Yankee-kun to Ouji-sama

It’s okay, I know I’m probably the only person who’s incredibly incredibly suuuuper excited about this book release. But I just have to share—! ;A;)/ The cover of Manako’s newest release, Yankee-kun to Ouji-sama!

Baby is actually the line that initially introduced me to Manako, and even though I love the stories she released through Canna as well the ones I’ve read by her through Baby have admittedly left more of an impact. I think it’s probably because Baby is a more ‘alternative’ BL publication so Manako can be as weird as she wants. For instance, that one story where this guy meets his childhood friend and love interest again after moving back to his hometown and finds out he’s actually having sex with various random guys. And then when the main character finally gets to sleep with his childhood friend, some dude shows up and while they’re going at it and said friend suddenly reaches toward MC’s ass and spreads his cheeks and pretty much says to the new guy who showed up “have at”. Definitely a shocking BL story. It ends right there, too! orz;;;; With the terrified, shocked look on the main character’s face.

I’ve only been able to read two of her stories through Baby so far since I don’t buy the anthology regularly, so I’m stoked to be able to buy her complete comic. I’m just wondering if her other stories will be able to leave such a huge impression as the one I just talked about? The cover and title are very promising, though—though they’re fairly cliche, I’m definitely a sucker for pairings between delinquents and ‘good kids’. Especially if it’s going to be the prince who is actually the naughty one. :9

Speaking of Baby, though… did they discontinue the anthology? ;; Sad. Lately Baby’s twitter feed is all about their merge with Comic Be, which isn’t a BL publication so I get a bit peeved having to hear about it all the time (even though it has a two-page interview about Akiyama-kun ahhhhh WANT). I really wish they would bring Baby back, since the few times I was able to buy it I was always introduced to many new and interesting artists. But now when you click ‘next issue’ all it brings up is an empty page. Uuuu I guess I can only wait and see.


4 responses to “Yankee-kun to Ouji-sama”

  1. sheep says :

    that cover is REALLY cute. but i see she has only done one manga. she seems interesting, whats the name of that story? (the one in baby?)

  2. Arya says :

    AAAAAA THAT SYNOPSIS IS REALLY INTERESTING it’s a shame I don’t know Japanese OTL. Alternative BL is always such a pleasure to read :DDD. LOLOL I’m in an intense exam period but I couldn’t resist to come on your blog and read (SO MANY NEW POSTS SQUEEE) orz. (Probably gonna study after I read your post (1:24 AM) until the biology exam tomorrow (3 PM.) /CRY).

    And, lovely cover * V *b! I hope they didn’t discontinue Baby too ; n ;! If you do know something at one point, please update about it ; u ;.

    • ふう子 says :

      It is! Though sometimes I really crave the more traditionally cliche BL stories, I really like the alternative ones that really leave you thinking. I remember when I read the story I mentioned in this post, the ending was so shocking I was thinking about it for the rest of the week.

      Good luck on your exam!!

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