comment. 8) Sorry it took me so long to respond.

      haha I’m currently replaying P4 as well! Since this is actually my first time being able to do NG+ as I always have a terrible habit of forgetting which memory card my games are saved to. I don’t know if I ever maxed the Death link on P4—I don’t remember it, so probably not. Hopefully I’ll be better about maxing all my s.links this time around.

      They’re really nice and sexy. :> I hope you enjoy them!

  2. cheezy says :

    *O* Minazuki Akira! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

    P3 was one of my favourite Persona games, if we exclude the first game. XD

    • ふう子 says :

      Minazuki Akira! /o/

      I’ve been trying to play the first and second games but I’m such a gaming newb that it’s hard for me to get used to the older-style graphics and fighting styles. orz orz

  3. kokiden says :

    How does one go about purchasing and playing this thing called P3P? Not that I have time for it…

    • ふう子 says :

      All you need is a Playstation Portable and then to buy the game and you’re all set! :> It’s worth the hours spent on it imo but yeah, you definitely need plenty of extra time on your hands if you’re going to lose yourself in the story/game!

  4. azurelucy says :

    I really like Katou Setsuko, and regularly reread all her stories. But unfortunately a lot of people, for some reason, don’t like her.

    I’ve read your essay in whutnani and didn’t even knew it was you! I actually went the other day to bookoff, for the first, expecting this to happen to me but it didn’t.

    I loved p3p and playing as a female, so I was really disappointed when Atlus told us that p4p didn’t have a femc. I’m hoping that as a consolation they manage to squeeze in more hoyay, or better yet make Yosuke a gay option; there is technically one in P2:IS, so I thought they could manage one in p4p. I also played Digital Devil Saga 1 but I was kinda disappointed after playing SMT: Nocturne, which is actually my favorite megaten game yet. But you probably wouldn’t like it since it’s really different from the persona games and even DDS. Basically the world is destroyed, the only humans who survived compete in trying to determine who will create the next world, the mc is turned into a demon, and you are only allowed to recruit demons. Nocturne is one of the darkest and most difficult games in SMT so it probably turns off a lot of casual fans coming from P3/P4.

    TL;DR yeah, I’m obsessed with the SMT franchise.

    • ふう子 says :

      I think it’s because her stories really don’t have all that much deep character developement, so people who look for that kind of thing in their manga will be left unsatisfied. But fortunately for me even if the stories aren’t super deep or anything I can still find them enjoyable. So I really love Katou’s work. *w*)/

      haha maybe they’re nice enough at Book Off to realize they should respectfully not open your books. orz

      Initially I was thinking I wouldn’t want a female MC in Persona 4 since you get the s.links anyway, but then I started really noticing how different the character interactions are for FeMC (especially with the males) and I started getting disappointed as well. 8( I’d really love to see how Yosuke, Daisuke, etc. would treat a female MC instead of a male MC and it would be interesting to see how much the s.links change when the characters are speaking to/relating to a female character instead of a male. Sigh.

      I actually got DDS and Nocturne for Christmas! So hopefully I’ll be playing them as soon as I finish my NG+ of P4 and I’ll let you know how I like them! 8)

      • azurelucy says :

        My advice when playing Nocturne and even DDS is to save often, and to remember that fighting is a trial and error endeavor so you are going to die often, especially in Nocturne. Oh, and have fun defeating the Demi-Fiend in DDS.

        If you are having any trouble feel free to visit gamefaq.

  5. Gaby says :

    It’s always nice to read your posts :)
    Just to say this: I know nothing about p3p but it seems entertaining :), I do like a lot Katou Setsuko’s words and I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw where the receipt was ^^

  6. K-cho says :

    Why don’t you usually like Yoshinaga Fumi’s work? Not asking this in a confrontational way at all, personally I don’t really have much of an opinion on her one way or the other! Just curious. (If this is something people ask you often and you’re tired of answering it, feel free to ignore me. :>)

    • ふう子 says :

      hmmm it’s hard to respond without simply saying ‘because I just don’t’ but I guess I’ll try to explain why I don’t like her. Initially I was just not interested because I didn’t like her art, but her fans kind of kept pushing her name on me and singing her praises so I finally caved and read the highly-recommend Gerard & Jacques and… I didn’t enjoy it at all, from the art to the story to the characters. It was a total turn-off. So since then I haven’t bothered with any of her work, no matter how much people say it’s groundbreaking and amazing. Until now, at least.

  7. Snakey says :

    All those beautiful books~~ I had wondered about that Kumota Haruko book since Amazon keeps recommending it to me, but if you say it’s oddly gay, I might just have to get my hands on it. XDD

    ………Sorry dear I actually laughed out loud when I saw where that receipt was placed. Aww you<3

    • ふう子 says :

      Unfortunately I still haven’t found the time to read my copy so I still can’t give it a glowing recommendation or anything. orz But I can at least say I really enjoyed the first volume and definitely recommend anything Kumota Haruko has put out in the first place.

      sob it’s the reason I sit and debate with myself in the story whether or not it’s worth it to buy the book. orz

  8. Wensleydale says :

    I tried to play through P3 when it was initially released, but got frustrated by the inability to control more than one character during battle–however, this remake sounds up my alley if it changes that AND gives me the ability to date the dudes in the game! Though P4 still sorta owns my attention right now ^^;;;

    I haven’t had any embarassing page receipts quite like that, but after my buddy picked up Ultras at Kinokuniya the (female) clerk made a knowing comment ;3;

    • ふう子 says :

      I had that same reaction when I initially played P3—I always get so peeved when the characters unnecessarily waste all their SP on a super weak opponent. But yeah, that was changed in P3P so you can control their attacks. Though there’s something oddly intimate about going in and messing with their battle techniques since you originally weren’t allowed to do so lol.

      haha perhaps ULTRAS is one of her favorite books as well! *v*)/

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