Ootsuki Miu “Vanilla Resort” chapter 2

Hello! Sorry for the lack of updates and comment replies lately. orz;;; Actually, for Christmas I got a bunch of video games and since my BL purchase is taking forever to arrive that’s what I’ve been spending all my time doing. But one book did come early: drap! And drap means new chapter by Ootsuki Miu, so I figured I could at least talk about that!

In this chapter things are starting to get more heated and awkward between Mutsumi and Haruaki. It starts for the most part with a big scene of inner dialogue for Haruaki as he thinks about what Mutsumi means to him and what exactly sex is and should be about. It seems his previous (first? idk) girlfriend left him because he never really showed any physical desire for her and she assumed he was just pulling her along. So he seems to perhaps have somewhat of a complex because of that.

(vaguely related, it seems Ootsuki likes writing stories about young men who have complexes after previous girlfriends accuse them of lack of affection. Which I kind of like, since I suppose it’s a good transition into storylines like “well he might be gay so it’s understandable he didn’t feel that way for his previous girlfriends…”)

Aaaaaanyway. After a cute scene where Mutsumi tells Haruaki to not read his completed comics (“Why? I help you create it!” “Because it’s embarrassing now that the dialogue is pasted in!!”) the two try their best to return to normal life. That is, until Haruaki sees Mutsumi has an erection while he’s working. He falters at first but once again offers to give Mutsumi a handjob using the onahole. Which Mutsumi shyly accepts.

While jacking him off Haruaki looks up and notices Mutsumi gazing at him intently, indicating he’s been staring at Haruaki the entire time. Mutsumi makes some excuse that is back hurts from leaning against the wall and asks if he can hold onto Haruaki, which initially confuses Haruaki but he gives his consent nonetheless. So Mutsumi wraps his arms around Haruaki’s shoulders, holding him so close that Haruaki can smell his scent and feel Mutsumi’s breath on the nape of his neck. They finish like that before Haruaki awkwardly wanders off to clean the onahole and get back to his routine.

But, just like last time, Haruaki can’t shake off the incredible feeling of arousal. No, this time it’s even worse. So even though he once again hesitates, once he’s in the bathroom and sure he has the green light, Haruaki takes the onahole—still filled with Mutsumi’s cum—and jacks off with it. Very perverted. *w*);;; Though unfortunately he’s interrupted by Mutsumi’s voice just as he’s getting into it.

He once again goes back to his daily chores after making a run to get Mutsumi cigarettes (which is what Mutsumi had rudely interrupted him for). Seeing Mutsumi out on the balcony smoking he joins him for a moment, taking down the dried laundry, and reminisces about when he first found out Mutsumi smoked—how it had devastated him to know there was a part of Mutsumi that had been unknown to him. Mutsumi stares at him with a hard-to-read look before shortly saying it bothers him to think there are any parts of Haruaki that he’s unfamiliar with. Haruaki, flustered by this, accidentally trips on the sheets he was carrying but Mutsumi breaks his fall. Very shoujo-esque haha. At first Haruaki chides Mutsumi since it would be bad if he hurt his arms or hands trying to cushion Haruaki’s fall, but suddenly he becomes incredibly aware of Mutsumi’s chest pressing against his own and Mutsumi’s arms wrapped tightly around him once again. He becomes breathless and embarrassed and rushes to get back up and hurry into the house, leaving a shocked and confused Mutsumi behind.

Mannnn the sexual tension!! *A*)/ You’d need a sword to cut it! So great ahhh I love BL that has really high sexual tension. (Which is why I found Junketsu Drops so fabulous sd;glsghs’gdf) Not to mention I can’t get over Mutsumi and Haruaki’s relationship. They just keep running parallel to each other, never realizing what the other wants or is thinking. Mutsumi’s affection for Haruaki is so obvious but Haruaki is always so busy off in his own thoughts that he doesn’t seem to realize it at all. Honestly, Haruaki. Just open your eyes for five seconds!

idk I just love the idea that this whole time Mutsumi and Haruaki have been living together and Mutsumi has been fostering this secret love. (Or at least appears to be… which makes you wonder how much affection he really feels toward Haruaki and for how long?) And he doesn’t try to push it off on Haruaki at all—he just savors their closeness the best he can. You can tell he feels kind of guilty for agreeing to let Haruaki give him these handjobs, since Hartuaki is just being nice and helpful but Mutsumi has ulterior motives. (As in, he only really seems to want the handjobs because they’re from Haruaki in particular.)

Ahhhh I just think this series is so great and it’s really rekindled my love for Ootsuki Miu! ;A;)/ Familiar and Ouji Hiroimashita were great but I only felt lukewarm toward them, so it’s so nice to feel this excitement about her work again!!

Though… why does it say ‘end’?? It’s obviously not complete Ootsuki Miu. ;; If you really plan on ending it here I will never forgive you. There has to be more on this couple!! You can’t leave it with Haruaki obviously being on the verge of falling in love and poor Mutsumi wanting more but refusing to fess up. You can’t! Though I guess we’ll have to wait a few months and see since she’s taking a break next issue… orz;;;;;;;;;;


2 responses to “Ootsuki Miu “Vanilla Resort” chapter 2”

  1. Cerberus says :


    Never heard of this before, but at a guess – some kind of fleshlight, I presume?

    Also, ‘Haruaki takes the onahole—still filled with Mutsumi’s cum—and jacks off with it.’ = */////* God bless you, Japan, for producing smut like this.

    • ふう子 says :

      I think so! Sorry, I always forget there’s an English equivalent to ‘onahole’ so I keep using the Japanese phrase and confusing everyone. orz

      Haha yeah, that scene was pretty amazing. It was a moment when I whispered under my breath “I am so glad Ootsuki Miu exists…”

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