DameBL Contest Winner!

First off, thank you so much to everyone who participated, whether through email or twitter or tumblr or a comment here! I honestly enjoyed reading your replies so much. 8) Sorry I still haven’t gotten a chance to reply to many people, but there are definitely some I plan on replying to. And there are definitely some stories you guys thought up that I would love to see. So thank you all for playing along with me and letting me peek inside your minds to look at all your wonderful ideas.

But unfortunately I am too broke to give all of you a prize, so the winners are as follows:

1st  | Wensleydale | “a lonely lighthouse-keeper”
2nd | Yeesoo | “artist obsessed with drawing beautiful hands”
3rd  | Snakey | “X never finds out”

Please go here to read the full ideas, as well as everyone else’s! For those interested in knowing how I chose the winners, I made a list and used a random number generator. No favoritism, I promise! Trust me, there were a few where I was like “why isn’t this person my best friend?!??” and wanted close the contest early and give them first prize right away.

Though of course, you were all great. ♡

Anyway, for the winners: please contact me at mochamojo at gmail dot com with the book you want by January 20th! First prize gets an anthology or a regular-sized comic in Japanese or English, and second and third prize get a regular comic.

Sorry about the lack of proper posts lately. /o\ I’m still trying to get back into normal life after the holidays sob. Lots and lots of love, and thanks again to everyone who participated!!


4 responses to “DameBL Contest Winner!”

  1. kanameyu says :

    WHOOO!!! I’m so excited! I haven’t really won things like this before. :D Thank you for this contest, Ami! I’m very very happy.

  2. Rin says :

    Congrats to the winners! They are so lucky to have win~ :D Hope you will have a good year ahead and I will always be waiting for your next update in the ‘background’. XD /goes back to being a stalker, lol.

  3. azurelucy says :

    Eh, I was hesitant to enter this contest because I never have any luck in this type of things and my fantasies aren’t really very dame but it was actually kinda fun to read other people’s dame fantasy.

    Anyway, congrats to the lucky winners.

  4. Wensleydale says :

    Ahh, I did respond! Hope it wasn’t too late!

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