DameBL Christmas Contest

Hello my lovely readers and random passers-by! I promised on my anniversary that I would do a contest for you all again this year, and I am someone who keeps my promises (for the most part… sometimes…) so here it is:

DameBL Christmas Contest!

simply respond to this post (or email me at mochamojo at gmail.com if you’re too shy to post in public) with your dameBL fantasy. It can be weird or quirky or kinky—anything as long as it gives a feeling of something you usually don’t see in BL.

Then your name will be put into a drawing to win one of three top prizes. For an extra chance to win, you can also write a short story (only around one hundred to one thousand words—no novels please, I unfortunately don’t have that much freetime) or comic with your dameBL theme and you can have a second entry.

winners will be pulled randomly. The three prizes are as follows:

1st place: one BL anthology, including the more expensive books such as dameBL and Moe Danshi Gatari. Or you can decide if you want a smaller standard comic, in English or Japanese.
2nd & 3rd place: one regular BL manga in English or Japanese.

Submissions are open until the end of Christmas!

So there you have it! Come at me, bros—I want to hear all about your weirdest, kinkiest, silliest BL fantasies!

(the image I used is from Est Em’s ULTRAS, chapter five, scanlated by the lovely Moon in a Box. Highly recommended, as it’s one of my favorite technically ‘dame bl’ stories!)

42 responses to “DameBL Christmas Contest”

  1. K-cho says :


    And/or crossdressing.

    …That’s not very unusual, I’m sorry. orz; However, I do remember somewhere, maybe on this site(?) not too long ago someone mentioning wanting to see BL where one of the guys was a transsexual male, and I think that would be really interesting to see! Though that’s more of a “Hmm, I wonder how that sort of thing would be handled” thing than something I would want to see just for porn’s sake haha.

    • ふう子 says :

      hey there’s always room for more crossdressing!

      And yep, the person who mentioned BL about a trans man was actually Psyche Delico, from her essay in the actual dame BL anthology. I’d lover to read that. 8)

  2. Midnightveil says :

    Wheee! Definitely joining the contest if/when i find the time!! It’s only a few more days to Xmas >_<

  3. Khursten Santos (@khursten) says :

    It seems to be that crossdressing is such a thing but I’ve always had a thing for men in uniform. And while nothing seems to be new about that what I had in mind was high-ranking middle-aged officer (in his late 30s with a slight wrinkle by his eyes) who was caught by his junior officer/right hand man, trying out a a lady’s military uniform. ; w; Make the high-ranking officer a bit of a flaily uke as the junior officer teases him until he’s spent. owo) Junior officer might even remark “Ladies don’t wear white briefs under their skirts.” So the chapter ends with the senior, ready for a round two, with the proper underwear. “I didn’t imagine you’d choose thongs. I was fine with lacy undies.”

    *nosebleeds* I’m not sure I’ve read something like that though. OTL. I should be punished.

    I have though of chefs… like a chef who fell in love with his patissiere and the irony is the patissiere is the manlier one. I think I’ve read something like that somewhere.

    … Yeah. I love my dameBL types. The crazier, the better, really. <3 How about you Ami? What kind of dameBL do you like that's waiting to be written? :D

  4. Lea says :

    Although I haven’t read this in a manga yet, I’ve heard about it in a drama cd, and at first I was like HOLY WHAT but then I got over it ^_^; It meaning inserting stuff into the urethra. I WANNA ACTUALLY SEE THAT HOTNESS, NOT JUST HEAR IT :) Yeah, the seiyuu was Hirakawa Daisuke that it was being done to, with Kuroda Takaya as seme, in Gokudou wa Suits, and there were several scenes where it just kept getting hotter with the insertion there. If anyone knows any, POINT ME PLEASE :)

    • Kei says :

      hmm, “sounding” isn’t that uncommon in more hardcore sex focused BL… although when I read this I immediately thought of Toujou Asami’s ‘Shadow,’ though some of her other works probably include it too. And Watanabe Asia has probably drawn sounding at some point, too.

      sorry for butting in here…;;

  5. Snakey says :

    Here goes nothing for my sort of dameBL…. I guess I will write it in somewhat a story format because I can’t seem to explain it another way orz Also really hope wordpress doesn’t kill my post.

    A story about a man (age ~30, let’s call him X) finally having his love returned by his senpai (refer to as Y) after many long years of one-sided love. Sadly 3 days after they officially become lovers, Y passes away from an ill-fated car crash. X can’t believe his terrible luck and feels he’s the saddest person in the world, until he meets Y’s brother (here on called Z), who has resembles Y. They chat about Y and become acquainted. X and Z meet up casually every now and then for almost a year. Exactly one year after Y’s death, Z asks X to be his lover. X refuses because he can’t forget about Y after all those years of one-sided love, then Z suggests X call him by Y’s name and pretend that he’s Y. X agrees, and it works for the first month before he breaks it off with Z. He just can’t replace Y. Another year goes by and X and Z have not contacted each other. Now two years after Y’s death, X visits Y’s grave again, only to find Y standing at his own grave. X can’t believe it, but goes rushing towards Y. X wants to know what happened and how is he still alive, but Y gives no answer. X is just happy to see Y again. They are lovers once more and live a happy life for many years.

    The reader later finds out that Y is indeed dead, and the new Y is actually Z after several surgeries done to look exactly like his dead brother. X never finds out.

    ….That’s it for me \o/ I can’t believe I’m writing this at 6 am.

  6. Jada says :

    Wahhh, even though for the most part I am shameless but my (embarrassing) dameBL would definitely be more PERVERTS! I know you’re probably thinking that BL has enough of those already but specifically perverts that tape, photograph, record (sounds of) their partners doing naughty things as well as peeping on them in their personal private space. I want to see more of this because I feel it really runs along the whole S&M/BDSM (voyeurism too) kink because it’s a documentation of your significant other in some of the most personal and private moments and exploiting for your own satisfaction/pleasure. I’ve only come across a few authors who’ve touched on this kink but it’s definitely been over powered by bondage (not that I have a problem with that). I just have a really big thing for teasing your partner and capturing their sex/aroused!faces and being able to hold that against them and for your personal collection. My sadistic nature comes out when I type this but it’s really something I’d love to see more BL (or really GL, josei, seinen, alternative etc.) do more of because it’s just something so intimate that can be played up really sadistically (ex. Alterna by Kikka Furutsuji & Ijiwaru by Noriko Hakutou) or toned down to be something really romantic to show just how much you love someone (ex. Photograph by Hino Garasu)

    Also my thanks to this Est Em image for making this so easy for me to pick out one of my many kinks I like to see in BL, I absolutely loved this chapter *A*

  7. Wistaire says :

    Physical disabilities-
    The more I think about it the weirder I feel about liking this… ; v ; (I really don’t mean this in a fetish way ahah, not sure how to explain-).
    I could imagine how a disability like blindness/muteness/being bound to a wheelchair/etc. could be troublesome in a relationship- It makes a character just a bit more vulnerable, and trust in a relationship like that would be just that little bit more important. I don’t know how to explain myself- ‘A’

    Also, reversible couples-
    Because, why not? C:

  8. Suzu says :

    Well, I can think of various Dame BL scenarios.
    One would be the story of a couple that has been together for over 20 years in a long distance relationship and they’re finally moving together. It could be with flashbacks and conversation about their relationship.
    Somehow I can’t see that happening in BL. At least not in this way.

    An other would be one guy and his girlfriend doing a threesome with a random guy, who then falls in love with the other man. It could be a one sided love where the guy ponders his feelings for the other man.
    Don’t know why but it would be kinda interesting. XD And unusual since well.. there’s a woman involved and all.

  9. lookira says :

    Twincest, It s a guilty pleasure.
    I want to see either twins or fraternal twins with one very dependent on the other, or one being very possessive. Having both a dirty voyeur one and an innocent easily embarrassed one. Either adding to that or as a standalone, I like the shorter one as the one on top, or a reversible couple.

  10. Kei says :

    um, a gangbang situation that isn’t rape or dark/angsty. just that character A is really turned on by lots of guys lavishing him with sexual attention at once, and has a great friend who helps organise this for him. would include lots of kissing, nipple and arse play, food play, and bukkake. (*´∀`*)

  11. lacy07Lacy says :

    I’m not sure if this exists, but I think a romance between two feminine/uke-ish characters would be really fun and a little weird to read. Like maybe they’re two average guys but the moment they start talking about baking or embroidery or whatever they get really into it and that’s how they got together in the first place. I think it’d be my dream manga if it was really slice-of-life and everyone around them was super chill about their relationship just because they’re so fab and happy together.

    Both of them trying to not have a girly spazz out and man up but utterly failing would be cute too.

  12. Lore says :

    A threesome with one guy with a pair of twins. To my knowledge this has only been done once in BL manga (that I’ve seen, anyway)… The MC was a shota and the story was super light-hearted (to the point of silliness) and it was less about the OT3 and more about the MC with each twin individually. I’d like a more realistic, angsty lead-up that still resolves things peacefully somehow and where the three of them are really happy together and have lots of hot sex. 8)

  13. kh says :

    I want to see soooo many of these fantasies. they look amazing! :D
    my dameBL fantasy: a REAL sex worker, but one that enjoys his job and gets treated fairly. one who chooses to be there. And none of that overly excessive uke crying that happens either. grrr that gets me. i want to see enjoyment! so we see his regular customers and get many varying scenes of sex! there would be LOTS of toys and some bdsm.
    not usually seen so… there. :)

  14. Winnie says :

    These all sound really good!! I especially like the physical disabilities and two ukes fantasies :D
    I don’t know if this would be regarded as kinky or weird but I guess my dame BL fantasy would be a romance between two doctors in a hospital and one of them eventually dressing up in a full on sexy nurse outfit XD
    I don’t know if I’m not searching well or just miss them but I haven’t encountered any BL manga that revolve around doctors/physicians (just one that involved a dentist and a patient lol). Since my career plan is to enter the medical field, I thought it would be nice to imagine male doctors having fun with each other in empty physician rooms when nobody is looking XD
    And it would be interesting if the story was kind of dramatic but if it also had a little bit of comedy thrown in every now and then. Kind of like Grey’s Anatomy but with an all male cast :)

  15. keksimonsteri says :

    I whole-heartedly agree with the poster who said disabilities. *nods*

    The anthology review mentioned homeless in passing, and coincidentally my recent BL fantasy has been – net cafe refugees! There could be a freeter who has part-time jobs, but struggles to get by, having to spend nights at internet cafes, 24h fast food places or working night shifts with little to no sleep… He could meet someone who’s also down on their luck and out late at night, perhaps a host, a construction worker, or in my favorite scenario, a chinpira yakuza…

    The guy with no place to stay is already a standard BL cliche, but they’re always instantly picked up and taken home by another guy who can afford to keep them, so there’s never a BL character who’s homeless for longer than half a day.

  16. Lee says :

    Sign me up for the FTM one too. I think it would be interesting if the trans was pre-op but was still dating a gay man. Maybe he’s hiding his physical sex from his boyfriend? Who knows.

    Also I’m a sucker for a story where someone settles, as in he doesn’t get the person he’s been pining for all these years and just settles for someone he likes but doesn’t love. Basically if Orutana ended with the lead ending up with the singer…I guess my kink is realism?

  17. Kat says :

    My fantasy character type is the very demanding and shameless uke. I’d love to see more of that everywhere. As for particular plotlines, I’m interested in a story about characters negotiating an open relationship. The kind of take on it where they’re having on-page discussions of their rules, not just an easy orgy.

  18. Kei says :

    Story time. NOTE: vore/cannibalism.

    Kano’s new sharp teeth drew blood from Akiku’s lips for him to suck away. Akiku rested his trembling hand on Kano’s head, slipped down to the sore lump grown into a tender horn. Kano moved his head into the touch, and pleasure shivered down his spine. He bit the firm skin and muscle around one of Akiku’s nipples, breaking in and making shallow fresh wells of blood to smear his lips and tongue. Akiku moaned and squirmed with parted thighs.

    Kano wanted more. He moved, nuzzling over Akiku’s belly to his cock in its dark nest, soft and damp. Kano sucked away the last traces of cum, carefully, savouring. The rest was inside him–traces of their consummation. He let the weight of flesh roll between his teeth. It almost made him dizzy, delaying his desire to tear through the skin and taste more thick blood. Skin stretched thin and caught in his teeth. He barely chewed before swallowing it all down while it was still hot and slippery. Akiku lay trembling, eyes closed. Kano kissed him, and licked him clean.

  19. Rin says :

    Everyone here have interesting DameBL. lol.

    For me, I actually love tentacles. Haha, and threesomes. XD Although I am not pretty sure if it does exist(although I think it does but not in detailed? Detailed as in the tentacle going in the butt hole and we can see the thing ‘wriggling’ inside etc) but anyway, the uke get tentacle-raped and the 2 seme got turned on of course. (and it just so happen that the 2 of them happen to like the uke.) Then, after the tentacles are done playing with the uke, the uke will get the 2 seme to do him too. Double penetration to the uke! Or maybe, the 2 seme will get tentacled too. lol. And the 3 of them will get it on together, simultaneously. haha~ And like what a poster above said, maybe 2 of them are twins. It could be both seme are the twins or one of the twins is the uke. Muahaha, I love Twincest too. /gets bricked
    Uhh, did I go out of point? Please tell me if I did.

    I am such a perv and hardcore. Sorry. lol. (On another note: I love your tumblr acc. I dont have a tumblr acc so I only bookmarked your website and am always refreshing the page daily. lol. Hope you don’t mind!)

  20. killthetime says :

    My ultimate BL fantasy is story about a REVERSIBLE couple who are successful businessmen in their 30s. At first they were rivals, but as time passed and after many encounters, they can’t help but be attracted to each other. Both men are intelligent, independent, prideful, assertive, dominant, and so on, and that is why they fall for each other in the end. Gosh how i need a manga with plot like that (سಥ⌣ಥ)س

    P/S: VOYEURISM is also much loved! the oneshot from which you’ve chosen the image is one of my favorite in the book. i felt so sick but at the same time excited reading that story!

  21. eli says :

    Incest (lol so common) and age gaps. Preferably with the younger character seducing the older one. Father/son or brothers. I’ve read some fics with this premise before, but I don’t think I’ve seen any manga like it (though I think I’ve seen bara of it before but I tend to block bara out of my mind, so). :|a Better if the younger one is underage.

    And voyeurism… though that’s more of a kink than a dame bl thing, haha.

  22. sansan says :

    Hm. I guess my fantasy BL story would be super ultra domestic, not really anything weird or kinky I suppose. Two men in their 30s (maybe older?), already deep in a long-term relationship; they’ve just bought their first house! It’s kind of small, but very cosy and cute to the uke, while the seme is the type that’s fine with anything as long as he has someplace to be with his partner. idk I just love it when I see couples being cute and romantic, not really in a big gushy dramatic way, but in a tying-your-tie-before-you-go-to-work way, a shaving-together-in-the-morning (oh god I would love that!) way, a spooning-in-bed-on-a-sunday kind of way, I could go on and on and on. But yeah, I guess really sweet, fluffy interactions in a sort of domestic situation give me intense feelings. @__@ If I had a whole tankobon of a couple or two like that and then a sidestory of when they were high schoolers oh man. Oh man. I might write you a story if I have time…. but I’m not especially good at writing. uvu;;;

  23. Utena says :

    For me, switching. It’s not seen on BL and barely seen on fanfiction either, stories when after the first round the couple changes the uke and seme positions.

    Switching all the way!

  24. Wylas says :

    It’s not really twisted or anything, but I love it when the characters in BL are both like… seme types or something close to it. As in, it’s almost impossible to tell who’ll be seme or uke, or when it’s not really sterotypical seme-uke types. Or when even if it’s sorta easy to see who’ll top and such, the uke is still dominant XD
    It’s a lot more fun when the characters are on more equal footing, if I must say. But I’ve read most of the manga that do this… /sobs

  25. greenskin says :

    1). The main character is gay embalmer working in a funeral parlor, whose lover recently passed away. He is a shy timid person, more used to dealing with the dead than with the living. He meets this cheerful guy who is his complete opposite and slowly begins to fall in love. The cheerful guy returns his feelings. All goes well but the embalmer has a secret that can destroy everything – he actually keeps his dead lover’s mummified body at home and pretends he is still alive, talks to him and so on (whether he is doing some dirty things to his lover’s dead body is up to a reader to imagine, he-he) like that guy with a teddy bear from Ishino Aya’s story.

    2). The main character (lets call him Seme) was dumped by his girlfriend whom he had been deeply in love with because she chose her career over him and went to work oversees. Than he meets a young gay guy (lets call him Uke), who greatly resembles his former girlfriend, and starts a relationship with him. This Uke is the sweetest cutest most lovely and innocent uke you’ve ever seen. The only thing he strangely has some kinks in bed. All goes well until Seme’s former girlfriend returns from oversees and approaches him with proposition of reconciliation. He doesn’t agree to it because he has already fallen in love with Uke. At the same time Uke learns that the reason Seme started dating him was because he looked like Seme’s girlfriend and that this girlfriend approached Seme again. Uke doesn’t know that Seme has already refused her and begins to feel jealous and insecure … and suddenly goes all yandere and it turnes violent and bloody ala School Days or Fatal Attraction. Seme freaks out and runs away with his girlfriend and Uke stalks him. Uke catches Seme, binds him to a bed and engages him in a pretty violent S+M sex play with Seme being on the receiving end (!). Seme realises he actually likes it. They reconcile. The story ends with Seme (now masochistic uke) and Uke (now sadistic seme) living happily ever after without hiding anything from each other.

    3). The main character’s (who is gay) relationships so far all ended badly and he now believes he’ll never find a person with whom he can have a long loving understanding relationship. One night when he was returning home from a drinking party through the city park he is freaked out by some guy popping out from the dark, trips and injures his leg. It turns out this man is a surgeon returning home from a late shift and a very nice guy. He offers his help stitching up MC’s leg. So they go to Surgeon’s place. While Surgeon is stitching MC’s leg he suddenly gets an erection and explains that sometimes he is turned on by the sight of blood. MC offers his help to relieve him and as Surgeon agrees gives him a handjob, gets excited and gets an erection himself ^_^. So they make out. On the morning they lay in bed kissing and playing and as TV is on, on the background one can read what an announcer is saying – a woman’s dead body was discovered this morning in the park. MC is so excited that he of course doesn’t hear it. MC and Surgeon start a relationship and eventually move together. They are so good and cute together that you can say “Oww, they were made for each other”. This is a relationship MC has always dreamed of and lost faith he’ll ever get. We are shown some ohh-so-cute moments of their daily life. On the background TV occasionally says some more dead women’ bodies were found. As Surgeon works in the hospital he naturally has some night shifts, perhaps too many as he is workaholic. During one of such nights MC calls the hospital as he has some urgent business with Surgeon and it turns out that Surgeon is not working this night. On the morning when Surgeon returns home MC casually asks him how hectic his night at the hospital was. Surgeon says not much (lies about being in a hospital). So MC makes an assumption that Surgeon is cheating on him. So while Surgeon is not home jealous MC goes through his stuff and finds… a knife and a bloody rope. Than it all pieces together – his lover’s night absences and their first meeting. His lover is a serial killer! MC is torn between his love for Surgeon (or should we call him Maniac now?) and his moral duty to report a killer to the police. The story ends with him picking up phone to make a call. Who he is going to call, Surgeon or the police, is up to a reader to decide.

  26. greenskin says :

    Some P.S. to my previous comment ^
    I’ve been thinking how the first story could progress and end. And about other stories too, lol. So some remarks as it’s not possible to edit the original comment.

    1). Cheerful Guy actually falls for Embalmer first. Embalmer is unable to let go of his deceased lover in more senses than one ^_^ , so he refuses Cheerful Guy’s advances at first but gradually falls for him too. We actually get to know about his feelings from his “conversations” with his lover’s mummified body – the more he falls for Cheerful Guy the more often and warmly he talks about him. Embalmer never invites Cheerful Guy inside his house (for obvious reason) and when Embalmer completely falls in love and is finally ready to move on Cheerful Guy suddenly decides to pay him a visit. The door is unlocked and as nobody answers anxious CG decides to enter. He then hears Embalmer talking to somebody about how he’s fallen in love with CG and asking this person to forgive him. CG opens the door to this room a bit more to peek just who Embalmer is talking to and makes some noise drawing his attention. As CG sees Embalmers “conversation partner” he stands speechless. But who is more shocked is actually Embalmer who just rushes out of his own house. He thinks now that CG has learned of his secret he’ll hate him for sure and doesn’t take CG’s calls and avoids him. CG finally manages to face Embalmer and tells him he loves him. The story ends with Embalmer and CG giving the mummy a proper funeral and standing together holding hands by Dead Lover’s grave.

    2). Uke looks extremely girly and cute so even though his personality doesn’t match his appearance he still unconsciously acts cute to answer everyone’s expectations. His insecurity makes him finally snap and enter yandere mode. Before Former Girlfriend makes her appearance they are already in love but they both have secrets and their love is directed towards who the other person appears to be and not who he really is. In the end they come to love each other’s true hidden self (and switch positions in sex to boot, woot! ;) ).

    3). The key is to make some of those TV announcements random like about yakuza wars or robberies and distract reader’s attention with all the fluff and cuteness ^_^. I would totally love to see such story drawn by Kumota Haruko. Her characters and couples are just sooo cute a reader would still refuse to believe Surgeon is a serial killer even as it becomes more and more obvious, lol. Besides it would be interesting to see some dark twist in her story for once.

    And as I feel inspiration today one more dameBL fantasy:

    4). The main character is a normal average straight guy. He works in an office, comes to drinking parties with his friends, dates a girl even though their relationship develops slowly and lacks passion. The only thing which is not normal about him is that he feels strangely attracted (not quite in a romantic way, more like interested in) to his neighbor, a young openly gay player-type guy working as a host in a nightclub who switches lovers almost every week. So our main character starts….stalking his neighbor ^_^. He goes all out – tails Neighbor when he goes out, listens to what is happening in his apartment through the wall, goes through his trash (sic!) and so on. Of course he is careful enough so that his Neighbor doesn’t suspect anything. As he watches Neighbor and learns more about him he starts to develop romantic feelings for him. As MC has life outside of his “hobby” he can’t devote all his time to these activities. So when he is not spying on his neighbor he suddenly starts feeling as if he is being watched. He thinks it’s just a paranoia coursed by his fear that Neighbor will find out that he stalks him. What he doesn’t know though is that he himself is being stalked by none other than….his neighbor! They are stalking each other in their free time without knowing that they themselves are being stalked. It turns out Neighbor fell for our MC but was too afraid to approach him course he knew MC was straight and had a girlfriend so he started stalking him. They eventually learn of each other’s secret activities and it leads to a hot sex scene in a love hotel!

    Sorry for the whole wall of tl;dl, I just had to share with someone! Hope whoever read this got entertained just a little.

  27. greenskin says :

    Two more (I swear these will be the last ones…maybe, lol):

    5). The main character is a middle-aged man who you could call hetare otoko. He is not successful in his career, doesn’t have a family or lover. He recently even lacks motivation to shave (and so has a sexy three-day bristle ^_^ ha-ha). He feels old and doesn’t look in the future with any kind of hope, dwells on the past and reminisces about his old mistakes. He is gay but has not always been this way. He had originally been straight but than tried it with a man and found out he was gay. So, one day his (only) friend who is concerned about MC’s depression proposes they go to a gay night club to shake things up. MC refuses at first but than surrenders. At the club he sees a dazzling young man, much younger than him. It’s one of those breathtaking moments when it seems the time has stopped and everything and everyone vanished and you can see only this one person (I’m thinking about how Haru-sen first saw Sorano). But MC who has like zero self-confidence thinks a guy as bright would never accept advances of a dull hetare ossan as himself, so he does nothing. Surprisingly this guy approaches him himself! They exit the club and we have a delicious sex scene with MC being on bottom (!). So they start seeing each other. Dazzling Guy introduces MC to his friends and draws him into his world of clubs, all-nighters, doing crazy things like going to a closed amusement park at night and so on. MC starts to feel alive, like he is young again and finally able to breath. Than one day Dazzling Guy proposes that MC meets his mother. MC feels reluctant ‘course he’s afraid Dazzling Guy’s mother won’t be happy that her son is dating a man and a much older one at that. But Dazzling Guy convinces MC by saying he’ll introduce him to her as his friend. When MC first sees Dazzling Guy’s mother he feels she looks strangely familiar. She on the other hand seems shocked and starts talking something like “after all these years you finally decided to find us”. This is when it hits MC that Mother is actually a woman he dated a long time ago. But what does she mean by saying “find us”? He gets a really bad feeling and than Mother explains that just after they broke up she found out she was pregnant and decided to keep the baby. So Dazzling Guy is actually MC’s son! MC breaks up with Dazzling Guy and moves to another city (country) because it is unbearable for him to be in a vicinity of the person he loves but is unable to be together with. The story ends with a heartbreaking scene of them bidding farewell and kissing for the last time at the railroad station (airport). There could be several other possible endings so feel free to choose whichever you like more:
    a). MC and Dazzling Guy continue dating even though they know their relationship is a taboo.
    b). MC breaks up with Dazzling Guy and is deeply heartbroken. His Only Friend comforts him and it turns out he has been in love with MC for a long time. So they begin dating. MC still meets with Dazzling Guy but their relationship is now that of father-son.
    c). MC commits suicide T_T
    d). MC commits suicide together with Dazzling Guy TT_TT

    6). The main character is a traveler. He used to date a guy whom he had been deeply in love with but they broke up because of a silly argument caused by a misunderstanding. As they were both young and prideful they refused to acknowledge their mistakes and never reconciled. Because of the trauma caused by this painful experience MC decided to never get attached to anyone ever again and to do so he doesn’t stay in on place longer than for three days and this way travels around the world by hitchhiking (like Kino without a bike). In one country he runs out of money and gets a part-time job to earn some cash. There he meets this lovely cute young man whom he can’t help but smile at. They spend some time together and he feels really at ease talking to Cute Guy. As three days pass and it is time for MC to leave, Cute Guy approaches and asks him to stay and go out with him. MC explains how he does not stay long in one place and therefore is unable to go out with him. Cute Guy says it’s OK ’cause he only has one month left to live and he would like to spend his remaining time with the person he’s fallen in love with. MC is touched and agrees to stay. They begin dating and they are awesomely cute together. We get to see some touching moments of their budding romance and as MC begins to fall in love with Cute Guy. But the cruel time goes on and Cute Guy’s condition worsens. He refuses to go to a hospital and they go to the ocean instead. Cute Guy dies in MC’s embrace with a smile on his face. MC returns to his home country and finds that guy he used to date when he was young and apologies to him. That Guy breaks down in tears and apologies too saying he has always loved MC and felt awful for his foolish behavior when they broke up but was too afraid to try to find MC and start over. They reconcile and begin dating. The endo.

  28. azurelucy says :

    I love reversible couples and when the seme and uke are indistinguishable from each other! And real threesomes, please! All 3 characters hardly ever end up together.

    Anyway, I would love more stories with selfcest. I have read about one or two that technically qualify but is not really common outside of fanfic. I was thinking along the lines of the gay mc visiting an alternate reality where is alt-self is straight and slowly convincing him to fool around. Or where the mc meets his clone and they would fool around because according to cracked.com if you meet your clone you either have to fight or fuck.

    Also since one of my favorite themes is time travel, I would love to have more BL featuring this theme. I was thinking something along the lines of “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time”; where the mc suddenly gets the power to repeat and change his experiences.

    Another thing I would like to see more in BL is fujoshi and fudanshi participation; like they actually help the main characters get together. I really like it when a fujoshi messes with the mind of the supposedly straight mc.

    More relationship and character development before the MCs get into bed would also be nice. I want months, or at least weeks, of unresolved sexual tension and almost kisses. I want months were they actually fool around without having straight up intercourse.

  29. waijuu says :

    Threesomes! BUT specifically with double penetration :D
    I know it’s really really unrealistic but I think it’s super hot seeing an uke be pounded by two guys. Of the uke must enjoy it regardless of whether it’s consensual or not.

  30. Midnightveil says :

    1. MERMAN BL. Because Est Em did centaurs and i never expected that could be published. So mythological creatures aren’t Dame anymore? Just imagine… two species of sexy man-fish… or sailor and merman… interspecies lovin’ yo. The carnivorous/ cool fish like sharks (no hammerheads dude thats weird), marlin, lionfish etc are so awesome. They should be seme-types. I suppose for the tentacle lovers there’s always… octomen? Anyway. It would be so epic screentoning an undersea setting hurhur. And merman scales. YES.

    2. BL WITH IMPORTANT, PLOT-MOVING FEMALE CHARACTER. Because i don’t feel its done enough and see no reason why it shouldn’t be done more. And i don’t mean threesomes. I mean something like… Lisa is in love with her best buddy Jack but Jack has a major crush on Jason, and all three are good friends. After Lisa confesses to Jack, he comes out of the closet: though he treasures her very much he is gay and has feelings for Jason. Some time later, Jack receives the encouragement and support of his girl-friends, and decides to confess to Jason, only to find out that Lisa had confessed to Jason and are now a couple. And she has the audacity to want to stay best friends with Jack, who painfully acknowledges the relationship of the man he loves and his best friend. Heartbroken, Jack wants to forget Jason, but why is Jason so damn nice to him although Lisa’s his girlfriend? A story where you understand how Lisa feels, sympathize with Jack and wonder whats Jason’s stance in all this.

    Am i too late? It’s still Xmas where i am D8

  31. Wensleydale says :

    I have quite a few weird BL comic plots, but the most recent strange thing that my friend and I came up with involves a lonely lighthouse-keeper who ends up purposely turning the light off to create some stranded castaways to keep him company. His plan sorta backfires when the castaway is an attractive dude instead of a sexy lady (our lighthouse-keeper is not the brightest guy) and ??? PROFIT (with profit==sex).

    I also like tentacles, which are severely underrepresented in the BL world (aside from that Crimson Spell omake and Lamento and the like), so moar of that plz.

  32. plup says :

    Okay so, I told you I was drawing a short comic but it seems like I really can’t finish it in time, even though it has only 6 pages. If you’re interested, I’ll send it to you when I’ll be done with it XD.
    After reading your post, I showered and… luckily, showers always open my mind to new worlds (lol.). Here’s the summary (ish) of three stories that popped up in my head while showering. (oh and, excuse me for my poor english orz).

    1) A is dozing off on his desk when his cellphone rings. It’s B who asks him to meet him at the park. A goes and, B being late, decides to lay down on the grass. He gazes up at the sky and sees a cloud that he finds particularly… cute. The cloud starts to look more and more like a human face. A blinks and finds the cloud in front of him, with a human-shape ish, and turns out the cloud really is cute (kinda like, cute fluffy uke :D). (insert part with a lot of blushing here). When they’re about to get on with it, A is suddenly woken up by B. He stares at B then pushes him to look up at the sky… and finds no cloud. Cloud-kun disappeared. A, with teary eyes: ”LET’S BREAK UP”. B: ”WHAT???” The end :’D.

    2) Setting: a subway station. C is standing on the left platform, looking sleepy. He stares at the other platform and sees a stranger, D, walking towards the end of the platform. Their eyes meet. They eyes stay locked together. Then, just as the train arrives, D jumps, his gaze still on C. (okay totally unrealistic part here:) When the train hits D, some of his blood falls on C, including on his lips, which he licks. And he licks the blood on his hand. The moment their eyes met was enough for him to develop an obsession for D. And C jumps. There was no train though, he jumps to admire D’s body (or what remains of it). C is so obsessed. The end :’D.
    (actually, the short story I’m drawing is another version of this XD. Pretty different version.)

    3) E is an uke who writes to his lover many times every week. He writes about everything and nothing, about his love for his seme, and how much he misses him. There are some flashbacks of the uke and the seme, and it appears that the uke has been in love with the seme since he was still a small little boy. One day, the contents of the letters change. There’s a countdown to the day when they’ll meet. One day, someone rings at the door. And you find out that his lover was actually a character from a very rare book (because there was a war before and most copies were destroyed).

    4) Twincest story that turns out to be selfcest

  33. Riikka says :

    I have a definate soft spot for characters with suicidal tendencies, so that is something I would love to see more in BL. That offers so many possibilities for comfort sex and such. haha Yeah seriously, I know, like, two stories with a character who has cut. I would just love to read more. I like stories with a lot of emotion most of the time. I like my boys sad!

    Sorry this is quite a terrible entry but it’s really late and I just hope I made it in time for this competition.

  34. td ward says :

    I was going to draw a comic for this but things didn’t work out the way I planned. orz;;;
    A homeless moe oyaji that feeds pigeons every day, the same time and the same place that a young salaryman eats his lunch every day. Originally the salaryman only went there when it was warm out, but he starts going there every day to watch the homeless man feed the little birdies~ He’s the kind of person who constantly stresses about money, and is baffled to see this struggling old man sacrifice his hard-scrounged money to buy good bread for the birds, and (I imagine this would be a multi-chapter comic, ahah) eventually some dogs and cats. The salaryman finds himself moved by the other man’s kindness and he begins to care more and more about him, to the point of bringing him a lunch every day. It’d end with the salaryman tentatively asking the homeless man to come home with him so he can take care of him, and the homless man refusing because he thinks the salaryman is taking pity on him, and then there’d be something deep and meaningful about how the salaryman wants to love him like he loves the little animals or something sffdfdsfaafaf ~(;3;)~ It’d be a very tense and lonely comic.

  35. greenskin says :

    7). The main character is a shrink. He is a divorced middle-aged man who’s dealt with all kinds of patients and pathologies before and thinks he can’t be surprised or shaken anymore. His new patient is a young man who’s tried to commit suicide several times so his parents made him see a psychiatrist. He is a dreamy melancholic introvert looking like his mind is in some other place. MC tries to get him to talk but doesn’t succeed. Gradually Young Man starts to show interest in conversations but instead of talking about himself he asks MC some pretty personal questions, which makes MC feel uncomfortable and throws him off-balance. MC eventually asks the patient to stop it and Young Man…suddenly goes yandere. It’s like he is a completely different person now. Turns out he is actually a sociopath and doesn’t experience emotions like normal people do. He understands the concepts of love, hate, anger, jealousy and so on but doesn’t himself feel any of it. Furthermore he is good judge of people’s nature and psychologist himself with a genius-level IQ and is proficient in manipulating people. So his sessions with MC turn into a battle of minds and wills with them analysing each other and MC feels like he is losing. It seems Young Man can see right through him, knows about all his secrets, inner demons and insecurities while Young Man remains a complete mystery to MC. MC feels frustrated, terrified.. and a little excited. As it goes on their sessions become more intense and filled with sexual tension. Then one day Young Man makes a move on MC and threatens he’ll commit suicide if MC refuses to have sex with him. Which leads to hot sex scene with MC being on bottom ^_^. So MC gets completely under Young Man’s control and is forced to become his lover. He feels helpless, guilty and so on but what shocks him most is that he is actually enjoying it (sex). One day Young Man, who has always come on time, is late, so MC asks his secretary if she maybe saw him. She says she saw him going up the stairs. MC gets a weird feeling and hurries to the roof. Young Guy is indeed there, standing on the edge with his arms wide open. MC feels he’s never been this terrified in his whole life. Young Guy notices MC, laughs and says he’s not going to jump…just yet and gets away from the edge. MC feels he’s never been this relieved in his whole life. As their sexual relationship, which in the beginning was pretty violent, progresses it becomes more tender, kind of romantic. MC feels he is getting attached to Young Guy and has a strong desire to help him, protect him. Young Guy gradually opens up to MC, starts talking what he is thinking about which helps MC to understand a little better how he sees the world. One day Young Guy’s father calls MC to set up a meeting to get info on his son’s progress. At this meeting he tells MC that Young Guy had an older twin brother who died in a car accident right in front of Young Guy’s eyes. They had been very close and Young Guy had been very dependent on his brother. Furthermore after his brother’s death his mother couldn’t look at Young Guy anymore ’cause he had the same face as her other dead son and each glance at Young Guy made her remember her loss. She refused to come out of her room and then went completely bonkers. Father hid from his grieve in work and began working overtime. So Young Guy was basically left all alone. MC’s desire to protect Young Guy gets even stronger. At their next few meetings Young Guy tells MC a bit about his brother and it seems he completely idolizes him. They have sex and Young Guy is unusually tender and caring. He tells MC he now understands a bit better (doesn’t say what). MC falls asleep and as he wakes up Young Guy is not around. MC asks his secretary and she tells Young Guy must have gone to the roof again. MC hurries there. Young Guy is on the edge with his arms wide open. He tells MC that his brother and him were identical twins and so shared the same soul. As his brother died his soul is now broken and that’s why he has not had any emotions since his brother’s death and he’s forgotten how it is to feel anything. But condition he finds himself in when he is together with MC is the closest thing to love he has ever experienced and thus his greatest achievement in life. His brother used to say that love gives a person wings and so he is now able to get close to his brother in heaven and get his soul intact again. Young Man smiles at MC and jumps. MC quits his job and moves to exotic tropical island where sky is vivid blue and clear. The story ends with him looking at the sky above and wondering whether Young Guy met his brother and made his soul whole again.

    Kinda long tl;dl ha-ha. This story incorporates almost all my major kinks: yandere, older uke younger seme, enemies or rivals become lovers, mentally twisted character and a bittersweet ending (with more bitter than sweet).

  36. greenskin says :

    One more idea for a story: MC falls in love with a ghost who unfortunately is unable to touch material things. So as they cannot touch, kiss or make out they just sit and masturbate in front of each other ^_^.
    I also thought that I would totally love to see a BL version of “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”: a lonely young boy meets an innocent and pure old man and they become friends. But as the boy grows up Old Man actually becomes younger. Their friendship gradually turns into love and as they are about the same age they start going out. But then MC reaches middle age and “Old Man” becomes a teenager. When MC grows old and “Old Man” becomes a child, MC starts to take care of him (NO shota!). They die as a senile old man and a little child in each other’s embrace.

  37. greenskin says :

    Setting: a little rural town with only one police station. MC is a policeman (kinda like a sheriff) who is troubled by a local exhibitionist, who walks around in the streets “dressed” only in women’s panties and heels ^_^, shocking simple-minded local people. No matter how many times policeman catches exhibitionist and confines him in a cell at the police station for a few days, exhibitionist still goes on walking half-naked around the streets. Turns out he has hots for policeman and continues his activities to be close to him. Hot sex in a prison cell between a man in uniform and a man wearing lacy panties? YES PLEASE!

  38. greenskin says :

    MC is a pretty clumsy gay man. One day he trips and hits his head. As he opens his eyes there’s a young man standing above him asking if he’s alright. He says he’s OK. During the next week he runs into this young man a few more times. MC begins to think this might be fate. So next time he sees this guy he decides to take destiny in his hands and makes a move by proposing they go drinking together. Young Man agrees. As they both get high on booze they have sex. So starts their relationship. They are very cute and lovely together and MC is very happy ’cause he’s finally found his ideal lover. He proposes that Young Man meets his family. MC sets a date for a meeting with his folks. As they come inside his parents’ house his mom asks him why he’s come alone and where his partner they were supposed to meet is. MC doesn’t understand ’cause Young Man is standing right next to him. Turns out Young Man is actually a hallucination MC got when he hit his head ^_^.

  39. Sherry says :

    I think i’m to late for this, but i just want to submmit it TwwT!!!
    My BL fantasy, it’s a little too fantasious, but it’s something i’m dreaming with ;33!! I don’t think if this is a “Dame BL” story, But it’s

    Well… This story it’s about an old man [he’s in his 30’s], this man falled in love with the moon since he was born, so he start singing for it because he wanted the moon hears him, one day the moon hear him and ask him “I think you sing like an angel, but why you just sing for me instead of the world?”, “Well…” he answered “Maybe it’s because i falled for you years ago”, And the moon told him “If you are in love with me, a star, you can fall for anyone”, “No, i won’t fall for anyone ever!, it has to be you! i’m sure!”, the moon knowing the man’s feelings, tought about a plan for him, the next day in the night the moon told the man “I was thinking about what you told me before, and i want to answer you, I’m the moon, you’re a man, but i’ll let you know what i think in this time, i want to let you in a human city for 2 years, you’ll sing every night and every day to the people, if you fall for someone in that time i’ll understand you, but if you still are thinking about me, you win, what about that deal?”, The man happy because the moon answer him told him “If thats what you want, i’ll do it, but if in those years a don’t fall for anyone, you’ll turn me into someone who can be by your side forever” The moon accepted and the challenge began, the time was passing, the man in the city was singing every night and every day to the people in the city, no one falled for him, and he didn’t falled for anyone, “Moon!, it’s been 2 years!, i sang for everyone in the city, i didn’t falled for anyone, but i still love you!, you told me if someone falled for me, or if i falled for someone you would undestand it, but no one falled for me, so i won!”, The moon answered “No, someone falled for you, And that’s me”, The man happy told the moon “If that’s the case i can be by your side for ever!”, “No, you can’t, you’re a human, fall for someone will be the best, you will have children and a beautiful wife, a beautiful house, and a beautiful family, that’s what i want for you”, The man sad wanted to sing for the moon again, but he couldn’t because he was heartbroken, the time passed and the man was the same. One day he knew a beautiful man who was beautiful as the moon and falled for him, the man who was beautiful as the moon falled for the middle man, they start living since then, they were happy just like that, but the years past, the beautiful man was the same, but for the middle man he was diying, the man told the beutiful man that he knew since the begining he was the moon, and he was happy because he was there, and with him, the man died and the beautiful man with his tears sang for the dead man.
    Since that day the moon has 2 sides, the side that we can see, and the side who has the man’s spirit and the moon soul living forever

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